Summary: This sermon reveals the power of God, if you want the power of God. This is the way to get it. Follow him to the end of your search when you

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Most people think that the Holy Ghost is received by lying on of hands, and this is true, but I want to talk to you from my very own experience: about the day I received the Holy Ghost. When I graduated from Nathaniel Bedford Forrest in the year of 1987, l was raised to be a good kid. A Bible believing young man that didn’t have any direction about his life, before I knew anything about the streets, I was on my own.

I hung around people that were walking in the nature of the streets, but I didn’t let it influence me.

What my mother taught me was stronger. At twenty-one, I lift home and tried to go into the military but I couldn’t pass the exam. That was so disappointing to except for me; I tried again and again but failed. Until one day the Navy called me and said we have a position for you, but I refused it because I wanted to be a Marine. I liked their uniform. A month after I left home, I started using drugs. I mean I went straight to the hard stuff, and it tore me down and kept me down for about thirteen years.

During those thirteen years, I married my first wife, she was a good woman, her cooking was captivated, and she knew how to feed a man. And I ate and fell in love. I was a terrible husband; as a matter of fact I didn’t even know how to be a husband at the age of 23. When I was thirteen I use to watch the stars, and I wondered, and pondered over many things of which one was God. We went to church every Sunday.

You know I remember clearly how I received the Holy Ghost. I was out one night doing drugs, and I got broke because I spent up all my money. I wanted to die that night, whereas I was under so much stress from what I did to my family over and over again. I spent all my money, and I was over powered by the effect this drug had on me. When I came home that night from the drug rage, I didn’t want to face the next day.

I grabbed a knife and placed it to my wrest, because I thought I was going to cut my wrest, but then I heard my mother’s voice. She told me these word the day before, she said call on Jesus. I put the knife down on the floor, and I went to my close, after I took all my clothing off I started calling Jesus as fast as I could, since I was planning on killing myself, I thought I might as well call Jesus like I never did before, besides my life was at an end.

While I was calling Jesus, something strange started happening. My stomach started tickling so I started calling him even harder. I mean I was calling him as hard as I could. Suddenly, I started screaming and kicking, I kicked a whole in the wall. After I got out the closet from rolling around on the ground, I stood to my feet. My hands where locked in front of me like having on handcuffs.

My mouth speaking an unknown language; all I know is the spirit had control of me, and what was happening to me, I was fully aware, but I wasn’t in control.

When the shaking stopped, I jumped in the bed with the girl who I later married. She started telling me “You better stop playing with God, when I heard those words; I was under the cover in the bed. Suddenly, without a warning, my mouth opened wide up, and closed again and again then my mouth started starts saying Jesus, Jesus, and a Jesus etc. And from that point I have not been the same again.

From that day until this day, I read Acts1:8, and I know everything that happen to the disciples on Pentecost was real, since it happened to me. For something to happen to me that real: real enough to change my life, I truly have to say Lord, I belong to you.

How to get the Holy Ghost, it doesn’t matter what you are doing or have done it will work if you follow these simple steps.

1. You got to do something or have been doing something where you’re totally disappointed at yourself. When you’re disappointed at yourself, you’re more sincere than any other time. You’re broken; you have the effects of grief, and your heart is involved.

2. Start doing secret things for the Lord: like getting up early in the morning sometime and seating in a chair in your house or room, and call Jesus as light as you can

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