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  • John Mark's Mother Series

    Contributed by Denn Guptill on May 10, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    For Mother’s Day this looks at Mary the mother of John Mark.

    Who Was John Mark’s Mother? Acts 12:12 It is just a fleeting reference, it doesn’t provide a lot of details and we aren’t really told very much about her, but never being afraid to venture into the land of speculation in the cause of a good message we shall venture forth looking at the first more

  • John Mark, The Famous Quiter Series

    Contributed by James ( Jim ) Highland on Sep 13, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    How God redeems those who are committed to Jesus for life.

    John Mark, the Famous Quitter Acts 13:5-13 John Mark, a favorite name for many boys, is not exactly a household name of Bible heroes. Many of us have named our son this name. While scripture is not abundant about, what we learn and piece together can be instructive for the growing more

  • Travelling With Paul: John Mark

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on Mar 11, 2018

    Travelling with Paul : John Mark (Learning from failure) - sermon by Gordon Curley PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

    SERMON OUTLINE: (1). Mark the Man: • (1a). His Name. • (1b). His Family. • (1c). His Attitude. (2). Mark the Missionary: • (2a). He Had Church Support (vs 3). • (2b). He Had God's Blessing (vs 4). • (2c). He Had A Smooth Departure (vs 4b). • (2d). He Had An Idyllic Destination more

  • Paul And Barnabas Disagree On John Mark Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Apr 27, 2017

    A difference of opinion between them lead to each going his separate way. Barnabas went to Cyprus, and we hear no more of him in Acts. Paul remains the focus of attention as he returns to Galatia and then embarks on a new enterprise.

    January 6, 2015 By: Tom Lowe Lesson: IV.C.1: Paul and Barnabas Disagree on John Mark (15:36-41) Scripture (Acts 15:36-41; KJV) 36 And some days after more

  • A Voice Crying In The Wilderness Series

    Contributed by Matthew Kratz on Oct 1, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    1) The Person (Mark 1:1), 2) Prophecy (Mark 1:2), 3) Practice (Mark 1:4), 4) People (Mark 1:5), 5) Poverty (Mark 1:6) & 6) The Prediction by the Herald (Mark 1:7, 8)

    Whether officially or by action, people take leadership of differing faith communities. The late Mother Teresa became the leader of a group of nuns in Calcutta India. Her piety and devotion, gained her a world wide voice for her cause. The Dali Lama, is the spiritual leader of Buddhism. People the more

  • A Parting Of Minions Series

    Contributed by Denn Guptill on May 26, 2017

    This message takes a look at all that happened as a result of Paul parting ways with Barnabas and John Mark

    How many of you have seen Star Wars? No, not the last one. I mean the first one “A New Hope”, not that we called it “A New Hope” we just called it Star Wars. And if you are interested it was released 40 years ago this weekend, May 25th 1977. I don’t know where I was forty years ago last more

  • A Summary Report Of The Church Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Apr 19, 2017

    Barnabas and Saul had gone to Jerusalem to give the Christians there the collection taken up among the churches at Antioch, and now they have returned to Antioch. “Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers....

    July 21, 2014 By: Tom Lowe Lesson: III.G: A Summary Report of the Church (12:24, 25) Scripture (Acts 12:24-25; KJV) 24 But the word of more

  • Recovering From Failure: A Lesson From A Man Called John Mark Series

    Contributed by Ricki Lee Brooks on Jun 28, 2010
    based on 7 ratings

    A biographical look at the ministry of John Mark that helps us see that God not only wants us to recover from failure, but to also thrive and succeed.

    Leon Lett. Nice name. It has a bit of a ring to it. However, unless you are a true NFL football fan, it’s probably not a name that rings a bell for you. So let me fill you in on Leon. Leon played in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys from 1991 to 2000 and the Denver Broncos in 2001. Leon was a more

  • My Table And No Others Series

    Contributed by David Heflin on Jan 10, 2006
    based on 14 ratings

    This is the second of three sermons inspired by the book Come to the Table by John Mark Hicks

    My Table and No Others 1 Cor. 10:14-22 10/30/05 Introduction: It is difficult to sit at two tables. 1. Ms. Doubtfire Robin Williams plays a divorced man that dresses up as an English nanny in order to see his kids every day. He has three children. He becomes great friends with their mom more

  • The God Who Communes Series

    Contributed by David Heflin on Jan 10, 2006
    based on 11 ratings

    This is the first three sermons inspired by the book Come to the Table by John Mark Hicks

    The God Who Communes 10/23/05 Note: CofC=Churches of Christ. The introduction is somewhat specific to practices of communion in the Church of Christ. Introduction: What have we lost in communion? 1. Lord’s Supper in CofC. I knew a couple when I attended the Huntsville CofC that showed more

  • Eating Together At The Lord's Table Series

    Contributed by David Heflin on Jan 11, 2006
    based on 13 ratings

    This is the third of three sermons inspired by the book Come to the Table by John Mark Hicks.

    Eating Together at the Lord’s Table 1 Cor. 11:17-34 11/6/05 Introduction: 1st Class! 1. Catering to the money. If you fly first class regularly, then don’t take offense, but I don’t like you very much! Those of us who fly coach wait in agonizingly long lines, while you zip right to the more

  • Within, Without Series

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Dec 11, 2008

    Paul and John Mark, a study in maturing relationships. John Mark starts out young and conflicted; he is insecure around the powerful Paul; but Paul grows to accept him and think of him as useful.

    The Scripture texts I will be using today are scattered through several chapters in the Book of Acts, plus other locations in the New Testament. And so instead of simply reading passage after passage, let me put together a vignette, a character sketch, in order to make the life of John Mark more

  • Six Snapshots Of A Gospel Writer Series

    Contributed by Shawn Rose on Jul 28, 2008
    based on 5 ratings

    Photo albums contain snapshots of a person’s life…years may pass between one picture and the next. The Scriptures give us 6 snapshots of the life of John Mark, the Gospel writer.

    HE CAME TO SERVE AND TO SAVE Six Snapshots of a Gospel Writer Text: The Gospel According to Saint Mark Introduction: •Photo albums contain snapshots of a person’s life…years may pass between one picture and the next •Scriptures give us 6 snapshots of the life of John Mark •John more

  • Contentions In The Church. Series

    Contributed by Okoye Benjamin on Mar 6, 2014
    based on 1 rating


    Contentions in the Church Lessons from Paul and Barnabas. ACTS 15:36-41. At times disagreement will occur among believers who love the Lord and one another. When this cannot be resolved, it is best to agree to disagree and let God work his will in the lives of all concerned. Differences in more

  • Mark Chapter 1

    Contributed by Stephen Belokur on Jan 17, 2014

    The opening eight verses of the Gospel according to Mark contain a gigantic volume of truths. Let's take a look at them.

    Mark 1:1-8 - “The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, as it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “I will send My messenger ahead of You, who will prepare Your way” - “a voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, more