Summary: As long as you have a ‘priest and an ephod’, you don’t need to have a blue print of your life. Are you hearing me friends? God is your compass and your road map!

On a dim lit road!

1 Samuel 23:9”When David knew that Saul plotted evil against him, he said to Abiathar the priest, "Bring the ephod here."

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These teachings of mine, if you follow them meticulously, would be great Bible study for you; you would get to know in-depth meaning of certain incidents in the Bible. Many youngsters who read and hear my sermons have started passionately reading the Old Testament because there is ‘wealth of information’ there. Let’s today explore an incident in the life of David and derive lessons from it for us.

Before God could bless you, He has to mold you into a good, strong vessel that could take the blessing! Do you hear me? There are many out there who had gone berserk when they received too much too soon! Beware!

Let me expound the above wonderful scripture for you today and get you all rooted in His Word! David was traveling on a ‘dim lit road’ with a devil hounding for his blood! Saul was hotly pursuing David to kill him, when he came to know David safely dwelt in a city called Keilah, which had gates and bars (1 Samuel 17:7) Saul immediately gets ready to attack David and his men. David at this point of time was wandering from cave to cave, without a roof above his head and with nothing except his men; however, he had something more precious than everything and that is ‘priest Abiathar and the ephod.’ Amen. An ‘ephod’ is a priestly garment connected with seeking a word from God. David was not flummoxed or terrified, he calmly said to Abiathar the priest, "Bring the ephod here." Boy! I feel anointed! He then cried out to God for direction, God speaks clearly: ‘Saul will come down and the people of Keilah will deliver you.’ David and his 600 men come out of Keilah and go wherever they could, they were asked to come out of Keilah but not told where to go next!!! Dim lit road! As long as you have a ‘priest and an ephod’, you don’t need to have a blue print of your life. Are you hearing me friends? God is your compass and your road map!

We relocated to Hyderabad in the year 2009 and God stirred us to plant a church in Hyderabad in the year 2010, none agreed to rent their place for us. The word ‘church’ and ‘Christians’ were enough to bang doors on our face. We had seen more than 100 houses, I reiterate 100 houses but none suited our purpose. Just during this period, our finances also plunged down drastically, we did not have even deposit money for the house. We were working virtually blindfolded!

Obedience does not mean we are exempted from sufferings and wanderings, we got to endure the heat to reach the destination. Exhausted, worn-out and frustrated, my husband and I started fasting for three days without food and water. On the third day, after breaking the fast, we went out by walk in that area, as we were walking across a particular house, a lady called out to us and when we came near, she said, ‘I heard, you are looking for a place for church, kindly approach the owner of my building, he is building the top portion for church.’ When we looked up, the construction work was going on for the church! Amazing! After three months, we moved into this building and started our SHILOH REVIVAL CHURCH. The owner allowed us to operate for two months free of all cost! No rent! Incredible but true! It was not just a building, the church was fully equipped with sound system, mikes, platform and a pulpit; besides, it also had wonderful false roofing, carpet laid with fans readily fitted. All we had to do was walk up the platform and preach. Click to view pictures of SHILOH REVIVAL CHURCH. God is good!

A good priest and an ephod guided David during the dim lit road of his life, likewise, God and His Word are enough in our life! He is our Light! Fear not! What I'm endeavoring to highlight is that don’t rely on emotions, feelings, self and most important advice of immature people; fast, pray and read His Word for guidance.

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