Summary: This is an illustrated sermon, drama attached. A message about getting rid of the things in your life that would permit and encourage demonic activity.

Changing the Spiritual Atmosphere To one that is repulsive to satan.

(Author’s note: this message was part of an 8 week series concerning changing the spiritual atmosphere for our church and personal lives. We discussed how people and churches can have an atmosphere about them, and that we wanted our church to have an atmosphere that was: ATTRACTIVE to the LOST, REPULSIVE to the DEVIL, and CONDUCIVE to a move of the HOLY SPIRIT. The message you are looking at was an illustrated sermon that was part 5 of the series. The sermon is first and the drama is appended to the message.)

Text: Job 39:27-30 (Speaking of vulture eagles.)

Interesting fact: Some sharks can detect blood when it is only 1 part in 10,000,000!

Interesting fact: Flies can detect a human body that is dead, and find it, within 3 minutes of death, almost anwhere on earth!

Demons like vultures feed off the carcass of decaying flesh. Like vultures they can detect prey far off with their “eagle eyes” roaming about seeking whom they may devour.

We want an atmosphere that is:

Repulsive to satan: We have to have something happening that makes him not to want to be near us. We want to be like “Off” ‘they don’t bite, they don’t even like.”

We want to be sending a very clear message to the devil: “Get Lost”

Illus: 2 devils talking about going to our church. One says to the other “If you want to go there, you are going by yourself, I can’t stand that place, every time I go there I get a bloody nose. They be binding me, casting me out, rebuking me, I can’t stand that place.”

The second one says to the first one: “But let’s wait we will get Deacon Jones when he gets home, when he turns that HBO on, that is a much better atmosphere for us to enjoy.”

Saints we have to be consistent in our being repulsive to satan.

That is why we talked about resisting him with our words, our weapons, and our walk.

How are we going to be repulsive to satan? Today we are going to turn the lights on and chase the darkness away, for demons traffic in darkness and in garbage. What do I mean by that?

We are going to compare rats to demons. The devil is a rat, Amen!

Imagine if you will a house full of rats. How did it get that way?

The rats were attracted to garbage, came in through breeches in the walls, and move about in cover of darkness.

Can you imagine someone who had an infestation of rats praying, “Lord get rid of those rats.”

God would reply you don’t have a rat problem you have a garbage problem, a breech problem, and a problem with association with darkness.

“You close up them holes in the walls, clean the garbage up off the floor, and turn the lights on the rats will leave.”

Illustration of the saint always asking for prayer because, “the devil has been after me.” She doesn’t have a problem with the devil, she has garbage in her life that keeps on attracting the devil. Rats leave when there is no garbage to eat, no access points(breeches), and no cover of darkness to hide in.

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Some of you here have a rat problem, and I have come as God’s exterminator, before this service is over we are going to get rid of some spiritual rats.

Further some of you don’t even know that you have been having a problem with rats, but God is going to open your eyes to let you see how the devil has been moving in your life and trying to destroy you.

Turn with me to Psalm 19:12.

3 Kinds of secret faults. Remember we are talking about how rats are attracted to garbage, and move about in darkness.

1. Sins you don’t know about, nor can others see them either. Garbage hidden by darkness, a breeding ground for rats.

2. Sins others can see, but you can’t.

3. Sins you know about, but others don’t.

The 3 foolish lies of secret sins.

1. No one knows.

Like a rat stealing crumbs. You run out when you think no one is looking.

2. Since I didn’t get caught, I don’t have to pay.

You are paying: Decreased joy, anointing, and favor with God.

Increased demonic attack, harassment and condemnation.

3. Secret sins will stay secret.

What you practice in private will ultimately manifest itself in public.

Every idle word. Thy sins will be announced before the world. They

have already been noised abroad in the spiritual realm. If you only knew

how much you have embarrassed yourself.

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