Summary: A sermon challenging both believers and non-believers to express true worship to Jesus Christ.

Sacred Worship • Ezra 3:8-13

Key Phrase: When we define worship that’s true, the question is not simply WHAT but WHO.


1) Remember worship is CLEARLY REPRESENTED in Scripture (v 10)

• Sacred worship is God’s idea… not our idea… It’s a Biblical thing…

• "There is much more to God and following in the Way of Jesus than getting a bunch of talented people together to hold a church service" – Francis Chan

Psalm 34

• Our personal worship fuels our collective worship.

2)Remember worship is a CONTINUAL RESPONSE to the Lord (v 11)

• "Worship of God is a response to who He is and what He has done." - Louie Giglio. Authentic worship is a continual response to the revelation of God. God reveals, we respond.

• No one can make you worship authentically because true worship is a response to how truly great God is.

Revelation 1:12-17.

• G. Campbell Morgan QUOTE

3)Remember worship is a CONSTANT REFLECTION of our hearts (vv 11-13)

• 50yrs ago temple destroyed. living in exile… 50,000 made the decision to leave their comfort and rebuild the temple… the sacred altar… when the foundation was laid, they were overwhelmed with excitement. All the people shouted and praised the Lord…

• But many wept… maybe they were weeping bc of the sad contrast in size and beauty to the first Temple. Maybe they were weeping bc they realized they had failed as leaders. Maybe they were weeping bc they thought this was going to be the Millenial Temple that Ezekiel prophesies about… in Haggai 2 when work on the 2nd temple is renewed many of these men wept again…

• Alexander Mclaren QUOTE

MATTHEW 15:1-20.

4)Remember worship is CONSISTENTLY RECOGNIZED by others (v 13)

• Louie Giglio QUOTE

• Not what but who. Worship is about TIME. ENERGY. AFFECTIONS. ALLEGIANCE. BELONGINGS. All of us say we worship God. Really?

• IF YOU FOLLOW THE TRAIL, YOU’LL FIND A THRONE AND WHOEVER OR WHATEVER IS ON THE THRONE RECEIVES OUR WORSHIP. Worship is consistently recognized by others bc of the throne of our lives. (borrowed from Louie Giglio message)

• TONIGHT… Is JESUS CHRIST on the throne of your life?

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