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Summary: Does science affect your faith or your faith affect your science?

One student was denied a referral by his science Prof because the student believed in Creation. A scientist was fired because he made a comment in a private conversion with his boss that he was a creationist. Evolution is a faith and it seems its adherents are very radical about their faith.

Why do I say faith? I believe it was Aldus Huxley that said that there are only two possibilities for our existence, evolution or creation. He admitted that evolution had many holes in it but refused to even consider creation. That is faith, not science. Real science would explore both avenues not just toss one to the curb.

They have no real empirical evidence for evolution. They do have great imagination for they can "create" a creature from a few bones and tell you its habits, what kind of skin it had and even markings. They even built a whole supposed humanoid and its family from one tooth that turned out to be the tooth of a pig.

The Scopes trial was based on that so-called evidence. I would say the ruling has been overturned and anything that came out of that trial needs to trashed including teaching this faith based pseudo-science in schools.

Indeed, all empirical evidence points to creation. The Intelligent Design people are getting closer to the truth but they have a way to go as well. There is an abundance of information and sound science at www.answersingenesis.org for those who are truly desiring to be scientists.

However, we will never get God under a microscope so no matter how much we can prove scientifically salvation will still be of faith for you cannot find God in science. You can see His footprints and thumbprints, yea even a signature on His creation like an artist who signs his piece, but you will never see God unto perfection or completion. He is spiritually discerned by faith and manifested by obedience. Hence, those who must see God completely through science will be damned though they hold thousands of pieces of His work in their hands. He is the creator of the puzzle they hold not the puzzle itself.

You have to deal with a question even harder than which came first the chicken or the egg. You must believe in something that has existed for eternity, either a chunk of matter of some size and density that just exploded one day and out of the chaos we see all this highly organized and varied forms of life that came from one simple structure that somehow got complicated despite the second law of thermodynamics or you have to believe in God who spoke and created all things in their order and complexity.

Indeed, the second law of thermodynamics fits perfectly with the Bible record of sin bringing about death in mankind and the whole creation itself. We are devolving not evolving. The evolutionists say that one day the universe will be cold and lifeless when energy runs out. God said dying, ye shall dying and that is what we and the universe are doing and without the coming intervention from God the scientists would be correct though no one would be around to give them a Nobel prize.

If I were a true diehard atheistic scientist and an environmentalist, I would devise a means to rid the earth of humans. After all, as Scrooge said, we are a blight upon the earth. If we are the only species cognizant of ourselves or sentient then let the doom of the universe fall upon creatures that will not care.

Why continue to allow mankind to destroy the earth before its time and why allow people to suffer from war, disease and all the other sorrows of this life while struggling to maintain the race that will only die no matter how advanced we get or how far out in space we can travel?

No one can escape death let alone the death of the universe therefore human existence is vain. Let the animals and bugs that have an equal right to existence as man have the world and its dying universe. They will not know it’s coming or fear it. They will go out quietly and peacefully.

Fortunately, there is an alternate and more scientific view of the universe. While it is indeed dying from the curse and we see the effects of the judgment of God both from the original curse and the global flood the same document that points us to the evidence and to God also tells us that we can be delivered from ultimate judgment of eternity in Hell. Even the universe has the promise of rebirth.

All the evidence we need is there for both the origin and the final destiny of man and the universe. We are not required to assassinate our brain. God has given us enough to be rational and not quixotic. Yet, not enough evidence to rule out the need for faith or trust.

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