Summary: Why should we invest in the Kingdom of God? Paul tells us because the returns are not only out of this world...they are guaranteed.

“Out of This World Investments”

Colossians 3:1-4

Introduction: The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything about how we should view the world. That event brought about an entirely new reality, a whole new realm of possibility for those “in Christ.” That Sunday morning saw Christ defeat death, overcome sin, satisfy the wrath of God and it made it possible for you and me to rise from the dead too. Without that event, this world and death and eternal torment in Hell would be the only reality for us. However, the good news is this…

1. Principle: You can be raised with Christ.

Col. 3:1a

• Sunegeiro infers a spiritual reviving with someone. To rise with.

• Col. 2:13. This new life requires a willingness to put off the old. Pretty good trade!

• The text applies to those who are in Christ.

- Are You In Christ?

- Have You Died?

- Have You Been Raised With Him?

IF yes, then…


2. Principle: One who is in Christ should focus on and seek the things where He is.

A. Christ is with God. This is a reality confirmed by His resurrection.

• This is a real place!

• This is a great place!

• We should be spiritually minded and eternally focused.

- Zeteo is a verb meaning to be about or to desire.

- -ano is an adverb which contrasts location. This word signifies above or on top in contrast to below or on the bottom ge.

- We are to invest ourselves in the place where Christ is.

B. We should NOT be focused on the things around us in the world.

These things are temporary. 1 John 2:17 “All the world is passing away…”

These things are corrupt. Matt. 6:19 (moth, rust, thieves)

These things pale in comparison to what lies ahead.

These things cannot satisfy. Eccle 6:7 all of man’s work is for his mouth yet he is not satisfied”

Points of Contact:

• It is difficult to set our minds on things we cannot see. Our tendency is to be about the things we can see and touch and hear and smell.

-Illustration: A husband and wife can contribute $8,000 this year to a Roth IRA. Let’s just take the IRA’s and think about how that cash in hand can be spent on things we can see and touch. Knowing this, it’s really hard to mail a check to an account you can’t touch, that you can’t spend from.

• Most messages deal with drawing our attention to the “earthly” things. Schools are mostly secular, workplaces and the marketplace and the media are as well. If we surround ourselves with “earthly minded” people we will be drawn to be the same and act the same as they.

• Here’s the problem: Those who do focus on worldly things tend to find themselves empty and disillusioned because all of these things are corrupted. All of these things perish and the life lived in the flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

• However: By focusing on things above, the Christian sees a greater value in their obedience to Christ and they find lasting hope and peace that is “out of this world!”

• Paul’s example: Paul writes this in chains yet seems so positive because he is a living illustration of the impact of this type of thinking.

• If we follow Paul’s advice, we will be more focused on the work of Christ and in being pleasing to him. If we ignore it, things that are vaporous will consume us; we will have no eternal reward; and we will fail our Lord.

Vs 3-4

C. Principle: The life that is hidden with Christ will be revealed with Christ when he is revealed.

• Here Paul is indicating that those in Christ have died to this world and that their new lives are hidden or being kept concealed where Christ is. Paul indicates that Christ who is hidden with God will be revealed (this is a promise just as true as the res.) and that those whose lives are hidden with Him will be revealed at the same time.

• (1 Cor. 15, 1 Thess. 4:13-18) all Christians will see and experience new life at the coming of Christ.

Points of Contact:

• The resurrection of Christ, His ascension and His promised return should serve as reminders that our real life is now hidden but will surely be revealed.

Illustration: If someone tells me to invest in a “sure thing” I might be a little leery of their advice. However, if they show me check after check of their returns, I have some evidence. Christ’s Resurrection is a guarantee that this account Paul tells us to invest in will give its promised returns.

• Why then do most Christians live without regard to this truth? We fail to live with the expectancy and urgency that Christ and Paul encouraged.

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Sharon Stonestreet

commented on Sep 9, 2006

I really like that you point out the truth that Jesus' resurrection makes the difference not only in our eternal destination but in our everyday lives. Because He lives we can really live! It's the difference in just getting by and being victorious! 2Cor.2:14a

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