Summary: Let us not ask what we can do for the Lord, but what are we willing to let the Lord do through us. "To preach the acceptable year of the Lord."


TEXT: LUKE 4:18-19

“ President Kennedy famous address was Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for country.”

Let us ask not what we can do for the Lord, but what are we willing to let the Lord do through us.

What are we able to do of ourselves? Let us get ourselves, fleshly man way of decisions and desires out the way and allow GOD to establish his desires, his ways, his decisions within us. This allowing the acceptable proclamation of GOD’S word to become fully manifested within us. This is not what we are able to do in ourselves, but what God has anointed us to do through Christ Jesus our Lord.

I) Verse 19 “To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

1) Preach: Greek Lexicon to proclaim, publish, or preach the divine Truth.

2) Acceptable: meaning a time which GOD has pleasure in, which GOD, himself has chosen.

Exert from In His Steps “ Oh my Master, teach the Church, thy Church how to follow thy steps better! Will the Church in the city ( riches, pleasures of things, hustle and bustle of everyday life) respond to the call to follow him? Will it choose to walk in his steps of pain and suffering? And still, all over the city, broods the Spirit (The Spirit of GOD), (The anointing is being set upon and is not able to hatch, waiting for men to allow it to flow through them) Grieve him not, O City! For he has never been more ready to revolutionize this world than now.

3) Never before as there been a more acceptable time for the proclaiming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ than now. To show the world the power of GOD, to revolutionize people, to put liberty back in the soul of man, to set men free from all oppressions and sins of this world. For never as the world been more wicked than today. Never before as the sin been more oppressing than in the today’s world that we are living in.

A) Abortion

B) Homosexually and lesbians; even acceptance of this in the Churches. The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a column from an born again Christian on the oppression of homosexuality in the city and the effects it would have demoralizing the families values that were set forth in the Word of GOD. The following week after the column, an article was written and sent in to the paper. Here is a portion of that article that was written against the column written. “ The letter-writer is homophobic. Too many in the Christian Church, both liberal and conservative, are homophobic, relying on isolated ceremonial and ritual regulations of the same nature that Jesus ignored or violated in his earthly ministry. Let us celebrate the diversity of GOD’s creation in human sexuality as well as our other natural characteristics. Let us celebrate David’s love for Johnathan, Ruth’s unusual loyalty to Naomi, and Jesus obvious special relationship to John “ the disciple whom Jesus loved. Let us not discount the worth of Jesus, Paul, Mary, and Martha because they did not marry and have children.

What filth that is being spread even behind the pulpit from Churches for this was written by a well known so- called minister in Cincinnati. Never before does the truth need to be proclaim through allowing the anointing of the Holy Ghost lead and guide us completely in to What Jesus would Do.

C) The acceptance of alcohol as every day and the way of life even being voted and approved by our own denominations.

D) Children being molested and killed and even killing each other in schools. This week the little girl in San Diego asleep in her home stolen, molested and killed. Why, now after weeks of her disappearance and finally finding out the most dreaded outcome, some say that they heard faint cries of help from afar in the night. Yet no one went out to help or seek her cries in despair.

The sins of the world are being accepted as just away of life. It now even accepted in our church world. What would Paul say to the church today? What would John Wesley, George Whitefield, and all the founding fathers say about the happening in this generation? They would proclaim the true divine truth of Jesus Christ. The born again, set free from sin message that has somehow becoming a faint cry in the distance. That God deliver people from the bonds of sin, they die out of the fleshly nature and are born into the body of Christ through his Spirit.

Now, more than ever before is the acceptable, chosen time for the true gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaim, published and preached to the utmost highest voice. To proclaim the deliverance of Jesus Christ on high sounding trumpets. We do not have to live our lives in fear, torment and captive to the sins of satan. For all can have power over satan and his sins that upon men. Let us with Jubilation declare the deliverance of Jesus Christ, the Blood of Atonement that we might be born again into the very image for GOD intended man.

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