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  • A Parable Of Chutzpah

    Contributed by Robert Leroe on May 3, 2015

    We need to approach prayer with a sense of bold, unhesitating urgency--with chutzpah. We have no worries--unlike the grumpy, groggy neighbor, God never slumbers and is always happy to hear from us.

    Jesus gave His disciples the Model Prayer, and followed with a story about someone in need of “daily bread,” a parable that conveys the attitude our prayers should have—we should approach God an unhesitating sense of urgency. The story was a common situation for our Lord’s more

  • Never Lose Hope, Never Give Up

    Contributed by The Rev Deniray Mueller on Oct 14, 2019
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    no matter what happens to you, remember that God is always there

  • What Does It Mean To Have Faith For Healing? Series

    Contributed by Ken Ritz on Mar 1, 2016

    Part 5 of the sermon series Supernatural

    What Does It Mean To Have Faith For Healing? Supernatural, Part 5 This is the last week of our series on the Supernatural, We’ve looked in past weeks at the topics of spiritual warfare, how we’re part of a battle that goes on all around us, between God’s kingdom, and more

  • Are You Spiritually Ashamed? Series

    Contributed by Bobby Stults on Mar 11, 2010

    Are you afraid? Do you fear failing in your walk? Are you ashamed of who you serve? Are you ready to shed the shame and step up to Courageous Christian Character?

    Sermon Brief Date Written: March 11, 2010 Date Preached: March 14, 2010 Where Preached: Oak Park (AM) Sermon Details: Sermon Series: The Great Adventure – Rediscovering the Adventure Sermon Title: Are You Spiritually Ashamed? Part 6 of 6 Sermon more

  • Moses: A Matter Of Timing Series

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Jun 17, 2014

    Moses was God's man in God's place but his timing was not always on target.

    1. The metaphor of the Olympic Games of Rome is key to the NT writers a. In the Revelation, John (and us) declares that the games of the emperor were not about Domitian but about God and Jesus at work in history b. Think of the ways he could have said to the world that Jesus is his son; until the more

  • Witnessing To The Culture Of Death Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Mar 7, 2020

    We must work and pray, as St. Benedict told us to do. Work for the spread of the kingdom in our families and communities, and vote as a Christian must, for godly men and women who will resist the culture of death and legislate for life, peace, and goodness.

    Tuesday of the 2nd Week in Lent 2020 For our first reading today, I have chosen to begin earlier in the first chapter of Isaiah than the Lectionary suggests, and to add the verses the Lectionary omits. The Lenten readings take a great deal of the very long prophecies of Isaiah, but they omit more

  • Three Young Men, Trust, Epidemics And The Saints Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Mar 13, 2020
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    It is truly time to emulate Our Lord and the great saints, who trusted in God and helped others who were in need or in peril.

    Tuesday of the 3rd Week in Lent 2020 St. Patrick and Three Young Men and Trust When you pick up a King James Bible and read this story from the Book of Daniel, of the trust three young prophet-exiles had in their God, and their deliverance from the fiery furnace, you read this passage: “Therefore more

  • Jesus, The Faith Provoker Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Aug 18, 2014

    Jesus provoked faith in different people in different ways, but he was consistently the object of faith, and faith meant taking him at his Word.

    Jesus, the Faith Provoker (Mark 7:24-37) 1. A Catholic priest, a Baptist evangelist, and an Assembly of God minister were in a row boat in the middle of a pond fishing. None of them had caught anything all day. The evangelist stands up, says he needs to go to the bathroom climbs out of the more

  • Be Ready When God Comes Calling Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Jun 23, 2005
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    Joseph languished in prison for two years after he thought he had a chance to get out. But when Pharaoh came calling suddenly he was ready to serve. So how do we keep "at the ready" when God comes to ask us to serve unexpectedly?

    Verse 1 2 years passes after Joseph gives interpretation to the baker and butler. What must Joseph had thought. After it looked like God was making a way for him to get out of prison – the days were followed by weeks which were followed by months and years – and nothing. You’d think God had more

  • Matthias And Our Witness To A Culture Of Death Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on May 11, 2019

    Our mission, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving, and through a constant witness to the Truth of Jesus Christ, is to share the love of God with as many as we can, so that we will all be together in eternity at the awesome banquet of the Lamb of God.

    Tuesday of the 4th Week in Easter 2019 St. Matthias Today we remember the outcome of one of the great human tragedies–the treason and suicide of the apostle Judas. Now we don’t know from the magisterium what happened to Judas after he died. Did he have a moment of clarity that caused him to repent more

  • It's All About Asking

    Contributed by Steve Sheek on Feb 12, 2018
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    Daughters of Zelophehad went against current custom to ask for their inheritance. By asking God amended the Law.

    Chapter 26, the last chapter in last week’s parsha was the report of a census taken at God’s command. In this census, just prior to going into the Land, all the tribes are listed and their population of men is recorded. Note I said men, not men, women, and children. Society in those days was more

  • Robbing A Blessing Series

    Contributed by Robert Leroe on Jul 28, 2009
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    Jacob finds out the hard way that sin has built-in consequences.

    Deception carries some built-in consequences. One beautiful Sunday morning a deacon decided to skip church and play a round of golf. The fifth hole was the most challenging of the entire course, but nonetheless the deacon, to his delight, made a hole-in-one. An angel observing this turned to God more

  • Tenacity #3 Confidence And Courage Series

    Contributed by Robert Butler on Oct 12, 2020

    There will be obstacles, setbacks, challenges throughout our lives. It’s especially true if you are on a quest for the Lord. By developing tenacity, we can give ourselves the fuel to keep going. It will help in the short term to overcome the daily distractions.

    Over the last two weeks, we have discussed two of the important aspects of developing the quality of Tenacity - Connection and Control. The definition of the word is: the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; the quality or fact of being very determined; the quality or fact of more

  • Finding Friends In Low Places Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Oct 12, 2008

    Do you ever find yourself in a place where nothing is going right? The Apostle Paul came to Corinth in just such a state. Learn how God brought him help and fellowship just when he needed it.

    The recent plunges by the world stock markets, bank failures, fortunes lost, even suicides by financial planners—all bring back chilling reminders of the Great Depression. 25% of Americans were unemployed. People couldn’t find work that lasted and many people lost their homes. Discouragement was at more

  • To Boldly Go

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Jul 4, 2013

    God rewards initiative in his honor.

    1. Kemmons Wilson Kemmons Wilson has always been an initiator. He started working when he was seven selling magazines, newspapers and popcorn. In 1930 at the age of seventeen he started working for a Cotton broker in his first salaried job, for $12 a week writing figures on the price board. When more