Summary: If you are caught between two side being played at the same time, it is best just to hold you peace, because if you hold your peace, the truth will prevail from God

Jeremiah 29 : 17 - 21

A minister by the name of Tawanna Jones told me once, shift the rudder! I said to her in so many ways what do that mean, and she said whatever magnifies who you really are that is what you need to pray for power over

Everyman needs to pray for whatever is magnifying them of this world, I told minister Tawanna that I was going to tell my congregation those very words on the phone today just before I went into office the office of the Lord, ahead three motors!

Without order witchcraft is invited in, Protocol is the establishment of order. Let every soul be subject unto the Higher Powers; God has placed on office, now office is by itself, and the people who occupy them have the anointing of God

Just because he or she enter into the deputation does not mean he or she is lead by God, this is why corruption is in everything man puts his hand to do

For an example God is not the author of confusion; you know that and I know that. Do not let corruption "OUT LIVE YOUR LIFE"

There can be so many happy times ahead of us if we hold on to Jesus; a man goes to Burger King an order an apple pie; he stands there for about fifteen minutes waitng patienly so one of the employees say I did not give him his apple pie, and another says I think you did give him the apple pie. Now, both employees are aware of what each other is doing in reality this is witchcraft.

Do you know of a group of people or a couple who praticse - one go one way and the other go the other way in a conversation, and the person that they are talking too get caught up in the web of confusion, shift the rudder!

I see what minister Tawanna Jones meant by those words and it was not hard to remember. I believe his faith and patiences can bring all things back together again - the faith of Jesus Christ "Watch as well as pray" God says come out the world and be ye seperate, that means (Do not do what the world does) just because the world is playing both sides at the same time within a split moment, know that!

One is going one way and the other is going another way, but they are aiming at the same individual intented to confuse that simple one

"Watch as well as pray" there are parents out here of the earth; they pass these kinds of teaching down to their children, and will hate the victim if it does not work on the victim, and if they have a connection to the law of sin and death that one will front for them; how do I know because it happened to me today; it was practised on me; I thank God that I am not ignorant to the devil devices

" Thus saith the Lord of Hosts; Behold, I will send upon them the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, and will make them like vile figs, that cannot be eaten, they are so evil." Jeremiah 29: 17

When America taught her children these works, they worked for countless of years but Americans are doing it on everybody day in and day out. Her children have been exposed to other nations and God has done it. There is so much evil in America; I believe we need to start here in this wonderful Country and clean up in front of America, the foundation that this Country is standing on. Her children are going the other way, and they are making friends with the world their enemies

The children of truth, If you and me do not rebuke them or correct them we are just as guilty as whoever is working witchcraft because we are not standing fast in the liberty of God

Those that work witchcraft " the going of one way, while another go the other but together they are doing this to an individual or a group of people at the same time. I gest they already know they are under the wrath of God

God persecutes them with the sword of the spirit; they start beliving the first gone be first all the time and the last gone be last all the time. To think like this is a sign of reprobation, the lie is being believed on and the truth has no place at all. Can you see the sign? Reprobation! reprobation! It is here and been here all the time, but it is just magnified more than ever

Just because a person or a group large or small has been removed from the presents of God, they might look like an angel and talk like one and dress like one

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