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  • Struggles Of Faith Series

    Contributed by Ken Mckinley on Jan 23, 2018

    The 45th sermon in our series on Genesis and in this sermon we see Isaac model faithfulness and we see God bless him for it.

    The Struggles of Faith (Genesis Pt. 45) Text: Genesis 26:18-35 By: Ken McKinley (Read Text) Now if you remember last time, we looked at Isaac and how God told him to not go to Egypt, even though there was a famine in the land. And so Isaac obeyed God, but then he got into sin. God worked it more

  • Never Give Up: Keep Digging The Wells

    Contributed by Randy Bataanon on Sep 27, 2017
    based on 2 ratings

    Right at the moment that Isaac is about to celebrate his success by discovering water on the well, the Philistine snatched his rights and took over the same well by force. By the way, it is the third time that they deliberately did it. Will Isaac give up?

    NEVER GIVE UP: KEEP DIGGING THE WELLS Genesis 26:12-32 Crab Mentality! What do these words mean? It is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, "if I can't have it, neither can you. The metaphor refers to a bucket of crabs. Individually, the crabs in the story could easily escape from more

  • Faith For Success In Face Of Oppostion Lesson 3 Series

    Contributed by Elmer Towns on Apr 30, 2017

    What to do when you lose

    A. INTRODUCTION: GENESIS 26:17-34 Why the World Opposes Us • We convict them of their sin • We work by principles • Our success embarrasses them • Christians have done dumb things • Christians have sinned (Gen. 12:10-20; 20:1-18; 26:6-16) 1. Why was Isaac in the desert? “Abimelech more

  • Dig The Wells Of Blessings Series

    Contributed by Rev.andrew B Natarajan on Jan 16, 2017

    Isaac revived the wells of his father Abraham, which brought waters, followed by peace with others. Initially he had to face the problems and hostility yet he was victorious because God was with him.

    DIG THE WELLS Gen 26:12-33 26:12-17 Blessings are gift from the Lord The life of Abraham and the life of Isaac are more or less same. There was famine, both went to foreign countries. Abraham lived in Egypt so Isaac wanted to go to Egypt but God denied permission to do So(Gen26:2-6). He stayed more

  • Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem Part 3 Problems In The Promised Land Series

    Contributed by Jeremiah B. Menyongai, Jr. on Mar 16, 2016

    Just because you are in the Promised Land or under the promises of God does not mean that you will not encounter problems. Isaac was in the promised land yet he was harassed and beset with problems. Yet despite all, God will bring you out.

    PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM: PROBLEMS IN THE PROMISED LAND GENESIS 26:1 And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham. And Isaac went unto Abimelech king of the Philistines unto Gerar. 2 And the Lord appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into more

  • Shalom Shalom

    Contributed by William R. Nabaza on Sep 23, 2015
    based on 1 rating

    To show that GOD already blessed us with the LORD JESUS CHRIST as Prince of Peace and giver of constact perfect peace for us. Isaiah 26:3 (Amplified Bible) You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination an

    I. EXORDIUM: Are you blessed of and by the LORD? Yes. James 1:25 James 1:25 (Amplified Bible) But he who looks carefully into the faultless law, the [law] of liberty, and is faithful to it and perseveres in looking into it, being not a heedless listener who forgets but an active doer [who more

  • Reclaiming Your Inheritance

    Contributed by Kevin L. Jones on Jun 22, 2015
    based on 9 ratings

    Abraham left Isaac an inheritance, the Philistines robbed him of that inheritance. Isaac took the proper steps to reclaim what was rightfully his. There is a great lesson for us in this text as well.

    Reclaiming Your Inheritance Genesis 26:15-25 Listen online at - or In 1940, after Paris fell under Nazi control, German troops began looting thousands of artworks from museums, galleries and personal more

  • Fearless In A World Of Fear

    Contributed by G. D. Helton on Sep 14, 2014
    based on 2 ratings

    Seven reasons we can live fearless in this world.

    Fearless In A World of Fear Sunday Morning, 09-14-14 Intro: We live in a time and world that is full of fear. People all around us speak of fears in their lives. Many have good reason to fear because of the lives they live, others fear because of the lives lived by others! We can have the same more

  • In Times Of Famine

    Contributed by Tom Papez on Nov 19, 2013

    Sometimes times of famine hits nations, cities and families. Though anything we have experienced in USA in recent days appears miniscule in comparison to history, the time is always coming for difficult financial times.

    IN TIMES OF FAMINE Genesis 26 begins with the pronouncement “Now there was famine in the land besides the previous famine that occurred in the days of Abraham.” The second verse goes on to say, “The Lord appeared to Isaac and said, ‘Do not go down to Egypt; live in the more

  • Genesis 26:1-33

    Contributed by John Shearhart on Sep 26, 2013

    God convinces Isaac of the Promise to receive land and children.

    We’re going to continue through the book of Genesis, and we’re now officially in the second half of the book. Chapter 26 is the only chapter dedicated entirely to the life of Isaac, and we’re going to see that he struggles with some of the same issues he father did. And there more

  • Come To The Well Pt. 1 Series

    Contributed by Mike Fogerson on Jan 28, 2013

    The players (Abraham & Isaac) we learn about today were pioneers of this thing we call faith. It can be a difficult decision to discern whether God wants you to be a confronter like Abraham or peacemaker like Isaac (God can/does bless both approaches)

    Come To The Well Part 1 of 2 Gen. 26.18-26 Chester FBC Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker Introduction: A The players (Abraham & Isaac) we learn about today were pioneers of this thing we call faith. 1 In about 2091 B.C., God told Abraham to leave Haran & go to Canaan, promised more

  • Sacrifice, Shelter, And The Sustaining Solution

    Contributed by Craig Benner on Jan 25, 2012

    Isaac shows us three things in his life that you and I also need. If you get them and get them right, you will go a long ways in your spiritual walk.

    Thirsty Enough Yet? Sacrifice, Shelter, and the Sustaning Solution TEXT: Gen. 26:17-25 (esp. vs. 25) The Jews, even today, refer often to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (spiritual fathers) Abraham is the father of the faith. He is known also as a man of altars. He built one about everywhere more

  • Studies In Genesis: Chapter 26 Series

    Contributed by Edward Hardee on Oct 16, 2011

    This is a study of the book of Genesis. Genesis and Revelation are two of the most disputed books in the Bible. The premise of this study is the foundation of creation.

    Note: When doing a study on a book in the Bible you use a lot of resources. The major influence for me on this study of Genesis is The Genesis Record by Henry Morris. Genesis 26 1. And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham. And more

  • Genesis 26 - What Does Trusting In Christ In Difficult Times Look Like? Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Oct 12, 2011
    based on 5 ratings

    What does trusting in Christ look like? What difference does it make if I give my life to Christ? Isaac is a believer. His brother Esau is not. We can learn a lot from their journey in Genesis 26.

    Genesis 26 - WHAT DOES TRUSTING IN CHRIST IN DIFFICULT TIMES LOOK LIKE? 1. Genesis 26:1 - MY WANTS WILL LINE UP WITH GOD’S DESIRES GOD RIDES A MOUNTAIN BIKE She has no money or likelihood of obtaining the $500 needed for its purchase, but my daughter Rachel sees a beautiful green bicycle more

  • Fear Not

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Jun 4, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    God is there all the time for us if we will just look.

    FEAR NOT There are four great impelling motives that move man to action: Fear,Hope,Faith. The love of these four, but the greatest of these is fear. Fear is the first in force, first in fruit. Indeed fear is “the beginning of wisdom”. more