Summary: Are your eyes open?

Seeing The Unseen

A lot of skeptics laugh at Christians because they say that we have blind faith. We cannot see God and yet we believe in Him. We believe in souls, angels, Heaven and Hell yet we have not seen any of these things. Skeptics and Atheists say that they only believe in what they can see, but are they really looking? They even use an invisible pink unicorn argument against us. Wouldn’t it be interesting that if at the final judgment they would see pink unicorns at the foot of the throne? We are told that there are many things that the "eye hath not seen nor the ear heard" in Glory. Maybe pink unicorns are one of those things. It would be like God to have them there and like the devil to tell Skeptics and Atheists a partial truth while denying the rest to condemn them. As the old song says maybe they are blind until by God’s grace they will see.

Heb 11:1-3

11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith or trust is the support or foundation of things hoped for in our lives whether it is in the natural world or the spiritual realm. When someone tells us something we believe or disbelieve more often than not based upon who told us rather than the presence of cold hard facts on paper or physical manifestations of the concepts shared. One of the reasons I tell people not to have their children believe in Santa Claus is because they are taking their child’s natural trust lightly by telling them such a lie about a fake supernatural person only then to tell them later about the truth of God. Only God knows how many skeptics became so because of that myth. Once you hear that someone has purposely told you a lie it does make the foundation of trust shaky after that. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the Easter bunny while we are on the subject of well meaning lies.

Trust is very important in any relationship. It does not matter whether the act or words that caused mistrust were intentional or accidental. If the trust is broken it will take time to reestablish that trust. Don’t tell your child you are going to take them somewhere or get them something and not do it. It will lead to mistrust. They may understand once in awhile that something came up that changed things but do it too often and you will breed a skeptic and a cynic.

I try not to make too many promises because I find that I cannot plan even three days ahead without the plans being subject to change. Many people say, "I’ll try" when they really mean they won’t or no. I say that because that is just all I can do is try since my time is often not in my control. I would wear out the buttons on a PDA with all the changes so I don’t have one. I am never sure I will be somewhere until I actually arrive. Therefore I make very few promises so that I do not disappoint people or cause them to mistrust me.

When people trust you they count on what you say. They believe that you will do a specific thing even if it is months in the future. It is their evidence or proof of the thing not yet seen. If I say that I will be somewhere and the person knows that I have been consistent in doing what I say then they consider it a done deal. Unless I die or I am in some other way hindered I will be there fifteen minutes ahead of the time they need me to be there. In their minds, they already see me at that place and time no matter how far into the future the event may be. They have confidence and hope in a thing yet unseen.

2 For by it the elders obtained a good report.

Trust has always been the issue since the Garden. God only asked that Adam and Eve trust him about one thing. Sadly, with everything they had to see God as loving and trustworthy it took only one added human thought to His command to become the basis for suspicion of that trust. Satan had his opportunity and when he exploited "the touch not" error Eve’s trust was weakened and broken. We aren’t certain what actually broke Adam’s trust. Was it because he did not immediately see any change in Eve’s wellbeing as he may not have understood death having never seen it or did not understand that it would be a process since in the Hebrew it is "dying ye shall die"? Did he not trust God to hear his plea for Eve and he wanted to die with her? We can only speculate the cause but we know his trust of God was broken as well. When he ate mankind fell. Broken trust can only cause a separation and restored trust brings about reconciliation.

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