Summary: Heaven: How do we get there, what will we do there, what will it be like?

Redeemed By the Blood of the Lamb

(Revelation 7:9-17)

1. Let's review the 10 Commandments…4, 1, and 5. 4 about God, 1 about parents, 5 sins, worst to least.

About God

1. No other gods

2. No images

3. Do not misuse God's Name

4. Remember the Sabbath

About parents

5. Honor your parents

Five Sins, worst to least:

6. Do not murder

7. Do not commit adultery

8. Do not steal

9. Do not lie

10. Do not covet

2. First, memorize 4-1-5. Then each section.

3. The 10 Commandments reveal God's will for our actions in this life; they correspond to eternal life only in that those who are saved demonstrate evidence their salvation by obeying God, but they cannot cause salvation.

4. Like a mirror, they reflect our sinfulness, but they cannot cure it; the 10 commandments or rules and regulations cannot transform our hearts. That takes transformation through the new birth by turning from sin and embracing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

5. Heaven or hell is based upon relationship; if we know Jesus Christ by faith, the end result is heaven; if we do not know Him, the end result is hell.

6. But what is heaven like? Our knowledge is limited; we pick it up in bits and pieces.

Main Idea: Heaven: How do we get there, what will we do there, what will it be like?

I. The Crowd: WASHED in the Blood (9, 13-14)

A. A distinct GROUP

1. In contrast to the martyrs of Rev. 6

2. In contrast to the 144,000

3. White robes = cleansed, formal, and ready to celebrate (Eccl. 9:8)

4. Being clean and white before God results in unimaginable joy

5. We will talk about how their robes became white in a few minutes

6. Palm Branches = festive joy, victory

B. A SEGMENT from all people groups

1. True Christianity is internationally minded

2. Missions are not an option; God's heart is for all mankind

C. Robes washed WHITE

1. To be washed white suggests they had been dirty (Zech. 3)

2. The blood of the Lamb is the solvent

3. Most of us use a laundry treatment to get blood off of laundry; we would not think of washing our whites in blood…

4. So how do we get to heaven? By being right with God. How can we be right with God? By having our sins washed away. How can we have our sins washed away? By faith in Jesus Christ, He Who shed His blood as a sin offering on our behalf.

Think about the Lord's instructions for worship in the Old Testament tabernacle. Some of the ingredients of the holy anointing oil had to be crushed before they were used, because until they were crushed their fragrance could not be released.

The crushing of the incense is a picture of what happened to Christ. Just as the incense had to be crushed before it could give forth its fragrance, so also Christ had to be "broken" before He could be our Savior. Jesus called Himself the "grain of wheat" in John 12:24. If He had not been "ground to flour," He could not have become the Bread of Life.

Do you realize that only the death of Christ can save you? Only as His body was pierced and His blood allowed to flow out could He atone for your sin. Without the shedding of blood, there is no salvation (Heb. 9:22).

[Source: Our Daily Bread]

5. They have come out of the Great Tribulation (Daniel 12:1)

One October morning in 2006, a woman and her six children were forced to witness an attack on their husband and father. His assailants tried to force him to deny Jesus but he refused. He continued to proclaim Christ as Lord and died praying for his family. The family is determined to follow Christ, even in their grief.

Another man was sentenced to 3 years in prison for allegedly insulting another religion. He’s an outspoken Christian with a passion for Christ. He and his wife and children continue to be faithful and refuse to deny Him.

[source: Our Daily Bread]

II. Men and Angels WORSHIP in Heaven (10-12)

A. Humans worship God as the source of SALVATION

1. He Who sits on the THRONE

Ancient thrones included a footstool; In Psalm 11:4, God's throne is said to be in heaven, the earth his footstool (Is. 66:1)

Psalm 16:11, " You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand…"

• Most of us do not take joy seriously enough; God's children are to live a life of joy in the here and now as we anticipate unimaginable joy in heaven.

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