Summary: We will have one of two mindsets in life either we will be selfish and loving it or we will be servants and love it. Which mindset best describes yours?

“Selfish and loving it!”

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Thesis: We will have one of two mindsets in life either we will be selfish and loving it or we will be servants and love it. Which mindset best describes yours?


I titled my sermon today selfish and loving it! If I where to pick an attitude, or a mind set that describes why we have the problems we do in the church today, in the family unit, in society and even in marriage it would be the subject of selfishness. This preoccupation with self today has spun a whirlwind of problems in all kinds of relationships and organizations.

Reference the multimedia clip from the church in Bloomington that you visited with Tiffany. How they described the self-centered mindset and then showed video documentation of it.

A while back I was in store getting some groceries as I observed a mother battling with her child. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and lying on the floor kicking and lashing out at his mother. The mother was really embarrassed by the child’s behavior and she seemed over whelmed and shocked by this little toddlers temper tantrum. You may be thinking, what led up to this toddlers emotional out burst? Was he abused, neglected, felt unloved by his mother? No, none of the above! I had observed this family prior in the store and this little boy seemed normal and even cute. He was polite and behaving him self in the store as I passed by them several times shopping. But as we where standing in line this sweet little blond haired boy who had seemed to be a mom’s perfect child had decided he wanted a candy bar. She looked at the cute little boy and said the horrible word, “No!” But before the o was all the way out of her mouth the little cute boy transformed into the Devil from Hell. His whole countenance changed from cute and lovable to a raging lunatic who caused many to look on in horror. I think I heard one other person mumble, “I am glad he is not my son!” So what happened to the all American cute little picture child? He unleashed his self-centered – selfish behavior in an attempt to get what he wanted. The tantrum lasted less than 3 minutes and I was rooting inside for the mother saying, “Don’t give in!” “Be tough!” But my heart sank as she finally reached up and handed him the candy bar! I must admit I wanted to go over there and take the candy bar away from the devil from hell but I could not. Amazingly his whole demeanor changed back to little boy blue. His mom turned back around in line and I saw this little monster crack a smile behind his mothers back. When he turned his little head my way we locked eyes and I glared at him and shook my head. And you know what he did he stuck his tongue out at me! In a sense he said in his selfish little mind “I got what I wanted and I love it!” Now this incident happened years ago some of the my memory is blurred, but I do remember thinking, “He just learned how to be selfish and how to get what he wants in life!” In a sense in that moment which I believe was not the first time this had happened she had helped to create another self-centered monster. The fact is if this mother continued to raise her child this way then he would grow up and become another self-centered adult.

How many of us have experienced scenarios like this in stores? I suspect most of us have seen it or been the parent going through this type of struggle.

Many professional people say that kids will out grow this self-centered attitude about life as they get older. But the truth is many do not. I do not believe that selfishness disappears with age it just changes form and expression as an adult. Yes adults do not throw themselves on the floor and have temper tantrums.

Instead we throw temper tantrums with our mouths, and our actions. We do it to others who will not give us what we want when we want it! I see people lash out at waitresses, fast food workers and the like when they have had to wait to long for their food. I see people cutting other people off on the highway weaving in and out of traffic to get further ahead in line. I have come to think of this as cutting in line! I see people who are always first in line for buffets and pot lucks. I see people who refuse to help others out because their life is already too busy with their self-centered interests and wants. I see marriages that are in shambles because neither one wants to die to themselves. They instead want the other person to do everything their way. So if it is not their way then it is the highway. I hear of employees who steal from their employers because they feel that the employer owes them something. I see parents who would rather spend all their time doing their hobbies than spend time with their kids or spouse. I see parents who spend inordinate amounts of money on themselves and neglect to support their own children or spouse. I see other parents who give their kids everything they want and think this is good for them. I see dead beat dads who refuse to pay child support for their own children. I see people who get mad at others because they do not get what they expect from them. I see selfishness manifested by moms and dads who let their kids run wild and disturb others in public. I have observed it at school gatherings, community events, and even at church events. I see selfishness rise up its head when it comes time to give to God in the offering. I see selfishness surface when no one cares about some one who is need. I see selfishness raise its ugly head when people complain about the service. The sermon is too long, to short, to harsh, too meek and I don’t like the music because it’s too fast or too slow. I could go on but I think you are getting my point. The black plague of selfishness is running rampant in society and in church.

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