Summary: Exposition of John

Text: John 12:27-36, Title: Points of Aim, Date/Place: NRBC, 2.24.13, AM

A. Opening illustration:

B. Background to passage: Continuing in John with the final teachings of Christ. The Christian life is about

loving Christ, and engaging Christ, so we look now at the continuation of his teaching regarding the

glorification of the Son of Man through the cross and resurrection, as well as our calling to hate our lives on

this earth (note David Platt sermon). After noting the anguish of his soul, reminding us that this is no stoic,

emotionless Jesus, he gives some aims, some goals, some purposes of the death and resurrection in addition

to the glorification of Jesus. He says that this is the reason that He came, John 3:16

C. Main thought: Four purposes of the death/resurrection of Jesus


Glorify the Father’s Name (v. 28)

1. I want to separate this from last week’s thoughts on the glorification of the Son by talking specifically

on the glorification of the Father. Make a couple of comments on the trinity. Talk about the extent of

the bible’s testimony on doing things for the sake of His great name, and also why that is good. Jesus

prays for God to glorify His name, God says that He has (through Jesus’ life and ministry), and the will

(through Jesus’ death and resurrection). There is much glory in a God who loves us so much that he

would sacrifice His only begotten Son, especially in such a horrible way, for ungodly, rebellious sinners.

2. Phil 2:9-11,

3. Illustration: THE CROSS: The Son sets us free by becoming a curse for us and thereby removing the curse

from us, by taking all our guilt on Himself thereby clearing us of guilt, and by "binding the Strongman"

through His death, thereby setting us free from Satan's kingdom. Oh, what a cross! Alexander Whyte "It

is the picture of violence, yet the key to peace. It is a picture of suffering, yet the key to healing. It is a

picture of utter weakness, yet the key to power. It is a picture of capital punishment, yet the key to mercy

and forgiveness. It is a picture of supreme shame, yet the Christian's supreme boast. It is a picture of death,

yet the key to life. It is a picture of vicious hatred, yet the key to love." What irresistible love.

4. Remember: when you see and think of the cross and resurrection, meditate on the God who planned and

supervised it. Think of the reasons for this plan. Think of the faithfulness, the love, the power, the grace,

the mercy, the loving kindness, the sovereignty, etc. of our heavenly Father. Dwell on the cross as a

means to increase your affections for God. Again, the true Christian life is about desire and affection.

Also remember that the reason that the world exists and the reason that you exist is for the glory of God.

So look at your life. Are there things that bring glory to God? If we asked your co-workers, does he/

she make you think about God a little higher? What things that you do elevate perceptions of God the

Father in the lives of others in the church? Does your love for/passion for/joy in God spill out? What

adjustments can you make? Could be as simple as smiling more; could be better FB posts; could be more

public attributing things to God? Could be saying “Lord Bless You” or “God loves you” to all that you

meet; could be sharing the story of God’s change in your life; could be changing the way you spend your

money or time, or the way you treat others, or the participation in missions…

B. Seal Judgment of the World (v. 31)

1. One of the next things that Jesus indicates

is an aim of the cross/resurrection is the judgment of this world.

There are numerous occasions where God speaks of the fact that the world will be judged, most of which

are in the future. But there is a sense in which the cross forces a division between those who choose

Christ and those who don’t. There will be a separation between the sheep and the goats, but the terms for

separation are drawn up at the cross. The world, and the people of the world are in rebellion against God.

The symbolic nature of the crowds taunting and cheering at Jesus’ crucifixion points to the rejection of

Christ by the world. And those who reject Christ are rejecting God, and their eternity is already decided.

There will be no hope, no reprieve, no stay of execution, no pardon for those who do not believe, love, and

follow Christ.

2. John 3:18, 5:23, 16:9

3. Illustration: tell the story about the prisoner working at Camp Jubilee, “No, you don’t understand, God is

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