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  • What's Your Immigration Status?

    Contributed by Paul Johnson on Mar 4, 2010
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    This sermon draws a comparison between the civil rights movement and the call for immigration reform for full citizen in the context that the citizen that matters the most is our citizenship in heaven.

    Sermon Title – What’s your immigration status? Sermon Text - Philippians 3:17- 4:1 17 Brothers and sisters, join in imitating me, and observe those who live according to the example you have in us. 18For many live as enemies of the cross of Christ; I have often told you of more

  • Divine Appointment Series

    Contributed by Ron Freeman, Evangelist on May 31, 2019
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    To establish that one of the church’s greatest needs is a sound and faithful leadership. That means the appointing of elders and deacons (along with their families), who are committed to their divine assignment of: lovingly watching over, caring for and shepherding, the children of God.

  • The Man, The Mission, The Time

    Contributed by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid on Jan 20, 2014

    Do those who were oppressed become the new oppressors, stealing away those Jesus, freed, indeed?

    The Man, The Mission, The Time by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (January 20, 2014) “And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run more

  • God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Series

    Contributed by Clair Sauer on Apr 14, 2016

    We cannot expect God to provide for our every need as we sit idly by, so in that sense it is true to say that "God helps those who help themselves," but there are also times when we cannot help ourselves, and God intervenes in those times to save us.

    So we continue this week our look at some phrases commonly spoken by Christians and others that sound Biblical and perhaps hold some truth about our faith, but which aren’t entirely true. This week, we are thinking about the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves.” Now, as I more

  • The Controversial Truth Is Looking America In The Face Series

    Contributed by Preacher Fo Real on Jun 25, 2015


    My fellow Americans and those that chose to call themselves Americans, I was born on July 9, 1964 on Lakeland Farms in rural Perry Count and the evidence of the racial prejudices and the demeaning injustices we faced as African Americans filled the early years of my life. For the first sixteen more

  • The New Chicken Littles: The Unfounded Fears Of Atheists Today

    Contributed by Chuck Colson on Aug 13, 2008
    based on 7 ratings

    Didn’t you know? The Southern Baptist Convention is going to take over the U.S. government! So says Kevin Phillips, author of American Theocracy—one of many anti-theist writers jumping on the bestseller-list gravy train.

    This article is from BreakPoint WorldView magazine: -------------------------------------------------- Didn’t you know? The Southern Baptist Convention is going to take over the U.S. government! So says Kevin Phillips, author of American more

  • In Search Of A Conscience Series

    Contributed by Andy Stanley on May 7, 2010
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    When the prosperous no longer recognize the source of their prosperity, they become ungrateful. And their ingratitude eventually evolves into greed.

    Idea: When the prosperous no longer recognize the source of their prosperity, they become ungrateful. And their ingratitude eventually evolves into greed. By eliminating God from our national conversation, we eliminate our ability to publically recognize the source of our prosperity. This more

  • Hindsight, Insight, Foresight: The Importance Of History

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Feb 9, 2019
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    This message is about understanding and remembering our history so that we will be able to prepare for our future.

    Hindsight, Insight, Foresight The Importance of History Scriptures: Proverbs 30:18-19a; Deuteronomy 4:7-10; 6:5-12 Solomon said, “There are three things which are too wonderful for me, four which I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky…..” (Proverbs 30:18-19a) Eagles have excellent more

  • Why In The World Should I Forgive, Anyway?

    Contributed by Jim Butcher on Jun 22, 2002
    based on 449 ratings

    A consideration of five reasons that we should want to pursue forgiveness.

    We begin this morning with the knowledge that Jesus has commanded us to forgive. We add to that our general belief that forgiveness is a good thing. But, then, when we get into the actual situation where our heart has been stomped on and our emotions have been ripped to shreds, we more

  • Jesus Took The Risk

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Apr 13, 2014

    The sermon is about celebrating God, celebrating Passover, and taking risks.

    Jesus took the risk Matthew 21:1-11 1. Jesus came to Jerusalem to celebrate The Passover it was a day just to celebrate God. • a celebration that had been taking place for over 1400 years. It was a celebration of thankfulness to God for bringing them out of Egyptian more

  • "It Was A Really Large Stone!"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Apr 5, 2012
    based on 3 ratings

    An Easter Sunrise Sermon.

    Mark 16:1-8 "It Was a Very Large Stone" On a chilly Sunday morning in the fall of 1964, two white college students waited nervously on the edge of their college campus. They were waiting for an African American student from another college across town. They had all gone to a more

  • Attitudes Of Change And The Word Of God Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Oct 15, 2016

    The Word of God can be unifying, but it can also divide, so we need to ask God what attitudes we must change and for the grace to make that change.

    Thursday of the 28th Week in Course 2016 Joy of the Gospel The beautiful prayer that St. Paul gives us in his letter to the Ephesians is our first reading today, but it seems to contrast with the words of Jesus we find in the Gospel. Paul is asking us to allow Christ to dwell in our hearts more

  • Are You Prepared For Change

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Jan 10, 2015
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    This message focuses on how we should prepare ourselves for change. Based on Solomon's wisdom of the ant.

    Are You Prepared For Change? Scriptures: Isaiah 6:8; Proverbs 6:6-11; 30:24-25 Introduction I was reflecting on the song “A Change Is Gonna Come” by the late Sam Cooke. This past December marked the fiftieth anniversary of his death under mysterious circumstances. Before more

  • Sowing Series

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Mar 19, 2003
    based on 34 ratings

    Understanding what it means to sow seeds.

    ¡§Sowing¡¨ Sowing and Reaping. This is three-part sermon. Today¡¦s topic is ¡§Sowing.¡¨ When you plant something, you expect it to grow into what you planted. You don¡¦t plant tomatoes expecting cucumbers. You plant what you expect to grow. A seed can only produce what it¡¦s intended to more

  • Liberty To Remember

    Contributed by Pastor Dempsey Daniels on May 14, 2003
    based on 7 ratings

    Liberty To Remember

    380 years have passed since Africans came on slave-ships to America and her plantations. 140 years have passed since Abraham Lincoln passed his Emancipation Proclamation making Negro slaves African Americans thus citizens of the United States. 49 years has passed since Rosa Parks’s refusal to more