Summary: Satan has ill-intentions with the world and its people. He twists the truth and lead mankind to eternal condemnation.God on the other sent His ONLY son to this world to SAVE snatch them from the fires of hell.

John 3:16-17 "God loved the people of this world SO much, that He gave His ONLY son,so that everyone who have faith in Him will have eternal life.".God did NOT send His son in to the world to condemn its people. He sent Him to save them."

Satan does NOT care about the well being and the needs of those souls who serve him. ALL the promises he makes to HIS followers,leads to eternal condemnation and suffering.Its in HIS nature,and in his make up, to conquer and persuade as many souls as he can for eternal oblivion...hades...sheol. His interest in souls is NOT to save,but to destroy and to deprive them of the presence and grace of God.In THIS respect he's a coward,because he is hiding behind the souls which he estrange from God. Nevertheless,John 3:16 declares the following:" For God SO loved the world,that He gave His ONLY son,so that who so ever believe in Him,should NOT parish(be pushed into oblivion),but have EVER lasting life". If we confess our sins,turn our backs on it, and accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior,he's faithful and true to wash us clean in HIS blood...wash away the filth with which Satan has contaminated our spiritual essence.

Being spiritually born again,and serving God,does definitely NOT mean that we are now free from our spiritual sinful nature.THIS will ALWAYS accompany us as a reminder of the consequences of Adam and Eve's disobedience to God,5500 years ago.THIS condition of sinful nature,is ALSO a back door,through which Satan can slip BACK into our spirits,to rob us of the grace and love of God.In actual fact,he is on his MOST vicious,AFTER we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer.He will focus ALL his attention on those who have been washed in the blood of the lamb.He's a master of deception and disguise,and will create conditions and situations in our lives,where he increases hardships ,suffering, pain, disappointment, misery, persecution,execution, disillusionment and starvation. He will force us, OR try to force us into isolation from God. Many of us turn back again to serve Satan,because we CAN'T endure the suffering.For US however who cling unto God,His Word(Bible) will be our comfort and strength,and His law will be written on our hearts(Psalm 37:31).Our joy will be in doing HIS will(Psalm 40:8).God will make a way for us so that we DON'T slip(Psalm 37:31.)

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