Sermon Series
  • 1. Can You Hear His Voice

    Contributed on Sep 10, 2010

    As we hear the voice of God, we are to respond in worship through 1) Rejoicing (Psalm 95:1-5), 2) Reverence (Psalm 95:6-7b) & 3) Remembering (Psalm 95:7c-11)

    Physicist Stephen Hawking made headlines this past week for taking on arguably the most influential scientist in human history, Sir Isaac Newton. Newton, the 17th century scientist who left enduring legacies in mathematics and the natural sciences. Newton warned centuries ago against using the law more

  • 2. Discerning The Voice Of God

    Contributed on Sep 25, 2010
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    In order to hear the voice of God we must have the right: 1) Closeness (1 Samuel 3:1-6), 2) Confirmation (1 Samuel 3:7-9), 3) Center of attention (1 Samuel 3:10-15), and finally: 4) Compliance (1 Samuel 3:16-20)

    On Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at the United Nations in New York returning to his usual cursing Israel, and threatening it with extinction. Indeed, his hatred is obsessional, and dominates his view of the entire world. He even went so far as to blame America for the more

  • 3. A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

    Contributed on Oct 1, 2010
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    1) The Person (Mark 1:1), 2) Prophecy (Mark 1:2), 3) Practice (Mark 1:4), 4) People (Mark 1:5), 5) Poverty (Mark 1:6) & 6) The Prediction by the Herald (Mark 1:7, 8)

    Whether officially or by action, people take leadership of differing faith communities. The late Mother Teresa became the leader of a group of nuns in Calcutta India. Her piety and devotion, gained her a world wide voice for her cause. The Dali Lama, is the spiritual leader of Buddhism. People the more

  • 4. Follow God’s Voice

    Contributed on Oct 16, 2010

    1) The Voice of the True Shepherd (John 10:1-6) 2) Following the Voice through the Only Door to the Fold (John 10:7–10)

    John 10:1-10. "Follow God’s Voice" Everton Community Church. Sunday October 17, 2010. This week saw two radically different outcomes from mine disasters. In Copiapo Chile, 33 miners began their first weekend above ground since a rescue that gripped the world, of their 69-day ordeal trapped deep more

  • 5. Finding Our One Voice

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2010

    1) The Blended Involvement (Romans 15:1-6), 2) The Basic Instruction (Romans 15:7), 3) The Biblical Illustration (Romans 15:8-12) and 4) The Benedictory Intercession (Romans 15:13)

    In politics, some voices get heard while others ignored. Often those with the best connections or the loudest complainers tend to be heard. Things tend to spill over the same way in a local church. But things need to be different in Christ’s body, because He must call the shots. He will not bless more

  • 6. One Voice

    Contributed on Oct 30, 2010
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    1) One Voice in Ridicule (Nehemiah 4:1-3), 2) One Voice in Response (Nehemiah 4:4-6), & 3) One Voice in Reaction (Nehemiah 4:7-14)

    On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther wrote to Albrecht, Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg, protesting the sale of indulgences. Luther objected to a saying attributed to Johann Tetzel that "As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs." He insisted that, since forgiveness more