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  • Enduring Suffering With Proper Spirit

    Contributed by Carl Palatino on Dec 10, 2012
    based on 3 ratings

    How to endure suffering with proper spirit

    ENDURING SUFFERING WITH PROPER SPIRIT 1Peter 2:18-25 Introduction: Various duties like duty of submitting to civil rulers, The duty of servants to submit to their masters, though their condition was a hard one in life, and they were often called to suffer wrongfully, This duty was enforced on more

  • Patiently Enduring Sufferings

    Contributed by Paul Apple on Oct 18, 2000
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    WE CAN PATIENTLY ENDURE SUFFERINGS BECAUSE OF OUR SURE HOPE THAT THEY WILL END IN A FAR SURPASSING GLORY 1. Introductory Statement -- We need to reckon our share in sufferings to be insignificant compared to our share in glory (:18) 2. The Fractured Creation -- Our dying world shows its more

  • Endure Suffering Patiently Series

    Contributed by Rick Burdette on Jul 8, 2013

    Suffering, patience, hope, endurance

    ENDURE SUFFERING PATIENTLY Revelation 6-9 (pp864-866) July 7, 2013 INTRODUCTION: Last week we ended the message with Jesus, the Lamb which was slain, opening the 7 seals of a Scroll…In absolute selfless worship, the 4 living creatures, the 24 Elders around God’s throne, the more

  • Suffering

    Contributed by John Hardwick on Apr 25, 2015
    based on 3 ratings

    Illustration.Suffering is the pursuit of Endurance to Persevere...

    Illustration.Suffering is the pursuit of Endurance to Persevere through to the end,trusting with a reverence to The Father that He's in control of our lives,Only when we come to him with a surrendered Heart and on Humbled knees.It demonstrates our "Faith" in the world around us. The greatest more

  • The Lord's Army

    Contributed by Andy Grossman on Nov 12, 2013

    A good soldier endures suffering; Doesn't entangle himself with the things of the world and wants to please his commanding officer.

    The Lord’s Army November 10, 2013 I am a proud veteran. I come from a long line of veterans. I can trace ancestors who served in the military all the way back to the Revolutionary War. William Burch, from Haw River, North Carolina, was just a boy when he joined -but he served our more

  • Sustaining Grace: God's Favor Shown To His Suffering People Series

    Contributed by David Scudder on Apr 1, 2012
    based on 2 ratings

    We can joyfully endure suffering through God's grace, not through our ability to endure it

    Purpose: To see suffering from God's viewpoint. Aim: I want the listener to apply God's solution to suffering. INTRODUCTION: Many times, when people are suffering they will say "I know that God has promised to never give you more than you can handle, but this time I think He may have given me more

  • The Bitterness Of Smyrna Series

    Contributed by Martin Holland on Oct 18, 2012

    Smyrna was a Church that was under great persecution and uses this ti encourage us to endure sufferings.

    The Bitterness of Smyrna Revelation 2:8-11 The Church of Ephesus represents the end of the apostolic age and was indicted for losing their love they once had for our Lord. Reference: Rev. 2:7 Tree of life Genesis 2:9 in the mist of the garden Then: Genesis 3:22-24 Guarded by the Cherubims as more

  • Jesus Gives Us Joy Series

    Contributed by Isaac Butterworth on Mar 16, 2015

    Whatever you're going through, Jesus will get you through.

    “HOW LONG CAN YOU STAY under water without coming up for air?” That was the challenge my boyhood friend made to me. He boasted himself a full minute-and-a-half. “No contest!” I said. “Three minutes! Watch this.” I sucked in as much air as I could, and I plunged more

  • Rejoicing In The Sufferings Of Christ

    Contributed by William Mouser on Mar 13, 2005
    based on 8 ratings

    In his last parable, Jesus gives unbelievers a warning of judgment to come, and gives believers a model of enduring suffering on the way to greater glory

    Fifth Sunday in Lent Deuteronomy 18:15-22, 1 Peter 4:12-19, Luke 20:9-18 Rejoice in the Sufferings of Christ Jesus’ encounters with the Pharisees were always occasions for high drama. I can’t think of one of them, with the single exception of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, where Jesus more

  • Where God Is

    Contributed by Michael Hollinger on Nov 9, 2005
    based on 5 ratings

    When, in hope, we choose to endure suffering with the people of God over the fleeting pleasures of sin, we choose well, because God is with those who suffer.

    Title: Where is God? Invocation: Psalm 13 Responsive Reading: Romans 8:12-25 Text: Hebrews 11:23-28 3By faith Moses was hidden by his parents for three months after his birth, because they saw that the child was beautiful; and they were not afraid of the king’s edict. 24By faith more

  • Here's How To Use Your Suffering

    Contributed by Peter Walters on Apr 21, 2015

    Don't waste your suffering - Use It to grow, comfort others and let your light shine.

    On twitter a Pastor posted: "Two Sundays ago I preached on sickness. Since then half my congregation has fallen ill. Sunday I preach on sadness. Consider yourself warned." I tweeted back: "I preached on suffering and my car broke down and my wife has been in emerg twice. I gonna preach on more

  • Attaining To The Resurrection And Heavenly Kingdom

    Contributed by Greg Gordon on May 16, 2015

    And so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead. - Philippians 3:11 Paul constantly seemed to be narrowly escaping death as he endured so many things for the sake of Jesus. His ministry life was enshrouded with persecution. Even in his i ..

    And so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead. - Philippians 3:11 Paul constantly seemed to be narrowly escaping death as he endured so many things for the sake of Jesus. His ministry life was enshrouded with persecution. Even in his initial calling as an Apostle the Lord says: more

  • The Suffering Leader

    Contributed by Jon Mackinney on Aug 1, 2003
    based on 5 ratings

    Certainly leadership means making other people suffer for you...doesn’t it? Amazingly, leaders in God’s church are known by their willingness to be servant leaders, and even to endure suffering

    July 6, 2003 "The Suffering Leader" 1 Peter 5:1-4 Pastor Jon MacKinney ______________________________________________________________________________________ A couple of weeks ago in the Arizona Republic, there was an article about mega-churches, super-churches. Did more

  • Family Suffering Series

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Mar 30, 2015

    Let’s give some helps as we suffer together in a family (Material adapted from the Back to God Hour, February 1989, Volume 35, Number 2, and Carol Luebering at:

    HoHum: A web site for funeral directors asked them, “What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened at your funeral home?” Many responses but share one called Amazing Grace from Dylan S: “I had a woman preach the funeral of her own son. After calling him a litany more

  • Hope For My Hurt Series

    Contributed by Pat Damiani on Aug 25, 2014

    Tomorrow's hope enables me to endure today's hurt.

    As many of you know, I officiate high school basketball and volleyball. As a high school official, I am subject to the control of the Arizona Interscholastic Association. The AIA determines what qualifications I must meet in order to work, they establish the game/match fees, they establish uniform more