Summary: How convenient does God have to be for you to Seek Him?

Matthew 2

The Visit of the Magi (Wise men) (v.1-12)

- (v.1-2) Magi (Wise men) were a group of scholars who studied the stars.

- The text does not reveal to us how many there actually were. They would usually travel in caravans.

- The Magi would most likely be robbed if they traveled in two or three, so it is a common misconception that there were three “kings.” Most likely, they traveled in groups of a hundred or more.

- Remember that the Magi were Gentiles. Although they were Gentiles, they were “seeking” the King.

- How often do you seek the King?

- Does your life look like you are seeking the King?

- What are some ways to “seek the king?”

- Studying the Word

- Prayer

- Fellowship

- Continued education

- It seems as if once someone becomes a believer they stop seeking as if we have reached the finish line.

- Like believers, spouses sometimes stop seeking once they “find” the one they’re looking for.

- Do you seek out your spouse? (Wants, fears, dreams, emotions, worldviews)

- The Jewish leaders, knowing the O.T. prophesies and only being a few miles away, should have been coming to worship, but instead Gentile Magi were seeking to worship the King.

- The magi were not only seeking, but they had to sacrifice to seek Him. It took them almost a year to arrive in Bethlehem.

- Time: Travel for a year in the desert land

- Money: Expenses to travel

- How willing are you to sacrifice your wants, dreams, and emotions to seek out your spouses?

- How convenient does church have to be for you to attend?

- How convenient does God have to be for you to worship Him?


Herod Troubled

- (v.3) When Herod heard what the Magi were asking he was troubled. “Where is He who has been born of the Jews?”

- Why would he be worried?

- Herod was ruling over the Jews at the time, so he was worried about his kingdom being overthrown by this new “King.”

- (v.4-6) Herod called all of the church leaders and scribes to ask about “…where the Messiah was to be born.” He had to ask them because he did not know.

- The priests and scribes were well versed in the O.T. Scriptures. They knew of the prophecies of the Messiah, but were spiritually blind to the born “King.”

- They tell Herod the prophecy of where the Messiah was to be born: Bethlehem (Micah 5:2, a passage still well known by Jews today).

- These priests were sending others to worship the Messiah, but they weren’t going themselves.

- They quoted Micah 5:2, but did not obey it.

- They were so outwardly religious that it blinded them into a spiritual stagnant pool.

- Is your religious behavior in the way of your spiritual growth?


Herod’s Lie

- (v.7-8) Herod calls the Magi back in to question them about the exact time they saw the star. He tries to deceive them by saying he wants to worship the new King, but really is planning to kill him.

- (v.9-10) When you are seeking, sometimes God will put a “star” in your life to lead you to Christ.

- Who is a star in your life?

- In whose life are you being a star?

- (v.11) “House” and “child” shows us that the Magi did not show up at the manger scene. By the time they got to Jesus, He was at least a year old, maybe two years old.

- The common tradition of the “3 kings” at the manger scene is false.

- John 4:24, “…worship Him in Spirit and in truth.”

- When you are looking for a home church don’t pay attention to convenience over the truth.

The Gifts

1. Gold: A gift worthy for a King

2. Frankincense: A gift that represented worship / Priest

3. Myrrh: Spice to externally embalm a dead body

- (v.12-15) “ that what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might be fulfilled.”

- (v.16-18) Herod got mad and ordered the death of every male child under the age of two. (Jeremiah’s Prophecy)

- (v.19-23) “This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophets: He shall be called a Nazarene.”

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