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  • "Covenant Of Grace"

    Contributed by Clark Tanner on Apr 2, 2004
    based on 21 ratings

    God made a contract with us, and we had no role in it, except to receive the benefits. It is a covenant of grace. A Palm sunday sermon.

    Abram had just won a great victory. His nephew, Lot, had been taken captive, along with his entire family, servants and goods, by four kings and their armies; and with 318 men, Abram had chased them down, defeated them, and brought back the hostages. Then in a separate victory of sorts, Abram more

  • Making A Covenant Marriage Series

    Contributed by Mike Fogerson on Aug 6, 2003
    based on 158 ratings

    Our marriages are covenants with our spouses.

    Making A Masterpiece Marriage Series Making a Covenant Marriage (1 of 3) February 2, 2003 * FBC, Chester, IL Mike Fogerson, Speaker Introduction: (After the PowerPoint presentation has ended) A In the Bible, a very unique ceremony took place when a man and a women got married. a The fathers of more

  • It Has Always Been About Grace Series

    Contributed by Stephen Todd on Apr 11, 2003
    based on 30 ratings

    Genesis 15 shows that God’s plan for salvation has always been salvation by grace through faith.

    Genesis 15 April 6, 2003 One of the biggest mistakes I believe the early dispensationalists made was calling the OT age Law and the New Testament age Grace. I prefer Israel and the Church. Grace has always been God’s operating program with man. Genesis 15 falls into a double pattern. God more

  • Abraham: What's His God Like?

    Contributed by Dana Chau on Mar 3, 2003
    based on 28 ratings

    Discover what Abraham’s God was like throught God’s perception of Abraham.

    Abraham: What’s His God Like? Genesis 15 As a pastor I’ve gotten used to talking about God. It’s not that have a special line to God or that I’ve known God the longest of all of us. It’s a privilege and a calling to be a pastor, and part of the pastor’s role is to tell others about God, based more

  • The Powerful Old Covenant (Part 1)

    Contributed by Neal Gray on Jun 19, 2002
    based on 131 ratings

    God loves His people. We are His creation. And He desires that we live in right relationship with Him. God knows that He will have to make the "first moves," and He has done so.

    "The Powerful Old Covenant (Part 1)" Author: Dr. Neal Gray Passage: Genesis 15:1-21, KJV Purpose: God loves His people. We are His creation. And He desires that we live in right relationship with Him. God knows that He will have to make the "first moves," and He has done so. In the powerful old more

  • Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

    Contributed by Mary Lewis on Jul 10, 2002
    based on 56 ratings

    We can know beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that God keeps His promises.

    Have you ever been around someone you think you know really well, and suddenly they do something totally out of character? It may be something good or it may be something bad. If you’re married, you’ve no doubt had that happen! Or maybe we’ve stereotyped somebody and found out they’re nothing like more

  • The Covenant Of Marriage

    Contributed by Joshua Brady on Aug 26, 2004
    based on 15 ratings

    A marriage is a covenant that we continue to work on and grow in. The biblical principals of marriage is till death do us part.

    “The Covenant of Marriage” Text Genesis 15:9-18 Illustration “A young minister was preparing for his first wedding ceremony that he had ever performed. The young minister was a nervous wreck and asked an older minister what to do if he messed up. The older minister said that if you forget what to more

  • What Do I Believe: Abram's Example

    Contributed by Joe Harding on Sep 1, 2004
    based on 3 ratings

    Belief is not based on the information, but on the giver of the information!

    WHAT DO I BELIEVE: ABRAM’S EXAMPLE GENESIS 15: 1-21 JULY 25, 2004 INTRODUCTION: The content of belief is important: Jonathan Whitfield was preaching to coal miners in England. He asked one man, "What do you believe?" "Well, I believe the same as the church." "And what does the church believe?" more

  • So Let It Be Done To Me Series

    Contributed by Thomas Black on Jan 28, 2005
    based on 14 ratings

    God’s covenants are irrevocable; He will not back out of his promises: he has staked his life on it.

    Passage: Genesis 15:7-21 Rosee was an elderly lady who always sat in front of our family in church. She was a kindly lady and I remember as a child one occasion in particular where she gave me a butterscotch candy just before church. My understanding was that any time I asked her for one, she more

  • The Word, The Assurance, The Promise

    Contributed by David Richardson on Dec 26, 2003
    based on 24 ratings

    The Word brought to Abram comfort, protection, and blessing, and it can do the same for us.

    The Word, The Assurance, The Promise Genesis 15:1-21 Every New Year many people desire to make a promise with themselves for self-improvement. They promise such things as quitting smoking, eating less or more healthy, exercising more, etc. And, usually these New Year’s resolutions end up being more

  • Does God Change

    Contributed by William Grosso on Jul 29, 2003
    based on 8 ratings

    A sermon baseed on the covenant of grace

    Sermon#9 Does God Change 1. Has God changed? God says I am the lord thy God, and I do not change. a. When we look in the text of the OT we see God as harsh and judgmental, where as in the NT he is more forgiving and compassionate. Has his nature changed? b. It depends on what side of the cross more

  • Covenant With God Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Oct 27, 2005
    based on 18 ratings

    God has made a covenant with his people, and if we keep the covenant we will be blessed.

    Covenant With God Text: Gen. 15:1-18 Introduction 1. Read Gen. 15:1-18 2. What is a covenenant? ƒæ The word means "to bind," ¡XInternational Standard Bible Encyclopedia ƒæ "the covenant is that which binds together the parties." ¡XInternational Standard Bible Encyclopedia ƒæ A covenant with more

  • Standing On The Promises Of God Series

    Contributed by Patrick Mead on Feb 20, 2006
    based on 29 ratings

    The life of faith and the promises of God

    Standing on the Promises of God Genesis 15:1-21 Introduction Story has it that J. Hudson Taylor, the great missionary of old to China, went to a bank in England to open up an account for the China Inland Mission. While filling out the application he came across a question asking him to more

  • The Eliezer Alternative Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Jan 12, 2004
    based on 165 ratings

    God had promised a son, but Abraham had waited so long, he was bewildered, disappointed, and working on a "plan B." The sermon had a powerful impact on people struggling with their faith.

    OPEN: A representative of the gas company phoned the owner of an expensive new home to make an appointment for the service man to come in and light the pilot lights and adjust the furnace. The owner said that was OK, but he wanted to make sure he was there, because if he wasn’t the service man more

  • Proper Introductions

    Contributed by Troy Borst on Jan 19, 2004
    based on 24 ratings

    We are introduced to the Almighty God of the Universe. We are introduced to a man named Abraham and something called faith. We are also introduced to the idea of

    PROPER INTRODUCTIONS GENESIS 15:1-21 INTRODUCTION The Christian Education Ministry is focusing on twelve books this year for our church to study. This month, is Genesis. I would like to highlight one passage each month in the different books to help you in your reading and to keep you motivated more