3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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  • "Fishing For People"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Feb 2, 2007
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    If we heed Christ’s call on our lives there will be a great catch.

    Luke 5:1-11 “Fishing for People” When I was a young boy, my dad and I would take off on a Saturday morning to a nearby lake. It looked more like a brown stagnant swamp than a lake, but I suppose it was a lake. We’d rent a small fishing boat, buy some crickets for bait and go out ...read more

  • "Fishing For People"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Jan 21, 2015

    Why do people not follow?

  • Fishing For People For The Kingdom

    Contributed by Warner Pidgeon on Apr 26, 2009
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    This incident probably reminded the disciples of the time 3 years earlier when Jesus asked them to cast their nets again. That was the time when he first called them to be fishers of men.

    The disciples have seen the resurrected Jesus, alive and well. He appeared to them on the evening of Resurrection Sunday (20:19) – Easter Day. On that occasion He commissioned them – He authorised them to go – saying, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (20:21); and he then appeared to ...read more

  • Working Together To Fish For People

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Nov 2, 2015

    The apostle Paul tells us that we have to work together and be united in their faith in Christ. When we work together to fish for people, we can do great things.

    Good morning boys and girls! How many of your have ever gone fishing? What do you have to take with you when you go fishing? Suppose you forgot to take one of these things with you? Would you be able to catch any fish? Everything you need to go fishing works together to help you catch ...read more

  • "discipleship--Our Greatest Joy"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Jan 22, 2020
    based on 5 ratings

    A sermon about calling, following, living and learning to love like Jesus.

    “Discipleship—Our Greatest Joy” Matthew 4:12-22 Recently, I read something about the elephant seal of Argentina. Soon after giving birth to her seal pup, the mother seal will leave the pup on the shore in order to go feed in the waters off the coast. After feeding, the mother seal will often ...read more

  • "exciting Enough To Be Contagious"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Jan 25, 2019
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    A sermon about being caught up in something bigger than yourself.

    “Exciting Enough to be Contagious” Matthew 4:18-22 Early last week I sat in my office and listened, for several hours, to a woman who lives in her van with her 32-year-old son. She was probably about 50 but looked much older. She had an extremely low view of herself, and had been abused by ...read more

  • "A Job With No Pay"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Jan 18, 2011
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    A sermon about fishing for people.

    Mark 1:14-20 “A Job with No Pay” By: Ken Sauer, Pastor of East Ridge United Methodist Church, Chattanooga, TN www.eastridgeumc.com Jesus was walking beside the Sea when He saw two men in a boat waiting for unsuspecting fish to wander into their nets. And it’s amazing ...read more

  • The God Of Second Chances Series

    Contributed by Kerry Bauman on Sep 29, 2005
    based on 45 ratings

    An analysis of Jonah’s prayer while in the belly of great fish. What people pray about when their under great stress.

    The God of Second Chances Text: Jonah 1:17-2:10 Introduction: In the late winter of 1891, the whale-ship Star of the East was in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands when it came within sight of a whale. Two boats were dispatched with harpoons to snare and kill the beast, but the lashing of ...read more

  • Fads In Religion

    Contributed by Tammy Garrison on May 6, 2002
    based on 52 ratings

    People are hungry, spiritually today. Yet often people look for a quick fix. What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does it mean to fish for people?

    Bibliography: Culture Shift, lesson 8 I learned something interesting this week. Let me ask you something. Have you seen Miss Cleo on television lately? You know who Miss Cleo is, don’t you? Have you noticed that her commercials haven’t been on television lately? It seems that Miss Cleo ...read more

  • Let's Talk Fishing

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Jan 24, 2008
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    We are not called by Christ to talk about fishing for people or wait until we have the proper equipment or bait. We are called to fish.

    Matthew 4: 12 – 23 / What Do I Use For Bait? Intro: Some people just love to fish! --- No offense intended to those who love it; but, I HATE IT! It’s not that I haven’t tried it. I have. I just don’t like it. First of all, I don’t like to get my hands sticky or dirty. Next, I can’t sit ...read more

  • Go Fish!

    Contributed by Mark Opperman on Dec 5, 2012

    There are a number of parallels and comparisons between fishing for fish and fishing for people, and we hope to look at a few of them today. Jesus will take you where you are and start with what you know and He will make you into who He wants you to be!

    Go Fish! Mark 1:14-18 14 After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. 15 "The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!" 16 As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew ...read more

  • A New Kind Of Fishing Series

    Contributed by Clair Sauer on Aug 8, 2012
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    Fishing for people is not optional; it’s how the world has changed from those very first days when Jesus walked along the shore of the Sea of Galilee proclaiming the nearness of the kingdom of heaven. Its how the world will continue to be transformed unti

    As many of you will remember from last week, we are doing a special sermon series this month called “Gone Fishin’,” where we will take a fishing trip with Jesus as we explore the fishing stories of the gospel. Now, the best fishing trips are the ones where you catch something, ...read more

  • Fish Stories

    Contributed by Keith Broyles on Dec 4, 2007
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    We’ve all heard stories about the one that got away and other kinds of fish stories. God wants us to tell our fish stories, our fishing for people stories, not the exaggerated ones but the ones that show God at work in our lives.

  • Core Value 2 - Mission Minded Series

    Contributed by Allan Quak on Mar 21, 2019

    This sermon uses Matthew 28:18-20 to give biblical teaching on the NEC core value of being Mission Minded where we seek “To lead not-yet-believing family, friends and neighbours into a mature relationship with Christ and integrate them completely into the life of our church.”

    You can listen to the full message here:- http://www.nec.org.au/core-values/ Message Matthew 28:16-20 Mission Minded In a town near a river which is full of fish there is a fishermen’s club. Week after week the fishermen in this club meet to talk. They would talk about their responsibility to ...read more

  • Jesus Brings Good News Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Jul 5, 2010

    Things sometimes look bad but Jesus coming brings the Kingdom of God near

    By Rev Bill Stewart On the 8 May 1945, Victory in Europe Day, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill broadcast to the nation that Germany had surrendered and that a final cease fire on all war fronts in Europe would come into effect at one minute past midnight that night. The Act of Military ...read more