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  • The Deserving Poor?!

    Contributed by David Smith on Feb 26, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    So was the ’Lazarus’ we read of in Luke chapter 16 really a good man, and was his rich neighbour really a greedy, money-grabbing, tight-fisted, slave-driver? Don’t know, not...

  • Jesus Deserves Our Praises

    Contributed by Joel Pankow on Apr 5, 2001
    based on 50 ratings

    on why Jesus deserves our praises as they did on Palm Sunday - for his person and his office

    April 8, 2001 Luke 19:28-40 After Jesus had said this, he went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem. 29 As he approached Bethphage and Bethany at the hill called the Mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples, saying to them, 30 “Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will ...read more

  • Not As Our Sins Deserve

    Contributed by Roddy Chestnut on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 28 ratings

    Thesis: God's love is seen not just in what he does, but in what he doesn't do. Intro.: 1. The Bible is a healthy blend of optimism and realism. a. On the one hand you have realistic books like Ecclesiastes. b. On the other, you have positive portions like psalms of ...read more

  • A Father Who Deserved Better

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Jun 11, 2003
    based on 54 ratings

    The father in this parable certainly deserved better than what he received from both his sons. I think we can all agree that our heavenly Father deserves better than what He receives from His children today.

    A FATHER WHO DESERVED BETTER 11 Then He said: "A certain man had two sons. 12 "And the younger of them said to his father, ’Father, give me the portion of goods that falls to me.’ So he divided to them his livelihood. 13 "And not many days after, the younger son gathered all together, ...read more

  • The Worship God Deserves Series

    Contributed by Mike Turner on Aug 10, 2003
    based on 84 ratings

    Final in series of sermons on "The Word On Worship" This message looks at "The Worship God Deserves".

    Declaring God’s Worth Psa 18:3 Our word “worship” comes from the old English word “worschipe” or “worth-ship” which means worthiness. To worship is to declare God’s worth ! 1. Determining God’s Worth. Why is God worthy of our worship ? a. Because of his character. ...read more

  • Deserving Our Thanks

    Contributed by James Bryant on Nov 20, 2003
    based on 24 ratings

    This message helps us to refocus our thanks to the one who all is praise is due.

    DESERVING OF OUR THANKS Psalms 100:1-5 1. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. 2. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. 3. Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of ...read more

  • Deserving Honor- Mothers

    Contributed by Gary Stebbins on Jul 13, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    Mother’s play a significant role in depositing a sense of the eternal in the lives of their children.

    Speak to Mothers- re-envision/reinforce their role. The role of a mother reaches beyond the home. Mothers must recognize the profound power they have in molding human souls, not only for the difference they will make in this life, but also to prepare them for eternity. Pastor Doug ...read more

  • We Do Not Deserve To Be Here

    Contributed by Thomas Baird on Aug 21, 2004
    based on 17 ratings

    Sermon used at a prison dealing with the fact that No one deserved to be in that prison that night... we all deserved to be in Hell.

  • God's Call Deserves An Answer Series

    Contributed by Joel Pankow on Jul 3, 2003
    based on 34 ratings

    How God encouraged Moses to take the call to lead his people out of Israel

  • Give The Devil What He Deserves

    Contributed by Wendell Blackburn on Feb 17, 2005
    based on 14 ratings

    Battling satan!

    GIVE THE DEVIL WHAT HE DESERVES Tonight as believers in Jesus Christ we should Already know that we are in a battle. We are fighting a war that’s spiritual And its happening whether we want it to or Not!! And especially in today’s world we have to Know how to equip ourselves, and how ...read more

  • What Did They Do To Deserve That?

    Contributed by Paul Cull on Apr 5, 2004
    based on 18 ratings

    When disaster strikes, the question is not ’what did they do to deserve that?’. The question is - ’What am I going to do about it?’

    Luke 13: 1-9 What did they do to deserve that? We have had another week of disaster. Once again we’ve seen large numbers of people killed and maimed, most particularly in the awful disaster at Madrid. At once again we might ask the question ’what on earth have they done to deserve that?’. And ...read more

  • The Great King Deserves Our Best Series

    Contributed by Keith Crouch on Mar 16, 2006
    based on 5 ratings

    Another message in a verse by verse series through the book of Malachi.

    The Great King Deserves Our Best Malachi 1:6-14 I. The Priests Despised the Name of God (v. 6) A. By forsaking the covenant relationship “Do you thus deal with the Lord, O foolish and unwise people? Is he not your Father, who bought you? Has He not made you and established you?” – ...read more

  • Give God The Honour He Deserves Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Oct 22, 2007
    based on 7 ratings

    Malachi reminds us who it is we worship. We need to approach him with reverence and awe.

    Some people have asked me why I chose Malachi as our next series. Well, there was no special reason, but one thing I’ve discovered as I’ve begun preparing this series is that it’s a great book to be studying right after looking at the letters to the seven Churches in Rev 1-3. Why? Because what I’ve ...read more

  • "We Don't Get What We Deserve" Series

    Contributed by Bruce Hamsher on Aug 6, 2002
    based on 63 ratings

    True mercy is compassion that goes into action.

    “We Don’t Get What We Deserve” Matthew 5:7 Beatitudes - #5 Intro: (My Court Date - Guilty - Judge showed Mercy - Didn’t get what I Deserved) Today, we look at Beatitude #5 which states, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” First of all, let’s look at what ...read more

  • Grace We Don't Deserve: The Face Of Grace Series

    Contributed by David Flowers on Apr 29, 2005
    based on 10 ratings

    Grace, by definition, is something we do not deserve. This Easter message focuses on four things we can see in the face of Jesus that demonstrate God’s grace.

    Grace We Don’t Deserve: The Face of Grace “Grace,” part 3 of 3 Easter Sunday – March 27, 2005 Wildwind Community Church David Flowers I have to start out this morning by saying I know the title of this message is redundant. By definition, grace is unmerited favor – favor that we do not ...read more