Summary: Scientists have been attempting to figure out where and how the universe started ever since Galileo came up with his telescope. Yet, we have discovered nothing.

We have been to the moon and back, we have robots of sorts on Mars and have for years. They have yet to discover any evidence of what have we learned and how much have we spent doing it? Could we not have spent those monies on our homeless and poor? In our scripture, if we look real close...we know where and how it all began. Why is it so hard to believe. Why can we not just accept the fact that there is a God and He certainly did create it all!


A man traveling in Australia had recently discarded the notion that there was a God and Creator. He said that while traveling through the rather large countryside under the extreme heat that the same has to offer; he had to lay down and take a breather. While lying there, he noticed a peculiar small plant that was making a noise each time it was blown by the gentle breeze of the day. At the end of its stem it had a length of pods, much like small pea pods. It was apparent that as the pod or cell ripened, it opened and gave up its contents but not all at the same time. What was rather clever is that the single seed contained within each pod, would be cast out (when ripe) like a catapult and would fly through the air some two feet or so. This odd design or contrivance as he called it, was by design and could not be disputed. Because of its mechanics and its intricacy it could not be anything but by the agency of God. It proved to him that God did exist and that he was wrong in thinking otherwise.


Genesis 1:1-2


#1 Did it occur as the Bible says; #2 How did it occur #3 Why did it occur #4 Why should we believe

POINT #1: Did it Occur?

What better explanation is there than what we just read together? Yes, they indeed have a rather new explanation and it is called the 'Big Bang.' What is interesting though is that it actually falls in line with Genesis 1 which says basically that there was nothing and then there was something...POOF!

I have had someone tell me that these verses prove that the earth and other celestial bodies existed and then this person we call God, visited and made some changes including light, water and a few other changes. And consequently it proves in their mind that the earth has existed for eons not just thousands of years.

So, according to them, God created the earth as it says in verse 1 and then left for billions of years, so that planets and stars could do their things to make our scientists happy.

If that were the case, would not God have told us that he "came back later...or much later?"

We cannot say for sure but this we know, GOD DID CREATE THE EARTH AND THE HEAVENS...right?

POINT #2: How did it Occur?

Genesis 1:3-4

He spoke it. Yep, that is all that he had to do. Let us look at verses 3 and 4. Does it not say GOD SAID and right after He said Let there be light...there was. Once He saw what He had made...He said it was good.

What kind of being is that powerful that His Words can create? Why none other than our God. That is how powerful He is.He could easily say, "Let pastor Randall be a duck" and right before your eyes I would be a duck. Yep, and there are tons of passages in this great story we will be discussing where He does those kinds of things which we humans call miracles.

POINT #3: Why did it Occur?

What was God's motivation to create the earth and man? Great question. The Bible does not say exactly but does indirectly. In Ephesians 2:10, Paul wrote that we are God's workmanship, created in Christ to do good works, which God has intended for us The Bible also mentions that in John 3:16, that God so loved the world (that would include us), that He gave His only begotten Son. So, my answer would be because He wanted us for His Love...For God so Loved...

POINT #4: Why Should we Believe?

My quick answer is "Why Not?" What does a person have to lose if He refuses to believe in God and His Son Jesus? I can think of a few...let us see...No one to hear and act on our prayers, No one to protect us, No one to welcome us into heaven...Hmmm What do we gain by not believing in Him... An enemy that will try to get us condemned and die, An enemy that will lie to us, An enemy that will kill either us or our love ones, An enemy that will join us in the everlasting torture in the Lake of Fire.

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