Summary: Lesson takes a brief look into what it means to be NOT CONDEMNED, it has an interesting definition of condemnation and some funny pieces of info of somethings that really are useless--like us in the eyes of God.

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INTRO: New Year’s Eve is over, our family had a great time including an extra day of recovery with a snow day (yeah us teachers get all the weather breaks). But something was interesting to me when I was shopping on December 31st…did anyone else know that stores are a mess?

Besides the store being a mess, I took some time to observe some behaviors, and to me three of them stuck out. 1) I saw a young twenty something all-American girl walking and shopping and I thought to myself that’s a neat girl. Then I saw her at the check out and watched her buy a big bottle of Jack Daniels and a 4 pack of Hard Lemonade. 2) I saw a professional woman with top of the line fashion shopping as she walked thru the aisles pointing to things to buy, then her husband just picked up a bottle of this and a bottle of that until the cart was full for the party. 3) I saw a Hispanic daddy with a cart full of Ramen noodles and other inexpensive things bent over kissing his little baby sitting upright in the cart—kind of rubbing noses.

Now, I am not stating any person is right or wrong or good or bad, but in my own way I saw three different aspects of life, the party girl, the party parents & the loving dad. Now that we have a new year, it’s time to focus on what is important, are we going to serve the party OR are we going to serve our family?

BIBLE VERSE: Matthew 6:33 Seek first the kingdom of heaven.

GOAL: One of the first things we got to do is learn to understand what it means to live “NOT CONDEMNED.”


A) On the Run: Nelson & Janet Hannifan have been on the run from the law for 12 years. Unlike the A-Team, they are wanted for committing a crime they DID commit. In this case, they committed mail and bank fraud while bilking investors out of at least $1.7 Million. They were busted because of an episode of “America’s Most Wanted.” They ran a Ponzi scheme based on lies & theft. While on the run and living under alias’s, the lived large including yachts, luxury vehicles, designer clothes & jewelry.

B) Great Lifestyle: Imagine how much fun they had changing states, altering names, buying ships, and who knows how many other crimes they committed in this process. This is like a real life version of Ocean’s 11 with criminal minds—not that any of you know what Ocean’s 11 means (do any of you)?

C) We Live a Great Lifestyle: Hey American, think about your great lifestyle. You have 3 meals a day, actually a 4th if you count Taco Bell. You have luxury clothes. How many purses do you have? How many shoes do you have? How many T-shirts do you have (that one is for me, I have too many)? You know, in many ways, we compared to all the other people in the history of the world, live lavish luxurious lifestyles.

D) Theft & Lies: How many of us actually stole something (raise your hands)? How many of us ever lied (raise our hands)? So in a spiritual sense, just like the Hannifans, WE ARE GUILTY.

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