Summary: Salvation is not an end, it is a beginning. To often we focus on salvation then we stop dicipling after salavation. That should not be. Salavation is a beginning not an end

Philippians 2:12-18

Ok I am Saved, Now What?


A. For Christmas my brother gave me a (no not stickers this time (He probably was feeling guilty)) a really cook 3d puzzle among other things

B. So I open this 3d puzzle and I look at it and here is 806 foam pieces just sitting there

C. And I am looking at them wondering what I should do about it

D. So I look at the instruction and it tells me what to do, how to do it, and when to do it

E. Sure enough I followed the directions and I put it all together correctly

F. The Bible also tells us what to do how to do it and when to do it

G. Many times I have heard comments of people not knowing what to do after salvation

H. You here things like does this mean I have join a monastery and become a monk?

I. You here things like how much is this going to cost me?

J. Stuff like does this mean I have to where a suit to church every week and be at church Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, and Wed night?

K. Well fortunately for us, and for our friends we are working with, the Bible tells us what we should do

L. Today we are going to look at the

a. The What to do

b. The How to do it

c. And the When to do it

I. The what to do 12-13

A. Explanation

1. These two verses have created a lot of problems for readers over the century, lets look at them closely

2. WE have to understand that Paul led these people to Christ

3. He has always been viewed by them as their Pastor

4. Paul is getting old, been in and out of prison, and basically does not know if he is going to survive much longer

5. Therefore he is worried about his sheep and offers this little paragraph to warn them

6. Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling

7. That phrase has caused many people to loose a lot of sleep over

8. The word that Paul uses for “work out” is the Greek verb katergazethai.

9. Which means bringing to completion, to a full and complete perfect accomplishment and conclusion

10. If you take that idea and apply it to the rest of the passage, you get this idea that Paul is telling the Philippians to continue to seek God

11. To find out more about God, to become more like God

12. To not be satisfied with where they are at spiritually, but to work on their salivation, their spiritual life

B. Application

1. What can we gain from this?

2. Salvation in and of it self is not an end all

3. You should never stop their

4. Folk there is a lot more out their then the initial Salvation

5. It is what we refer to as Sanctification

6. That is what we are to be pursuing

7. That is working out our salvation

C. Illustration

1. Think about the process of meeting a new friend. When you first meet him you might find out his name is Joe and that he has two kids one dog a turtle a minivan and a wife. However, you do not know that he like to eat Italian food from Bucca Di Beppo. You might not now that he is actually a dreaded Cleveland Browns fan, you might not know that he used to serve in the military

2. There could be so much more about him that you don’t know

3. If you like the person you spend time with him

4. You find out more about him, and the two of you become closer

5. How do you think it work with God? The same way

6. Spend that time with God, Get to know Him, work out your salvation

7. Know you know what to do, know how do you to it

II. The how to do it 14-16a

A. Explanation

1. Let me just start of by saying I have never like this verse! (See I don’t even follow it J)

2. Do everything without complaining or arguing

3. Everything literally their all things, you get the point

4. And I am sure you know what complaining or arguing means right?

5. Why though, why would Paul tell the Philippians to do that

6. I imagine Paul was in a dark prison. One were there just was not a lot of light

7. When it was a clear night outside, the stars would light up that place magnificently

8. Knowing that the stars created that much contrast, Paul was thinking that in the day he was living there were many people living a life of sin

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