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  • Bible Prophecy Series

    Contributed by Manuel Amparo on Mar 26, 2006
    based on 12 ratings

    Bible prophecy is still another source of the revelation of God.

    BIBLE PROPHECY 2 PETER 1:19 A. GOD REVEALED HIMSELF 1. In creation: a. Genesis chapters one and two b. Creation is the key to the knowledge of His eternal power and Godhead - Rom. 1:20 c. It is a declaration of His glory and majesty - Ps. 19:1-6; more

  • Bible Prophecy

    Contributed by Bruce Ball on Jun 22, 2004
    based on 44 ratings

    People are hungry today for knowledge about end times, and this sermon will help you understand it better.

    Pastor Bruce Ball CrossWinds Bible Church ‘16) All Scripture is given by God and is useful for teaching, for showing people what is wrong in their lives, for correcting faults, and for teaching how to live right. 17) Using the Scriptures, the person who serves God will be capable, having all more

  • Bible Prophecy For Dummies Series

    Contributed by David Dykes on Apr 3, 2003
    based on 156 ratings

    Jesus’ prophetic teachings in Luke 17 are broken down into events that will occur on the Day of the Lord, explanations of God’s present and future Kingdom, the state of world conditions, the ensuing judgment and final warnings from the Savior.

    Bible Prophecy for Dummies Luke 17:20-37 by David O. Dykes INTRODUCTION In 1991 a new kind of how-to book appeared on bookstore shelves. Many bookstores refused to carry the book because they thought the title was insulting to their customers. But most of us are willing to admit we are more

  • The Jew In Bible Prophecy Series

    Contributed by Manuel Amparo on Mar 26, 2006
    based on 4 ratings


    THE JEW IN BIBLE PROPHECY GALATIANS 3:26-29 A. THE MODERN JEW IN THE LIGHT OF BIBLE PROPHECY 1. The modern state of Israel: a. A problem child for the United Nations. b. The Arab League seeks to destroy the state of Israel. 2. Some Theologians more

  • Bible Prophecy By Jesus

    Contributed by Stephen Boldin on Oct 28, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    A study in Luke 17:20-37 End Time Prophecy

    “Bible Prophecy by Jesus” Luke 17:20-37 Introduction: If I were to ask everyone here who has read or seen movie versions of at least one of the “Left Behind” series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins to raise their hand, more than half of you would probably raise their hand. Well, if more

  • The Backbone Of Bible Prophecy Series

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Jan 30, 2008
    based on 89 ratings

    Understand this and the rest is much more clear. Jesus said to turn back to Daniel and see the 70 Weeks of Years - the most amazing prophecy in the Bible! Link inc. to formatted text, audio, and PowerPoint.

    The Backbone of Bible Prophecy Matthew 24:15; Daniel 9:24-27 Jesus tells us to turn back to Daniel, so we’d better do what we’re told! It is the skeletal structure of all prophecy, so it can be a great help in our study of the end times. v. more

  • How To Understand Bible Prophecy Series

    Contributed by Pastor Cosmos on Jan 13, 2011

    This will give you the keys to unlock prophecy in scriptures

    Illustration preview Quotes / Doctrine Remember, these keys will only work when dealing with Bible Prophecy, ie the book of Daniel, the book of Develation, Matt 24 etc. dont use this everywhere in the Bible it must be prophecy! The Bible to teach us to interperet the Bible by using the the more

  • The Dark Side Of Bible Prophecy

    Contributed by Mike Fogerson on Aug 20, 2013
    based on 2 ratings

    Over the last few years we have learned about loud trumpets, glowing lights over the Temple Mount, glowing figures), pale riders in Egypt, “the nephilim” which some consider weird, bizarre. That said, we really can’t afford to ignore biblical prophecy.

    The Dark Side of Bible Prophecy: Why We Must Discuss the Strange & Supernatural (From an article by Gary Stearman found in April 2013 Prophecy in the News) Introduction: A Over the last few years we have learned about loud trumpets, glowing lights over the Temple Mount, glowing figures (12th more

  • The Mid-East Crisis And Bible Prophecy

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Aug 13, 2006
    based on 39 ratings

    Many in the Islamic world will not be satisfied unless Israel is annihilated. But their evil desire will never come to pass because God has His own agenda for Israel.

    THE MID-EAST CRISIS AND BIBLE PROPHECY Isaiah 41:9-10 Whenever hostilities erupt in the Mid-East affecting Israel, many question whether the Battle of Armageddon is soon to occur. The answer to that query is “No”. The “Rapture” of the Church described in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, will occur more

  • Can America Be Found In Bible Prophecy? Series

    Contributed by Amy Bickel on Aug 30, 2008
    based on 20 ratings

    Part 1 in a series that looks at how spiritually connected the two nations America and Israel really are.

    America and Israel: Spiritually Connected Part 1 – Can America Be Found in Bible Prophecy? This new study entitled America and Israel: Spiritually Connected is a study that has been a long time coming. I have studied this topic on and off for several years and have contemplated bringing it more

  • Numbers And How They Are Used In Bible Prophecy Series

    Contributed by Pastor Cosmos on Jan 13, 2011
    based on 5 ratings

    This is one of my sermons giving Bible guidence showing how to use Numbers as keys to unlock Bible Prophecy

    Remember to use these keys when dealing whith Bible Prophecy only Many of the numbers in the Bible have deeper prophetic or spiritual significance. Both in the Old and New Testaments, numbers reveal hidden concepts and meanings that commonly escape the casual reader. And throughout history, men more

  • Vanished Into Thin Air Series

    Contributed by Amy Bickel on Jun 3, 2007
    based on 14 ratings

    First study in a series on Bible Prophecy and the End Times. Deals with the Rapture of the Church.

    ILL. While on a South Pole expedition, British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton left a few men on Elephant Island, promising that he would return for them. Later, when he tried to go back, huge icebergs blocked the way. But suddenly, as if by a miracle, an avenue opened in the ice and Shackleton more

  • The Prophecy Of Damascus And The Rapture Of The Church Series

    Contributed by Amy Bickel on Jun 3, 2007
    based on 19 ratings

    Last in a series on Bible prophecy. Deals with the prophecy of Damascus and the resurrections.

    For the last six weeks we’ve been taking a close look at Biblical prophecy and how current events appear to be fulfilling some of the prophecies given in the Old Testament over 2,000 years ago. We started out with the rapture of the church, the snatching away of believers before the judgments of more

  • The Last Message Of Daniel, 2. Preparation For The Prophecy, Daniel 10 Series

    Contributed by Bob Faulkner on Jun 1, 2015

    Extensive preparation and angelic explanation precedes this most awesome of the Bible's prophecies.

    II. TO THE TEXT. DANIEL 10-12 A. The Preparation of the Man of God : 10:1-19 10:1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel, whose name was called Belteshazzar. The message was true, but the appo inted time was long; and he understood the message, and had more

  • Awake, Ready, & Unafraid

    Contributed by Joshua Blackmon on Aug 23, 2020

    Bible prophecy should encourage us. We are on the winning side!