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  • There Is No Condemnation Series

    Contributed by Tim Bond on Mar 27, 2002
    based on 476 ratings

    One of the benefits of being a Christian is that we are not condemned for the fact that we fall short of complete perfection.

    Read Text: Romans 8:1-4 Michael Breissen was a new father, and he was not about to let his wife’s first Mother’s Day pass uncelebrated. But she was a nurse, and on that particular Sunday was working at the local hospital, and they weren’t able to celebrate together at home. So Michael plunked more

  • No Condemnation! Series

    Contributed by Gary Davenport on Jan 14, 2003
    based on 33 ratings

    A series of sermons looking at Romans 8

    More Than Conquerors! A Study of Romans 8 #1 “No Condemnation!” Romans 8:1 (Romans 8:1-2 NIV) "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, {2} because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death." This great more

  • No Condemnation Series

    Contributed by Jeffery Anselmi on Nov 10, 2003
    based on 83 ratings

    One of the many freedoms we have in Christ is freedom from condemnation!

    INTRODUCTION • As we have been going through the life-changing book of Romans, there has been a lot of slavery language used thus far. • We have studied slavery to sin and being a slave to God. The idea of slavery implies no freedom. Last week in our text we saw that Paul used the more

  • Condemned Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Feb 26, 2003
    based on 50 ratings

    6th in the series "Conversations With Jesus." The woman caught in adultery was shown mercy and empowering grace by Jesus.

    Aaron Patterson, Sentenced to die for the 1986 murder of a Chicago couple. In one of his last official acts as the Governor of Illinois, George Ryan pardoned Aaron Patterson on 10 January, 2003. It’s the stuff of movies. The appeal goes before the governor. The prisoner waits on death row more

  • No Condemnation! Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Sep 21, 2008
    based on 6 ratings

    Paul teaches us how we can be assured of our right standing with God even though we continue to struggle with sin in our lives.

    Scripture Before we moved to Tampa our family lived in Pennsylvania for 16 years. The first 5 of those years we lived in western Pennsylvania. And then we spent 11 years in central Pennsylvania. We lived in State College, PA, which is the home of Penn State University. State College is located more

  • No Condemnation

    Contributed by Colin Coombs on Oct 28, 2005
    based on 7 ratings

    Showing the place a Christian can enjoy through the Work of Christ

    NO CONDEMNATION I. THE PHENOMENAL REALITY - ‘THERE IS NOW NO CONDEMNATION’ v.1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 1. The Perfection of Justification No Condemnation - The unsaved are condemned already (see John 3:18 whoever does not believe stands more

  • No Condemnation Series

    Contributed by Charles Salmon on Sep 1, 2004
    based on 20 ratings

    Our salvation is based on the blood of Christ and God will not condemn us as long as we continue to trust in Christ. The beginning of a series of sermons on Romans 8

    No Condemnation In Christ Rom. 8:1-4 INTRO.: One reason we come to Church is to find some encouragement in life’s struggles. We all need encouragement. I find the eighth chapter of Romans to be the most encouraging chapter in all the Bible. Over the years, I have preached many sermons from this more

  • No Condemnation

    Contributed by Jeff Fradenburgh on Nov 20, 2001
    based on 11 ratings

    As believers we are no longer condemned, but set free to serve Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Romans 8:1 (NLT) 1So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. Condemnation involves a guilty verdict AND a sentence Those who were condemned were guilty of sin Romans 3:23 (NLT) 23For all have sinned; all fall short of God¡¦s glorious standard. Wait a minute, more

  • When Grace Condemns Condemnation Series

    Contributed by Glenn Durham on Feb 21, 2008
    based on 25 ratings

    God’s mercy rescues the greatest sinners.

    Scripture Introduction Our text this morning engenders unique debate which would take hours to explain adequately all the issues involved. Since I preach only once per week, for about 30 minutes, I must strictly limit my comments. When God inspired men to write the Bible, their handwritten more

  • No Longer Condemned

    Contributed by Rodney Buchanan on Nov 30, 2000
    based on 216 ratings

    Living in the freedom of grace

    Many of you will remember the riots which took place in South Central Los Angeles. Buildings were burning and stores were being looted. During all the confusion an unsuspecting truck driver named Reginald Denny made a wrong turn and ended up in an area of some of the worst rioting. Millions of more

  • Guilt And Condemnation

    Contributed by David Insell on Apr 25, 2003
    based on 168 ratings

    This is a sermon I did in two prisons in Arkansas and Mississippi on dealing with guilt.

    "This message was preached in Tucker prison and also Parchman prison. This can be adapted to any situation." There are so many of God’s people today who live under a heavy burden of guilt because of their past. They have a hard time believing that God could forgive them much less forget their more

  • No Condemnation In Christ

    Contributed by Gary Regazzoli on Jul 26, 2002
    based on 24 ratings

    Our response to the Gospel is relationship and obedience. Relationship without obedience leads to "Cheap Grace" and Obedience without relationship leads to "legalism"

    Rom 8:1-17 – No Condemnation in Christ What is it like to be a condemned man?  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stand in the dock waiting for the jury to deliver its verdict and to hear the words “we find him guilty”  And then to hear the judge pronounce the death more

  • Job's Condemnation

    Contributed by Curtis Kittrell on Apr 14, 2002
    based on 36 ratings

    Job’s defense of himself and his disturbing questions about God’s justice upset his friends. In their eyes such impious thoughts proved that Job must be numbered with the wicked.

    JOB’S CONDEMNATION JOB 22–27 “Is not your wickedness great? Are not your sins endless?” (Job 22:5) Job’s defense of himself and his disturbing questions about God’s justice upset his friends. In their eyes such impious thoughts proved that Job must be numbered with the more

  • There Is Now No Condemnation

    Contributed by Kyle Gray on May 20, 2009
    based on 8 ratings

    What does it mean to have our sins not condemn us?

    The eighth chapter of Romans begins with one of the greatest promises in all the Bible. "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." And even standing by itself there is something in those words that makes your heart flutter. The significance of the fact that in more

  • In Christ, There Is No Condemnation

    Contributed by Derrick Thompson, Sr. on Jul 9, 2003
    based on 15 ratings

    True freedom takes place, only when Christ has set you free, and when that takes place there is no more condemnation.

    Welcome.... Last Friday, July 4th, we celebrated our Independence Day. We were all saying to the world we have been set free. Many of you were at the park with friends and love ones celebrating freedom. Some of you were in your backwards, having your cookout. The world looks on and say we more