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Summary: Testimony witnessing analyzed in O.T. and N.T.



Simple Testimony Definition: What God has done in the Past, is doing in the Present, and will do for you in the Future

I. The Testimony of Israel’s Salvation (Exodus 13 (quickview) )

1. Remembering the Day of your ________________ (v.3a) Past

2. Remembering the Extent of your _______________ (v.3b) Past

3. Remembering the Hand of His _________________ (v.3c) Past

4. Reviewing the Blessings of ___________________

(v.5) Present

5. ________________ with Great Celebration (

v.6, 7) Present

6. ________________ your Salvation with next Generation (v.8) Future

7. ________________ on the Word of God & His Power to Save Others (v.9) Future

8. ________________ with a Special Celebration Each Year (v.10) Future

II. The Testimony of The Demoniac of Gadara’s Salvation (Mark 5 (quickview) )

1. Jesus the King Shows Us The Greatest _____________ _______________

for One Soul in the Bible (v.1-10)

2. He Brought Himself Under the ______________ of King Jesus (v.6)

3. Jesus the King The Omnipotent God-Man The Supreme_______________

Took Ultimate Control (v.9, 11-13)

4. He was ______________ _______________by the Power of King Jesus’Word (v.15)

5. He ______________to be with The One Who Rules the Kingdom,His Lord & King Jesus (v.18)

6. Jesus His King, Sent Him Home to _______________ [Most effective with those who knew him] (v.19)

7. He Stayed Under The _______________ of His King Jesus thru Simple Child-Like Obedience[Protection/Bless’g] (v.20)

8. He Spoke the __________ _____ _______ [Confident in The Word of His King Jesus] (v.20)

9. He _______________ [The Great Things:

Completely Changed/Clothing/Calmed His King Jesus Gave Him] (v.20)

10. He _______________ [ Compassion ’THE LOVE’ of His King Jesus] (v.20)

11. He _______ ____________ for His King Jesus[All Men did Marvel] (v.20)

12. He ______________ King Jesus with His Effective Ten City/Regional Ministry (v.20)

III. The Testimony of Paul’s Salvation (Acts 26 (quickview) )

1. Paul’s Testimony was Most _______________ with Those Who Knew Him (v.4,5)

2. Paul Gave Information of His _______ ____________ _______ (v.9-12)

3. Paul Tells of His ____________________ ______________ Experience(v.13-18)

4. Paul Witnessed with the ____________ ______ ________ (v.22)

5. Paul Uses the ______________ _________ of Jesus/ Christ (v.15, 23)

6. Paul _______________ Christ’s Suffering, Resurrection, Light to both Jew and Gentile (v.23)

7. Paul’s Testimony ________ _____________ for the Lord (v.24-28)

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