Summary: A sermon for River Sunday that highlights how God’s River of Life gives life

As we come to our last week in the worship series the series of creation;

We have seen how God has given us the wonderful creation we live as a gift.

A gift to not only to enjoy and benefit from but also to care for and serve.

At times his creation is full of life and at times deserted and dieing, representing our lives..

And today’s focus the river highlights how God is constantly at work creating a new creation.

Rivers are essential for life.

Before large trucks they were essential for transporting large amounts of goods and people, so the country could develop and prosper.

They have provided and continue to provide water for drinking, cleaning and primary production.

In Australia recently there has been much talk in saving the Murray Darling river system.

Governments are investing millions of dollars to save the river system because so many people in Australia rely on it to live.

Not only this but many animals call the Murray Darling home.

The river system is home to 367 species of birds, 85 species of mammals, 53 species of frogs, 46 species of snakes, 5 tortoises and 34 species of fish.

And some of these are on the endangered list.

More people and animals most likely rely on it than you think.

If you have ever eaten an orange,

drank some wine,

ate some rice

or worn some Australian wool or cotton then it is highly likely that

you have benefited from the waters of the Murray Darling system.

Many people benefit from its waters.

And that is why governments, farmers and communities are spending so much energy in addressing its problems.

And for the Murray Darling to continue to be an important source for life

not only does it require resources and energy,

but also a change of attitudes and behaviour

with people thinking always of others.

And like the communities and animals around the Murray Darling system we also rely on a river for life.

Our reading from Revelations calls it the River of life.

And this river of life comes not from the ground but from God.

I would like you to ask yourself today are you tapping into God’s River of life?

Are you taking every opportunity to worship?

Are you allowing God to guide you in all aspects of your life?

Are you accepting his forgiveness and sharing his forgiveness?

Are you living his perspective of life of love, forgiveness and building each other up?

These are important questions for each of us.

Sometimes we maybe able to say yes, and sometimes no.

It is important that we constantly tap into God’s river of life,

because it is the only thing that is guaranteed to give us life.

And our reading from Revelations chapter 22

reminds us what is so good about God’s river of life.

Why God’s river of life is so important

For a start it gives life.

The amazing thing is that God is always at work creating a new life for us.

He never stops creating.

Some people have in their mind that our new life will only begin in heaven.

The reality is that in heaven we will clearly see and experience our new lives.

Our new lives will be complete.

However God has already begun creating something new for you.

And we get to experience his new creation as we live.

Think about this, at your baptism God unlocked the door to a new family for you.

Every time someone is baptised God has created a new situation for them.

And every time he speaks and we take notice,

we are experiencing and living this new life.

And he will often use us to be part of his creating.

For instance when we spend time with people,

caring for them, sharing that God gives life

and sharing his approach to life with them,

God is creating something new.

And when we forgive others God is at work creating something new in us

and in our relationships.

And when God is creating something new, he is giving life.

One of our problems is we don’t always want to accept his new life.

At times we would rather not even try to forgive.

And we may think there are better ways to approach life than what God offers.

Because on the surface some of the alternatives appear to give us instant benefits.

However Proverbs 16, verse 25 warns us about such things.

25 There is a way that seems right to a man,

but in the end it leads to death.

So in reality choosing anything but God’s life, is actually choosing death.

Are drinking from God’s river of life?

Are you gaining what is needed for life for eternity, God’s word?

Another aspect of God’s River of Life that Revelation 22 informs us about is that God’s life brings healing.

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