Summary: Jesus says that we will be as angels in heaven

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Read Mark 12: 18-27

The Sadducees approached a fairly close resemblance to the word of God, but they could not come nearer to him. They could not get close enough to the truth to believe it, and be saved. Their approximation hindered them, because they were blind to the fact that Jesus is God; and he is the resurrection of life. They failed to understand Jesus as God and any hope that the Sadducees had as a means of reaching the truth, was lost. It was lost if they didn’t hear the word of God and believe it. No matter how much we think the perfect self is all of that, the whole world and everything in it, religion cannot get you to heaven and any method used in dealing with the word of God is a great error, if God doesn’t give you and me an understanding. Without the truth about Jesus in your heart, there are no accomplishments. The overturn about this statement that no flesh shall inherit the kingdom of God was hindered; they hindered themselves by not believing that he was the son of God.

There is big danger when one is stuck in their own ways, to that reason; the Sadducees failed God, because they refuse to be wrong about him. There is nothing worse than being bad, when you’re wise in your own eyes. Jesus came to save the world not destroy it. The Sadducees were known for getting in the way of others with their own wisdom about God; and he stood in front of them, but they knew him not. Their self-righteous attitude delayed the progress of their development, at a high; they hindered others from the truth. Can you imagine what his followers had to go through with these people? Maybe you’re going through something because you’re a follower of God; it’s the will of God. Yes, my brother, yes it is; and you can make it like a flower worn in a button hole. When you find yourself interfering with the relationship between others, you found a place where Satan has been occupying all this time. Knowing that strange things happen in a hole away from view, I believe you can be a light of the word of Faith, without works his faith is dead in your personal relationship with the Lord.

Let your works be those of the word of God. That’s what you want to put into practice. Amen!

Without works mixed with his faith, we are lacking and unsuccessful at living a life that is pleasing to God. When a man’s way pleases God, he make his enemies at peace with him, in other words, we are being tested by God’s standard. A is the limit of perfection, but most of us are below the acceptable minimum, and have failed the test, even with all the knowledge that they have about Jesus. The love of Jesus is an action that must be carried out individually.

Time is running out, hopefully, our body which was giving to God as a living sacrifice is accepted. When God accepts us; people start saying things like (You think you’re God) that’s when you know he’s living inside of you. God gives us the power to hatch others that are having a hard time breaking out the shell.

Maybe, you are in place with God were you are producing offspring’s. Make sure you learn the tricks of the devil. When you are ignorant of the devil’s devices, he uses you to bring about engender, those of his kind have been loosed. The devils don’t want you and me spending quality time with the Lord, when the devil comes around he wants all of your attention; and he’s getting it with the new age technology. Wait on the Lord, until he causes us to reproduce, we got to wait on the Lord, keep trusting him: don’t get weary in well doing: Be encouraged everyday and learn how to encourage yourself. Mate with the word of God, he knows how to train you to originate and thrive. Before people start acting like you, they will watch you. As you love someone, you’re going to have distinguishable characteristics. You’re going to be a sort of them.

Can Jesus be seen in you?

Jesus is going to make you out of a kind of him.

Look at how the Sadducees are coming to Jesus with scripture: isn’t that how Satan came to Eve, when she was in the garden?

Watch out for error, because it appears to be the truth, but it’s not.

It is appointed to everyman once to die, the judgment.

Take heed and learn of me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light

When you get Jesus like you suppose to have him, your eyes will be opened

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