Summary: Genuine worship comes from the heart, is spontaneous, new, congregational, joyful, and affects our daily life

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2 CORINTHIANS 3.17, JOHN 4. 24, PSALM 149. 1 - 9

One of the most recurring things we hear about church is that it is boring. Many folks won’t come out & openly say it, but they don’t come because it is boring. This causes a great concern to me. Why is church boring? It is not because God is boring. It is not because worship is boring. Maybe it is because we do not understand genuine worship. It may be because the modern day church doesn’t understand worship, doesn’t participate in worship, is afraid of worship. It may be that we are so concerned about being reverent that we have fallen into a state of rigor-mortis. Today, I proclaim to you that reverence is a part of genuine worship, bur rigor-mortis is not. Now, some of us do not know the difference.

Some definitions: reverence - profound adoring, awed respect. Reverent - worshipful. A synonym for revere is worship.

Rigor mortis - rigidity of muscles occurring after death.


- A heart changed by the grace of God. A heart that is thankful, a heart impacted by the privilege of being in the presence of God.

- Christ tells us we must worship in Spirit & in truth. If salvation is true in your life, if the Spirit abides in your heart, worship should be automatic.

- The blood shed on Calvary provided the grace necessary to save hell-deserving sinners. The application of the blood to your life makes a radical & drastic change in your heart. It replaces the stony heart of our flesh with a new heart, one that is responsive to God, one that is softened by the love & grace of God.

- Out of this heart comes worship. Not stick in the mud ceremonialism, but true & genuine worship. This heart is alive with the Spirit of God, saturated by the truth of God’s Word & sensitive to the moving of the Spirit in the life of the changed. Denying the moving of the Spirit is hindering it. Hindering it hurts the believer, lessens the impact the Spirit has on the life, weakening the Christian, leaving the Christian, by his or her own choice, not properly prepared for the battles ahead.

- Worship changes us, grows us, strengthens us. A heart open to the moving of the Spirit in its life will worship. It is not showing up for Sunday service, it is celebrating. Worship from the heart is exciting.


- Too often we go through the motions of what we call worship. When the Baptist church began, as many things as possible were removed from the ceremonialism of the day. The priests wore robes - removed becasue it seemed to formalized & ceremonial. Prayer books were common - removed because they were too rehearsed.

- We slip back into what was removed. Preachers are expected to wear suits. Prayers are sometimes as expectable as prayer books. Most of the time, prayers follow a similar course - thanks, forgive us, bless us, bless sick, amen. The spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions in the presence of God has gone by the wayside. Part of the reason our worship is less than, well, true worship.

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