Summary: Jesus has entrusted us with much as his servants. We know salvation and freedom from sin; we know the power of his word to change lives. We know the truth of the Gospel and the eternal hope that if brings. We possess all these valuable things and more

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Occupy Till I Come Luke 19:11-26

Well it’s time for our annual summer break and we will not have Sunday service again until the first week in September. So I was thinking how can I motivate you to continue to grow in the Lord while we close for repairs to our sanctuary?

The text of today’s message is a good place to start. The people in the crowds had followed Jesus for nearly three years. They had come to realize that Jesus was special. What they did not know is if Jesus was the promised Messiah.

There was a lot of confusion, Jesus did miracles and signs and wonders and spoke with authority. He openly challenged the religious leaders of the day but he did not talk about the political situation all that much.

The Jews were an occupied people they had some freedom but they were surrounded by Roman soldiers and heavy taxes. At best they were allowed to exist but not thrive. Herod had built the temple as a way to appease them and to earn some recognition as a religious leader.

Still Jerusalem was not in their own hands and they wanted to break the yoke of their oppressors. Some thought that Jesus was going to do this, some like Judas Iscariot were known as freedom fighters. They were hoping to overthrow the Romans by force and Judas had gotten close to Jesus in the hope that he was their Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Judas and many others had hoped Jesus could be pushed into action against the Roman occupation and that with the good will of the people behind him a revolution against Rome could occur like the Maccabean Revolt of 167 B.C. Such were the hope and dreams of some who followed Jesus.

Jesus came to free men and women from a different kind of oppressor, sin. Even the religious leaders failed to see this and thought Jesus was after their power. It seems everyone misread Jesus and what he was there to do.

The politically powerful feared him as a trouble maker, the religious leaders feared him as a prophet and the people embraced him as their Saviour. No one had ever seen anyone quite like Jesus before.

In today’s scripture Jesus takes a few minutes to try and straighten everyone out on who he is and what they can expect. Jesus uses an illustration about a noble man who had to leave the country to be crowned king in another country but who would return. Jesus was not ready to be made king at least not at this time.

In these few lines Jesus expresses His Lordship, Royal lineage and Divine kingdom all in one breath. The people wanted to make him King of Jerusalem but he was so much more.

In the story that Jesus tells he explains how some of the people were opposed to the man being made a king and that they protested. In this way Jesus was speaking against his detractors and one may wonder if this story is meant to be taken prophetically?

In the story the noble man leaves and returns a King. In life the son of man Jesus ascends to heaven and promises to return a King. Today there are still many who refuse to acknowledge Jesus as King and many who out right refuse to recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

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