Summary: Not everybody that says they love Jesus loves Jesus

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Today, I want you to get your bible, and turn to Acts 11: 1 and read it out loud. What I want you to focus on is the word (heard). The apostles, who along with the brethren, are in Judaea; and they have the right kind of faith. Looking at the word (heard) is now faith, which comes be hearing and by the hearing of the word of God. To learn by hearing is to be told by others. You learn the information that you heard not only do you learn the information but also you know the information.

“Faith is the substance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen.” The apostles and brethren have information (heard) this information occupies space. Make sure you have the right information occupying matter. When you don’t have concrete information, you don’t have evidence. The apostles and brethren had concrete evidence, although they did not see literally the Gentiles receiving the word of God, but this is what they hoped for, and so they believed the information, this is Godly faith.

God wants us to hope for the right things. To hope for the right things is to be a doer of the word of God you (heard). To just hear, the word of God is not enough; we perceive sound not only by the ear everyday but also we listen attentively. Hearing the telephone ring, that’s not the faith God, is talking about; you just only do not perceive sound and think you trusting God. The faith that Jesus is talking about is (heard). When you (heard) the word of God, and you learn from the word of God, you have evidence of what is hope for.

The faith of Jesus does not perceive the word of God like a telephone call, which is perceived by the senses. Most perceive the word of God at church on Sunday, but they have not heard or learned anything. The word of God is just like a telephone call to them.

The apostles and brethren had the right kind of faith that learns what God wants us to know. You should always hope for people to get save; you should hope for people to do the will of God. Consequently, it’s not this way all the time. People are hoping for the wrong things – they believe every evil work over every good work. (Verse 2, 3) ….. Not everybody that says they love the lord is hoping for others to get save. Instead, many are competing, as in a race. They are not hoping for others to get save but they are in completion.

Churches today are not hoping for people to learn the word of God but perceive the word of God like sound. I’ve learned that we are not supposed to be just hearers of the word of God but doers of the word of God. When you are a doer of the word of God, you learn to obey the word because you (heard) the word of God.

Back in the days of the apostles and brethren, people were followers of religion for a contest. Today, it seems as though churches are striving against each other and offer resistance. I live across the street from a mega church, which has police patrolling the area. And there is a park next door to the church. Sometime I walk across the park speaking in tongues and giving God wave offering with my hands in the air; and it’s not on Sunday when all the members are around. I don’t think the police like this because they have started targeting me and following me everywhere I go. And some of those people went to High School with me and acting in opposition to what I do for the Lord. Now, I understand what Peter went through when he went up to Jerusalem.

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