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  • Abraham: One Man Is Chosen Series

    Contributed by Scott Maze on Jun 12, 2021

    God starts over with humanity again, only this time with a man named Abram. God chooses Abraham as the New Adam to end the lines of disaster. God makes a new fresh start.

    We’re doing a series on God’s Big Story where we are tracing the central storyline of the Bible. The aim of this series is to see the big picture of the Bible. I want to offer a bird’s eye view, if you will. We live in a world that has tried to overlay their big stories as the TRUE story – the more

  • The Curse Of Canaan Series

    Contributed by Glenn Pease on Mar 24, 2021

    The story begins with the folly of Noah drinking wine until he was drunk. All of the trouble began with alcohol. This was not much of a start for the new world

    Violence is not limited to the destruction of life and property. If one destroys love, truth, and understanding, or any virtue or value, that is emotional, social or intellectual violence. As Christian we would certainly agree to deprive men of the Gospel is to do violence to their souls. To more

  • What Do Your Eyes See Or Glance At? Series

    Contributed by Isaiah Banjo on Nov 30, 2020

    Many homes have been destroyed by lack of restraint in sharing information about what they see publicly. There are things meant only for private consumption. You do not expose your secrets to a third party but keep it within your hearts.

    Let me start by telling you an interesting and funny piece about some pastors titled, “PASTORS’ PERSONAL PROBLEMS (PPP)” A renowned pastor in diaspora held a crusade and invited two other top preachers from two different countries. After the crusade, the three pastors shared their experiences more

  • Ham And Canaan’s Sins Lead To Some Of The Law Coming About

    Contributed by Earl Arnold Jr on Apr 20, 2020
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    God uses some people to make an example of.

    Ham and Canaan’s sins lead to some of the law coming about Scripture Genesis 9:20-27 Summary God uses some people to make an example of. Genesis 9:20-27 English Standard Version (ESV) 20 Noah began to be a man of the soil, and he planted a vineyard.[a] 21 He drank of the wine and became drunk and more

  • I.e.3 - Noah Predicts The Future Of His Sons Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Dec 27, 2019

    A contemporary reader of the Bible is tempted to skip over these lists of obscure names, but that doesn’t minimize their importance. These obscure people founded the nations that throughout Bible history interacted with each other and helped to accomplished God’s purposes on this earth.

    November 29, 2013 Commentary on the Book of Genesis By: Tom Lowe Lesson I.E.3: Noah Predicts the Future of His Sons. Gen. 9:18-29 Genesis 9.18-29 (KJV) 18 And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan. 19 These are the more

  • Imperfect Fathers

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Jun 17, 2019

    It's only fair that if I'm going to have a sermon on Mother's Day about imperfect mothers then I should also have a sermon on Father's Day about imperfect fathers. Remember the TV show, Father Knows Best? Guess what? Sometimes we don't know best.

    IMPERFECT FATHERS The kids wanted a hamster really bad. They pleaded with their mom, making all kinds of promises to take care of it. Finally, mom agreed and got them a hamster. They named him “Danny.” But, within two months, Mom had the responsibility of Danny’s care. Despite her encouragement, more

  • Great Faith Series

    Contributed by Lucy Paynter on Jun 17, 2017

    Without Faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith is the center of all we do in relating to God. Jesus said some people had either No Faith, Little Faith Or Great Faith. Today we will learn about a woman who Jesus testified She had great faith!

    Matthew 15:21- 28 21 And Jesus went out thence and withdrew into the parts of Tyre and Sidon. 22 And behold, a Canaanitish woman came out from those borders, and cried, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a demon. 23 But he answered her not a more

  • Nobody's Perfect

    Contributed by Horace Wimpey on Oct 18, 2014
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    In the story of Noah and his drunkenness, we see the fall of a man who was lifted up as a model for mankind show his humanity. This story shows that all mankind is in need of God's grace. Nobody is perfect.

  • Drunk In Your Birthday Suit Series

    Contributed by Russ Adams on Sep 23, 2013
    based on 1 rating

    This message encourages us to live past our our mistakes

    Weird Stories in the Bible Drunk in your Birthday Suit Genesis 9:20-29 Opening words: Last week, I began a six part sermon series, Weird Stories in the Bible. There are more weird stories in the Bible then you would think. They are not the ones we visit annually like the nativity or the more

  • The Significance Of Indiscretion-2

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Aug 14, 2012

    2 of 2. Genesis records the significance of the indiscretion of Noah’s younger son, Ham. Understanding the significance of indiscretion imparts wisdom/ is instructive to God’s people. Indiscretion holds significance for...

    The SIGNIFICANCE OF INDISCRETION-II—Genesis 9:18-29 Attention: Discreet— ‘Careful & circumspect in one's speech or actions, esp. in order to avoid causing offense or to gain an advantage.’ M-W—1) Having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct & more

  • The Significance Of Indiscretion-1

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Jul 24, 2012

    1 of 2. Genesis records the significance of the indiscretion of Noah’s younger son, Ham. Understanding the significance of indiscretion imparts wisdom/ is instructive to God’s people. Indiscretion holds significance for...

  • Even The Mature Experience Failure Series

    Contributed by Johnny A. Palmer Jr. on Dec 9, 2011
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    Noah preached for 120 years and knew what it was to resist temptation, but eventually it knocked him off his feet.

    Intro: 1. C. S. Lewis, "A silly idea is current, that good people do not know, what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those, who try to resist temptation, know how strong it is. After all, you find out, the strength of a wind, by trying to walk against it, not by lying down. A more

  • Racism In Theological Disguise

    Contributed by Paul Barreca on Nov 13, 2011
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    We will discover the truth concerning the curse on Canaan and examine our own hearts regarding race relations.

    There is no shortage of controversial issues raised in the opening chapters of Genesis. We have already discovered the God’s Word has much to say about the subject of Creation, the family, the role of husband and wife, homosexuality, capital punishment, and role of government. Today, we come to a more

  • Discovering Genesis, Part 11 Series

    Contributed by T.j. Conwell on Oct 24, 2011

    Part 11 of this series discusses Noah's sin, and his sons response to it which gives us a unique opportunity to examine ourselves and our own reaction to sin.

    Discovering Genesis, Part 11 Genesis 9:18-29 Introduction - Last week, we set up the foundation for what mankind had done - Simply stated, we provoked God’s wrath through disobedience and rebellion - God sent men like Enoch and Noah to preach to them; but still they rebelled - more