Summary: A sermon on attitudes that hinder true restoration and on three things that were restored in the valley of dry bones.

Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14


The book of Ezekiel is a very interesting book. Ezekiel was a prophet of God who received some deep revelations about God’s glory, power and love. When reading the book of Ezekiel, we need to ask God to open our eyes to wondrous things in His Word or we may miss the important message God wants to pass across to us.

Today as we look at one of the revelations of Ezekiel “The Valley of Dry Bones”, I pray the Lord opens our eyes to wondrous things in His Word. This inspiring revelation of the power, love and glory of God, will give us a better appreciation of God’s power to restore dry or dead situations. And if our faith is wavering, our faith in God will be strengthened today.

The central message behind the account of the Valley of Dry Bones is that God has the power to bring back to life whatever is dead; God can solve or turn hopeless situations around. Ezekiel 37:7 helps us to understand how bad, how hopeless the situation of the dry bones was. These bones weren't the skeleton of one person in one place. But bones of several people that had broken and scattered all over the valley. For a skeleton to come back to life is a big miracle on its own not to talk of getting the scattered bones of so many people to first come back together to form each person's skeleton, before placing back the flesh of each person. But our Mighty God was able to do this. The power of God that was able to find all the scattered bones of those in the valley and put them back together, will gather and put back together everything that has scattered and broken in your life. My prayer for every one of us is that whatever is dead or dying in our lives, the Almighty God will bring back to life. The God that can repair the irreparable will repair the irreparable in your life. The God that can reverse the irreversible will reverse the irreversible in your life. The God that can make the impossible possible, will do the humanly impossible in your life.

Something Happens When God Turns His Face to You

A lot of things were not right in the valley of dry bones. A lot of things had gone wrong in that valley. A lot had been lost in the valley of dry bones. But the day God turned His face towards that valley, everything changed. Restoration took place. If you are in any valley, the Lord will turn His face towards that valley and the power of God will bring you out of that valley, no matter how dark it is, no matter how deep it is, no matter how long you have been in that valley.

The starting point to experiencing restoration is for God to turn His face towards you, is for God to be interested in your situation (Numbers 6:26). It was because God was interested in the valley of dry bones that He took Ezekiel there. It was because God was concerned about the state of the dry bones that He asked Ezekiel about them (Ezekiel 37:1-3). The day the God of Restoration took interest in the valley of dry bones, the day the Lord turned His face to the valley, the name of that valley changed, the name they had used to tag the bones changed. Your story will change today. Every negative name people have used to tag you will be taken away from you today by the God of Restoration. That tag of dryness (dry and dead womb, dry and dead marriage, dry and dead business, dry and dead ministry) is dropping today from your life.

The bones had been in that valley for a long time. As far as people were concerned, those bones were a closed chapter. Nobody had said anything about them, nobody had done anything about them, nobody was interested in them. But the One whose opinion matters the most, the One whose opinion counteracts the opinion of everyone else, hadn’t given up on those dry bones. When it looked like nothing good could ever come out of those dry bones, God was able to bring something good out of the worst of situations. Simply because He was interested, simply because He turned His face or His attention on the valley of dry bones.

It doesn’t matter if nobody knows you, nobody understands what you are going through, nobody is doing anything about your situation. What matters; what you should be concerned about is this: the One that can bring dry bones back to life, the One that can do what people say is impossible, the One that can in one day restore all the canker worms and caterpillars have stolen, is He interested in my situation? Are His eyes on me? Has He turned His face towards me? I tell you, if that is all you have, you have what it takes to experience a major breakthrough. You have what it takes to be a recipient of God’s miracle working power.

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