Summary: Our SERIES (THE STORY) continues where we left off and is called LIFE. It's all about the creation of MAN and WOMAN.

Just a few months ago, our youngest daughter had a DNA test ran on her as a gift from her husband. So, she calls me and says, "Dad how comes there are dark people in my family tree?" "Well, my DNA report is littered with dark people and especially those relatives living thousands of years ago. "Well honey", I said, "Your DNA is correct. Your relatives and mine, were created there" "Huh uh", she said with that young child surprise of hers. "Who might that be dad?" she asked.

"Honey", I said. This is living proof that we are all related to Adam and Eve, who by-the-way, were born in that region!"

"Wow Dad. I would have never recognized that. How cool is it?"


We have several points to discuss this day: Why create MAN? Was MAN enough? Was EDEN enough?


Genesis 2:4-25

POINT #1 Why Create MAN?

In verses 15-19, we read that God had a purpose for man.

So, not only was Adam to tend to Eden and the animals, but he was to name them all.

POINT #2: Was Man Enough?

Adam wanted more than just the animals and God saw that he needed a different kind of companion and so He created woman from the "bone of his bones."


Genesis 3:16-24

POINT #3: Was Eden Enough?

Evidently, Eden wasn't enough because Eve was convinced by the snake Satan, that she and Adam could be much more...they could have much more

But they were caught disobeying God's commandment to NOT eat from the Tree of Knowledge...but did.

Their punishment was to be banned from God's eternal garden and to be part of this world rather than be part of His heaven. He would no longer have access to the Tree of Life and its eternal youth that it offered.

Adam would have to work to provide his food and Eve would have to endure birth pains...none of which existed before this "First Sin."

And sin entered this world and surrounds us to this day.

Death (the end of a person's life on this planet) also became a reality. We would never be able to avoid the inevitable because of this "First Sin."


So as I once saw in a movie, for which I cannot remember its name (but starred John Candy), "What have we learned Dorothy?" I will tell you this: Many consider this story to be a fairy tale. How could any of this be...they ask those around them? But if we follow this story to its end, we will see that it all falls into alignment.

For 66 books, this story continues and it culminates with the coming of the Lord and the re-introduction of man to all that he has lost...including Eden.

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