Summary: How will you & I respond when Jesus humbly rides into our lives?

Read Luke 19: 28-44

This Palm Sunday story is very festive, isn’t it....

All 4 gospels tell this magnificent entry into Jerusalem….

Wouldn’t you have loved to be there that day?

Can you imagine yourself being a part of the crowd?

grabbing a coat or palm & waving it…

yelling at the top of your lungs…

Hosanna in the highest….

Jesus is coming into my town!

Everything is gonna be different!

Major God breakthroughs are coming!

While it’s fun to imagine yourself in the crowd…

This passage also presents us with some hard challenges and questions to answer.

St. Ignatius said…When you study God’s Word, don’t just turn to the parts that comfort you…turn to the passages that trouble you.

You know what troubles me here?

Jesus’ comment at the end of this narrative…

“You did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”

The Message: Luke 19:44 (MsgB)

“You didn’t recognize and welcome God’s personal visit."

Is it really possible for that to happen to a person? Is it really possible for God to come to you and you wouldn’t recognize it…or wouldn’t embrace it…or would miss it completely? Troubling questions…don’t you think?

In this narrative…we see at least four different responses to Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.


The “Yes, sir…whatever the Master wants” response.

The two disciples & the donkey’s owners at the story’s beginning.


The “Bah, humbug, don’t rain on my parade” response. Religious scoffers at the story’s end.


The ‘Let’s party…BUT wait a minute” response.

Many in the crowd. But short lived. In less than a week…their tune changed. Looking for political change. Come Jesus and MY WILL be done.


The ‘Let’s party…and what’s next, Lord?” response.

Many in the crowd. They went on to serve God’s Kingdom, even dying for the faith. Come Jesus and YOUR WILL be done.

OK...Now I’ll start to meddle. One of the scariest questions in the Palm Sunday story….

How will I respond when Jesus comes riding humbly into my life?

Will I recognize the time of God’s coming to me?

Will I recognize and welcome God’s personal visit?

Which of these 4 responses will I choose?



Conditional acceptance?

Unconditional acceptance?

CLOSE…since we’re not able to honestly answer this question…

I suggest we do what His disciples did on HOLY WEEK

We follow Jesus from Palm Sunday to the CROSS!


I come to the CROSS seeking mercy & grace.

I come to the Cross where You died in my place.

Out of my weakness and into Your strength.

Jesus I come to the Cross.

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