Summary: This is an extended outline of our study in Romans


I. Receive the gift of God’s righteousness (justification) by faith 1-5

A. Everyone desperately needs Christ’s righteousness 1:18-3:20

1. The self-centered hedonist is guilty 1:18-32

a) Man suppresses the truth in unacceptable behavior.

b) God allows sin to run its devastating course.

2. The moralist is guilty 2:1-16

3. The religious legalist is guilty 2:17-3:8

4. Everyone is guilty 3:9-3:20

B. Anyone can acquire Christ’s righteousness through faith 3:21-4:25

1. God’s way to righteousness explained (the exchanged life) 3:21-31

a) Manifested apart from law

b) Witnessed by the Law and the prophets

c) Through trust (faith) in Christ

d) For ALL who would trust (believe) in Christ

e) Acquired as a gift granted because of God’s grace

f) Granted by God on the basis of the redemption in Christ Jesus

g) Granted because Jesus satisfied all the demands of a holy God

h) Eliminates opportunity for pride on the part of man

i) Applies to everyone who trusts (believes)

j) Establishes the standard or rule of law

2. God’s way to righteousness illustrated through Abraham 4:1-25

a) Abraham was justified by faith not works 1-8

b) Abraham was justified before circumcision or the law 9-16

c) Abraham exercised genuine trust 17-22

(1) He trusted in the God of resurrection and life

(2) He trusted God’s promise in the face of impossibility

(3) God empowered (strengthened) him because of his faith

(a) His empowerment glorified God

(b) His faith empowered his life

(4) God justified him by faith

d) God justifies all who trust like Abraham 23-25

II. Apply the gift of God’s righteousness by understanding 6-8

A. New peace with God 5:1

B. New hope of a glorious transformation 5:2

C. New appreciation for life’s struggles that motivate greater Christlikeness 5:3-8

D. New guarantee of escape from the coming wrath 5:9

E. New assurance of complete salvation 5:10

F. New excitement concerning our new reconciliation with God 5:11

G. New heritage and connection to Christ’s righteous life 5:12-21

H. New identity with the death and resurrection of Christ 6:1-14

1. Reason the implications of your new life

2. Realize your identification with Christ’s death & resurrection

3. Reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive to God

4. Refuse to let sin rule in your members

5. Resist presenting your member to sin

6. Render yourselves and your members to God

I. New Master 6:15-23

J. New relationship to the law 7:1-13

K. New struggle with the old identity 7:14-25

L. New life of victory by the ministry of the Holy Spirit 8:1-30

1. He eliminates condemnation 8:1

2. He establishes new life in our spiritual growth 8:2-10

3. He ensures complete salvation 8:11

4. He eradicates obligation to the flesh 8:12-13

5. He echoes our sonship and elucidates our future inheritance 8:14-17

6. He encourages us in present suffering 8:18-25

7. He edits our prayers 8:26-30

8. Conclusion to God’s mercies on our behalf 8:28-31

III. Israel and the path to righteousness 9-11

A. The Passion of Paul for Israel expressed 9:1-5

B. The Problem of Israel’s lost condition exposed 9:6-10:4

1. God’s word hasn’t failed 9:1

2. Every person or group has not been chosen by God 9:2-13

a) Isaac was chosen, Ishmael was not

b) Jacob was chosen, Esau was not

3. God shows mercy to whomever he chooses to show mercy 9:13-18

4. God has the right to call whoever he desires 9:19-29

5. Jews are lost because they failed to believe 9:30-10:4

C. The Path and process of Salvation for all Explained 10:5-21

1. The Path 10:5-13

a) Choice #1 – Live the law perfectly 10:5

b) Choice #2 – Trust completely and confess candidly 10:6-13

2. The Process 10:13-21

Sending of preachers of the good news so that people would hear and believe.

Preaching of the Word of truth due to having been sent to preach the word of truth

Hearing of the word of Christ due to preaching of the truth

Believing in Christ due to hearing the word of truth

Calling on Christ due to believing the word of truth.

D. The Prognosis concerning Israel Elucidated 11:1-33

Israel will finally understand and find salvation by faith in Jesus.

God has a future plan. They will be grafted back into the find on the basis of faith.

IV. Think and Live righteously 12-15

A. Think and live God’s righteousness 12:1-2

1. Dedicate your bodies completely to God

2. Dedicate your soul to transformation by constant renewed thinking

a) Stop letting the world cram you into its way of doing things

b) Submit to continual soul transformation by continual thought renewal

B. Think and live right concerning the body of Christ 12:3-10

1. Realize the general design of the body 3-8

a) Many Members

b) One Body (Unity)

c) Distinct functions (Diversity)

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