Summary: You may be on the very precipice of life right at the very edge of things or you may feel you are buried in a deep dark unreachable place. I want you to know today that no matter where you in life that Jesus can and will restore you. He did it for me.

Reach out to Jesus

Luke 8:40-47

I remember a story of a father returning home from a hard day’s work. His two children would run to be the first to be picked up in his arms. Whichever one was first would shout out “I’ve got all of Daddy” and the father would pick up the second child and then say “no, I’ve got all of you”.

This happy home coming may be one that has played out in your life. It always strikes me how the father and the children share a different perspective about just who has all of who.

Some of us love to be close to the embrace of our Father. Close to the one we love. We really, really love it when we are first in line. Well, when it comes to Jesus we are all a first priority to Him.

This wonderful passage of scripture in Luke 8:40-47 continues to touch me and move me every time I read it. I think it’s because of the simple faith that is expressed by the woman and the unconditional love of our God that is so moving.

Jesus is trying to make His way to the house of a man named Jairus where Jairus 12 year old daughter lays dying. Along the way the crowd absolutely engulfs Jesus and they are pressing Him on every side. The Bible says the crowd nearly “crushed” Him.

In that crowd is a very sick woman. She has been very sick for 12 years. She has spent nearly all her money on doctors and healers in the past but to no avail. But she has hope within her that she turns into faith. She knows she does not have to be first in line. She believes that if she can just touch Jesus cloak or robe that she will have gotten close enough to Him in order to be healed. In her mind all that is necessary is to touch His robe. She doesn’t have to touch His hand just His garment.

Wow! How many people still think like this today? How many of us believe in the extended power of Jesus reach? How many of us believe that all we have to do is to get close enough?

People like this need to realize that it’s not a matter of physical distance but spiritual distance. Jesus is still in the healing business, healing hearts, lives and bodies. But the thing Jesus real wants to heal is your soul. The inner you.

Some of us don’t mind sitting in church as long as it’s not in the front row. We don’t mind being close but at the same time were self-conscious about those who are sitting behind us. We are concerned about what other people might think. We want to be close but we do not want other people to see that we have a need. A need that only Jesus can resolve.

For this reason many of us feel comfortable sitting back in the crowd just like this woman. We know that we can get lost in that crowd or blend in so to speak.

I want you to know that it does not matter where you sit in church or where you stand in the crowd. Jesus knows your need and He knows the things that are on your heart. He does not restrict His healing power only to those who request it directly like this man named Jairus. The power of God flows out of Jesus like a river. Jesus wants to engage you right where you are.

You do not have to be sneaky about approaching God. You don’t have to slip in the back pew or slip out the door before everyone else. All of us in this crowd have a need that is either physical or spiritual. All of us suffer burdens of one kind or another.

In fact some of us have spent a lot of money trying to fix our particular problems in life just like this woman. We discovered that money can only go so far and that sometimes the medicine we need is not of this earth.

Every one of us here today has a particular need that only Jesus can address.

Do you have the faith to get close enough to Jesus to want your need addressed?

Maybe you’re like this woman and want to stay hidden in the crowd?

That’s O.K. not many of us like to admit that we are vulnerable or in need. Jesus understands that. But Jesus wants you to know that no matter where you are standing or sitting in the crowd that His healing power can touch your life. His power can change your life forever and end your suffering immediately and permanently.

The word touch is mentioned more than 150 times in the Bible. Our Heavenly Father is a God of touch. With His own hands He touched the earth and created us. Hand made by God. He continued to keep in touch by walking with us and talking with us in the Garden of Eden.

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