Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Fortantly we are on the side of God. We have confidence then to tackle anything that comes are way

I John 4:16b-21

Reasons to Go To War


A. Remembering back to 9/11 I was at the lighthouse watching CNN. I was sitting there saying that no one attacks USA

B. I was so upset that anyone would try such a thing

C. I knew that enemy would have a problem right then and there though. I knew that we would be coming after the person and you don’t want to make us mad.

D. I had that confidence in a military

E. I knew we would go boldly into battle

F. I knew that we would defend the truth

G. We had a reason to go to war

H. We are in a war with Satan.

I. We have three have those same three things to let us win the war

a. We have confidence

b. Boldness

c. And Truth

I. Confidence (16b-17)

A. Explanation

1. John begins off not with dear Children this time. He begins with God is love

a) Now you are probably thinking is that not that 234234 times he has said that God is love?

b) The point in this verse and the next couple verses are to tell the reader the purpose of love

2. (17) In this way, that is how 17 starts. But what way. That is referring to vs. 16 by saying that Because we love, we live in God and He lives in us and by this love is made complete

3. Now why is it important to know that love is complete? That is because it gives us confidence!

4. When we have fellowship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ we should have confidence that we will not be condemned in that Day of Judgment.

5. We are confident before God now and can continue to have confidence until Christ returns at the Day of Judgment.

6. So what is our reason for confidence? The reason for our confidence is our conformity to Christ.

a) When we conform to Christ that should gives us confidence

b) When we imitate the love of Jesus we do not need to fear the coming judgment

B. Application

1. How does this all apply to our lives?

2. We need not to worry about the judgment

3. If we are living in God and loving one another God is living in us

4. Knowing that it should give you confidence

5. This is not to be confused with cockiness

6. We can confidently proclaim Christ throughout the world

7. We can confidently know what our fate will be on that judgment day

8. We know that God will be with us

9. Confidence in God is a great thing

C. Illustration

1. Our military is very confident. Our country has confidence in the military. When we began this counter attack on terrorism I knew that our military could handle the job I knew that they would be ok. I was right. I had confidence in them

2. How much more confident should you be in God then our military.

3. Think about it there is not chance that God will lose.

4. Have confidence in God.

II. Boldness (18)

A. Explanation

1. There is no fear in love

a) Have you ever thought of what that means?

b) It means that in fear and love cannot co exist. The same way as faith and doubt cannot exist fear and love cannot exist.

2. The word fear has two meaning

a) Meaning one is alarm, fright. Like when someone breaks into your house

b) The other meaning is “reverence, and respect.”

c) This time we are looking at alarm and fright.

d) Because of our love with God we are not to live in fear. We are to have boldness

3. Perfect love drives our fear.

a) What is perfect love? Only God has perfect love.

b) It is the love that is complete because it instills within us the desire to keeps God’s command.

c) When love comes to expression in the act of loving god and our neighbor then fear in the sense of fright has not place in our hearts

4. Fear relates closely to punishment. In perfect love punishment is absent

a) There is not disobedience for punishment to be necessary

b) The believer who lives in close fellowship with god is free from the fear of punishment

c) Jesus was punished on the Cross so that we would not be have to be punished

d) Therefore if we were punished then Christ work would be incomplete.

e) God does correct and disciplines his children but he does not punished us

B. Application

1. What meaning does this have for us 200 year later

2. It means that we can boldly go were no one has been willing to Go

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