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  • "Answered Prayer"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Sep 27, 2003
    based on 74 ratings

    If God answers all prayers, then why do we sometimes not get what we ask for?

    JAMES 5:13-20 “Answered Prayer” By: Rev. Kenneth Emerson Sauer, Pastor of Parkview United Methodist Church, Newport News, VA I’ve heard a lot about answered prayer over the past week and a half. Many have said, “I thank God that the hurricane was not as bad as it could have ...read more

  • God This Is My Request Series

    Contributed by Richard Papafio on Nov 18, 2018

    Anything you ask the Lord, He will do for you, try it

  • Peters Great Escape Series

    Contributed by Eric Olson on Mar 7, 2002
    based on 61 ratings

    Peter was freed from prison because the church prayed. This sermon covers six key points about prayer,discusses its importance,and follows with a 7 question quiz to examine our own prayer life.

    Sermon Title: PETERS GREAT ESCAPE Sermon Series: P.O.W.E.R. Main Script: Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Other Scripture Studied: Acts 12:1-19, John 5:14 Talk about Peters ...read more

  • "How To Pray" Series

    Contributed by Brad Henry on Aug 16, 2011

    How to get out of rote praying and pray from the heart.

    There have been many people on TV, the radio and volumes of books have been written on “How To Pray”. Instead of dissecting these books lets look at one passage in the bible. Did you know that in the book of Matthew Jesus tells His disciples how they should pray? Matthew 6:5-13 ...read more

  • "Abundant Life Can Be Yours Today" Series

    Contributed by Brad Henry on Aug 19, 2014

    How to live a life of joy no matter what our circumstances in life are.

    The Ultimate Decision August 19. 2014 When I was in 8th grade I loved to daydream. I should say when did I stop? I can remember being in a far away place and the students starting to laugh. Then I realized that the teacher had asked me a question and only then did I leave my far away place to ...read more

  • Are You Anchored In The Storm Pt2

    Contributed by James Lee on Nov 1, 2012
    based on 3 ratings

    Last Sunday I briefly mentioned four anchors that I believe you need to drop whenever you’re going through a storm and today I want start elaborating on each of those four anchors.

    Part 1 Review 1. When You’re In A Storm, You Cannot Depend On Human Wisdom Acts 27:18-19 READ One of the most difficult things to do when you’re going through a storm will be to resist the temptation to handle your storms in the way that you think they should be handled. 2. When ...read more

  • "The Oxygen We Breathe"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Oct 9, 2009
    based on 1 rating

    A sermon for a healing/anointing service.

    James 5:13-16 “Our Very Oxygen” By: Rev. Ken Sauer, Pator of East Ridge UMC, Chattanooga, TN Prayer is the very oxygen through which our souls breathe. I remember driving on a snowy road as a teenager, and going a bit too fast. A buddy of mine and I were heading to another friend’s ...read more

  • Justice And Quickly Series

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Jan 5, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    The Parable of the Persistant Widow. God does not judge like the human judge. He does what is right and quickly, there’s no back log and no need for a bribe!

    The Parable of the Persistent Widow; Luke18:1-8. Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, we have the Lords Prayer as an example of prayer. We also have in Luke’s gospel a little parable about prayer. Jesus uses the story of an un-just judge and a persistently annoying widow woman to make his ...read more

  • Keys To Effective Prayer

    Contributed by Brian Menear on Jan 3, 2007

    Have you ever prayed and felt God did not answer? Following and understanding these keys will ensure an answered prayer

    The Key To Effective Prayers Prayer is one thing that every Christian does or should do, but not everybody does correctly. To make our prayers more effective, we must first have a better understanding about prayer. What is Prayer? What is is not 1 Prayer is a relationship, not an ...read more

  • “what If My Prayers Are Unanswered?” Series

    Contributed by Dave Mcfadden on Mar 7, 2011

    What do I do if God isn't answering my prayers?

    Does God answer all prayer? What does your experience tell you? Most of us have had the experience where our prayers “didn’t seem to get past the ceiling.” But what does the Bible tells us? There are times when God does not acknowledge our prayers. Let me first say though that ...read more

  • Are You Praying So As To Get What You Are Asking For?

    Contributed by Dennis Selfridge on Jul 21, 2005
    based on 12 ratings

    Praying for results in His presence

    Are you praying so as to get what you are asking for? Acts 12:1-13 5 Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him. Suppose I was to say to you that you could go to the bank tomorrow and could withdraw whatever you are in need ...read more

  • Are You Anchored In The Storms - Part 2 Series

    Contributed by Shell Osbon on Dec 31, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    Realizing that storms will come to our lives, it’s important to be prepared.

    10.14.07 AM Smyrna Assembly of God Pastor Shell Osbon “Are You Anchored In The Storm? - Pt 2” Acts 27:13-29 Acts 27:13-29 says, 13“When the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their desire, putting out to sea, they sailed close by Crete. 14But not long after, a ...read more

  • The Man Who Sought God

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Oct 11, 2006
    based on 7 ratings

    Moses set us an example, to seek God regularly. (1) Acknowledging God’s help is a necessity of our lives; (2) Experiencing God’s presence is the hallmark of our lives, and (3)Seeing God’s glory manifest is the goal of our lives.

    Moses was a man of prayer. He spent a great deal of time conversing with God. • He knew that without God’s presence he was not worth a cent. • Can you imagine being responsible for the daily care of two million people; for getting them out of one country and into another - on foot! It is a ...read more

  • A Tale Of Two Friends

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Feb 18, 2015
    based on 1 rating

    Jesus tells a story of a man with two friends. One has a need. The other has the resources to meet that need. The story deals with the lessons learned abour persistent prayer.

    A ship was caught in the midst of a raging storm. Water was breaking over the bow. The pumps were not able to pump enough water out to keep up with the water pouring in. One hundred men worked together with buckets in an attempt to save their ship. Soon it became evident to the captain that they ...read more

  • Pray Big Series

    Contributed by Mark Nichols on Jan 28, 2008
    based on 7 ratings

    Has God changed or have our prayers gotten smaller?

    TITLE: PRAY BIG! (By Mark Nichols) TEXT: (1st Kings 17; Joshua 10; Genesis 25:20) TOPIC: Praying for God to do Big things! OCCASION: Burnside Christian Church, January 29th, 2008 PROP.: Because our God is BIG, our prayers should be BIG! INTRODUCTION: All month long, PRAYER has ...read more