Summary: Abraham's servant was led by God. Four principles to follow: (1) Keep to God's Word (or ways or will); (2) take steps to fulfil His will; (3) pray for His intervention; and (4) expect Him to act.

I want to share from Genesis 24 this morning. I remember preaching from this passage a few months back.

• This morning I want to look through the eyes of the servant of Abraham and learn the principles of receiving guidance from God.

• The chief servant was given a very daunting task but he returned with success. He had a remarkable experience, nothing short of a miracle.

He was asked by his master to go back to his native land and find a wife for his son. He got what he was looking for because, according to his own words, God LED HIM.

• If God led him and he found success, we want to learn how we can receive such guidance from God.

Let’s read a short portion of this account in Genesis 24:1-9.

Principle 1: KEEP TO GOD’S WORD

You can also say keep to God’s will or God’s way. To be led we need to follow His way.

• This is plain common sense. God will not guide you into something that contravenes His will.

• It’s like slapping His own face if God leads us to something that transgresses His own will.

Abraham gave the servant specific instructions because he was determined to keep to God’s ways, what God has revealed to him.

• Isaac must not marry a Canaanite woman and he must not leave the Promised Land, the land God has given him.

• Go look for someone “among my own relatives” Abraham tells the servant. This is a tall order. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But Abraham was determined to stick to it and wanted his servant to promise him that he too will stick to it.

• It is clear that the question is not about whether the task is difficult. It is about God’s will.

• It is not about taking the easy way or taking the shortcut. We are to keep to God’s way no matter what the cost.

The servant left in obedience and kept to his master’s instruction. And he accomplished the ‘impossible’ task.

• He found the right place, the right family and the right woman.

• He found the “needle in the haystack” because HE WAS LED.

He said that a couple of times. He praised God in verse 27 and said the Lord “had led me on the journey”.

• When he shared with Rebekah’s parents, he said “the Lord led me on the right road…” (v.48) It was clear to him that God was leading him on this journey.

• If you are led, how can you not reach your goal? When you are led by God, how can you even go wrong? You won’t.

UNLESS we are not following, we are not listening. Not that God is not leading, we are not following.

• We have chosen to walk our way, consciously or unconsciously. If consciously, then we need to make a U-turn and repent. If unconsciously, then we need to take time to SEEK Him.

• God is gracious. Even if you have taken the wrong path, He can make it right. Even if you have taken a detour, He can bring you back to where He wants you to be.

Why am I so sure about that? I saw it in Israel’s history. God brings His people back to where He wants them to be, when they humble themselves and seek His face.

• God will guide us when we are determine to KEEP TO HIS WORD and follow His ways.


Don’t sit there and wait for things to happen. Abraham took steps to see that his son will get a wife from among his own people.

• He did not sit idling by and wait for God’s will to be done.

• It has never been that way in the Scriptures, to see God’s will being fulfilled simply by our waiting passively for it to happen.

• But somehow that how I used to think when I was young. That’s how many believers are still believing today.

• “Since it’s God’s will, He will surely do something. If He is sovereign and almighty, then everything will happen according to His plan. We’ll just need to wait for it to happen.”

If you do nothing, you will get nothing. Nothing is automatic. We need to put feet to our faith and start walking.

• Abraham understands this. He believes in God’s sovereignty, he believes in God’s plan, and yet he decides to come up with an action plan.

• And it was not an easy one. The servant has to keep to what he was told, and he did.

• We can tell from his actions that he too is a believer of God.

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