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a) He "cases the joint" Neh. 2:11-17

In God’s Work it is important to see what you are being called to do and to see if you are prepared to do it. we are not robots. we are called to take an active interest in the Life the lord has called us too. The lord will call us to give account of what we do.

Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-28)

Well done thou good and faithful servant: You have been faithful in a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. (V.21).

Nehemiah had carried out all the tasks well before the King of Persia in the position God gave him and by so doing he showed himself trustworthy enough to the king to be allowed to go.

b) He shares his Vision with likeminded people Neh. 2:17 & 18

In God’s Kingdom there is team work. We do not build our bit of the wall alone with no refenece to God’s will. Otherwise you might be building the wall that is not in God’s plan. Say in the top right hand corner of the present day walls that was outside the ambit of Nehemiah’s plan.

c) He is confident in rebutting the enemy. Neh. 2:19 & 20

As I said before. Stand firm and confident. there is no need for jeering words. Just firmness in the righteousness of the calling.

Practical Lessons

a) We need to see the Breadth of the task God has for us.We must be in the right place at the right time.

b) We need to count the cost. Luke 14:28-34

c) Some are so "heavenly minded" that they are no "earthly use"

d) Team work:

Church building is not a one man show.

List of builders recorded to show us that each one how ever insignificant is valuable and God records their work.

e) True leader necessary who can COORDINATE the work.

f) Convert talk into ACTION - Build! Jas. 2:14-16


Building costs commitment and requires calling and vision. Get others on side too.

Key verse:Neh. 2:18 -" Let us start rebuilding"

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