Summary: Worship and adoration of God.


Psalm 150

1. Private Worship - Should be truly experienced singly. Ex. 15: 1 - 2

- We were made for worship - Psalm 33:1, Luke 19:37-40

- Seems uncomfortable because of sin

2. God does not care about eloquence, only sincerity.

3. Reasons we should worship/praise

- Reminds us that we’re addressing the Holy Majestic God

- Reestablishes the identity of God

- Reminds us that God has the power to intervene in all situations

- Purges us, softens our spirit, purifies the heart

- Most importantly, GOD DESERVES IT!!!!!!

4. Results of worship/prayer

- Perspective changes

- Desperation subsides

- Enjoyment of God, brings about peace. Psalm 34: 1-5, Acts 16:25-


5. How to praise

- In song

- In Word

- In deed

- Clap your hands

- Lifting of hands

*****Let God tell you how you need to be worshipping HIM!!!!!!

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