Summary: The importance for God’s People to have His Presence in their lives leading and guiding them. His Presence will Drive our beings.



Most of us, if not all of us, have read the book “ The Purpose Driven Church” by Rick Warren. It is a wonderful book. If you haven’t read it I suggest you get a copy of it & read it. Recently I heard a friend of mine say the other day say something I had never thought about before. I was intrigued by his statement. I began to research the word in my Bible & found 108 references in the King James Bible to the word “PRESENCE” & not all of them referred to God. During my study I’ve began to realize that altho being “PURPOSE DRIVEN” has it’s place being “PRESENCE DRIVEN” would seem even more important in the life of any & every Christian.

What does it mean to be “PRESENCE DRIVEN”? If the President of the United States were in our congregation this morning there would be a protocol in his “PRESENCE”. There would be things done & said that would be “DRIVEN” by his “PRESENCE”. I’ve been around people who had & needed body guards & there is a protocol or a “PRESENCE DRIVEN” agenda because of that person’s presence.

I was at the Republican National Convention when it was held in Houston in the 90’s & I saw all the Secret Service personnel there because of Vice President Dan Quayle. In his presence there was certain things done & not done. That is in essence “PRESENCE DRIVEN PROTOCOLS”!

As good as “PURPOSE DRIVEN” is without the “PRESENCE” then the “PURPOSE” loses it’s point! Folk, as much as we need to be “PURPOSE DRIVEN” we must even more be “PRESENCE DRIVEN”! That would be what happens IN “HIS PRESENCE!” We need “HIS PRESENCE!” More than we need our next breath! We need “HIS PRESENCE!” More than we need anything in Life! For in “HIS PRESENCE!” We find all we need in Life & More So!

Exodus 33:14 we find a “PRESENCE DRIVEN MAN”! He was so “PRESENCE DRIVEN” that he would not move without the “PRESENCE” of the Almighty with Him. Moses said...

“If Your (PRESENCE) does not go with us do not send us up

from this place. How will anyone know that you are pleased with

your people...unless you go with us. What else will distinguish

your people from all the other people...?”


Now understand; Moses had already been told by God that “HIS PRESENCE” would go with him. For in the preceding verse God told Moses “HIS PRESENCE” would go with them. But I perceive Moses was a Man who left nothing to question so he wanted to make sure God understood how important it was to “him” that he re-iterated his need through this statement he made.

Remember what I said about being “PURPOSE DRIVEN”? Moses was “PURPOSE DRIVEN” but that was not enough for Moses! Moses knew that anybody with a “PURPOSE” could be “DRIVEN BY THE PURPOSE”!

But folk, a “PURPOSE IN LIFE” alone is not enough in the Spirit realm. John McCain & Barak Obama were both “PURPOSE DRIVEN” for the last 24 months but only (ONE FULFILLED HIS PURPOSE)!

Moses didn’t want to be “PURPOSE DRIVEN” alone. He wanted more than just a “PURPOSE”! He knew what his “PURPOSE” was but he wanted something far greater than a “PURPOSE” he wanted a “PRESENCE”! Again, anybody can have a “PURPOSE” but not everybody has a “PRESENCE”!

A “PRESENCE” goes even farther than a “PURPOSE”! John McCain proved that earlier this month! He had a “PURPOSE” but he didn’t have a “PRESENCE”! It’s all we’ve heard in the news about the person & presence of Barak Obama!

Folk, I’ve known Christians who knew the “PURPOSE” but they didn’t know the “PRESENCE”! The “PRESENCE” of God outweighs the “PURPOSE OF GOD!” For without the “PRESENCE” the “PURPOSE” serves little. There are Christians sitting in churches across the world right this minute who know the Bible, they know the “PURPOSE” of God but they (DON’T KNOW) the “PRESENCE OF GOD”!

I’ve known alcoholics who knew the Word of God, they could quote it chapter & verse but they had no understanding of the “PRESENCE OF GOD”! If they did they wouldn’t be in the place they were! I am “PURPOSING” in my heart to seek “HIS PRESENCE” more than His “PURPOSE”! When I have “HIS PRESENCE” the “PURPOSE” will follow in place!

Again, “HIS PURPOSE” is important but not without “HIS PRESENCE!”




So what did Moses know about the “PRESENCE OF GOD” that maybe we DON’T KNOW OR HAVE FORGOTTEN?

Moses understood #2 things of importance! He said...

“If Your (PRESENCE) does not go with us do not send us up

from this place. How will anyone know that you are pleased with

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Bruce Ball

commented on Jan 9, 2009

Pastor, the ''Presence Driven'' mindset is a most powerful one. And I appreciate your sharing that with the rest of us. Very good sermon!

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