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  • 5 Points Concerning Prayer Every Christian Should Hear

    Contributed by Chris Miller on Feb 20, 2020

    A Pew Research Center study reveals the number of people praying daily is decreasing. This is especially true in younger generations. Here are 5 points concerning prayer every Christian should remember and pass on to the next generation of believers.

    You can find a free downloadable discussion guide to go with this sermon at Read Luke 11:1-13 Introduction A young boy asked his parents for a baby brother, and seeing a perfect opportunity to teach their son a valuable lesson on prayer, the parents said, more

  • Pray With Persistence. Or Impudence. Or Shameless Audacity. Whatever. Series

    Contributed by James Jackson on Jan 13, 2020

    In two parables with the same storyline, Jesus taught us to keep praying and never give up.

    Good morning. As we continue our series on the power of prayer, we are going to look at two of Jesus’ parables on prayer. They are both in Luke, and they are separated by just a few chapters. So please turn to Luke 11, but be ready to flip to Luke 18. There’s a supposedly true story of a country more

  • Unwrapping The Spirit

    Contributed by Dennis Lee on Dec 17, 2019
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    A Christmas message centering on the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    Unwrapping the Spirit {Audio File:!bAF0VKCJ!amMotRapmZcowigfBkMXtqRJKDMrNsGU2rpY5Pb4CNE} After excitedly opening up all her presents on Christmas morning, a little girl sat back a little dejected and sad. Her mother, noticing the change asked, “Didn’t you get everything you more

  • Praising God For His Wonders - Sermon Iv: Praising God For Answered Prayer Series

    Contributed by Charles Cunningham on Oct 11, 2019

    We the children of God are more than welcome to be persistent in asking our Father in Heaven for what we need, to keep on seeking, to keep on knocking as an ongoing act of faith in God.

    PRAISING GOD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER In this month’s Health & Nutrition Newsletter, I read an interesting report based on a study of the “dose-response” effect of exercise – that is, if you exercise more than the minimum recommended for more

  • Ask, Seek, And Knock

    Contributed by Joel Pankow on Aug 14, 2019

    Jesus encourages us to pray regularly and faithfully. Why? How?

    8.18.19 Luke 11:6-13 “Suppose one of you has a friend, and you go to him at midnight and tell him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, 6 because a friend of mine who is on a journey has come to me, and I do not have anything to set before him.’ 7 And the one inside replies, ‘Don’t more

  • Ask And It Shall E Iven Series

    Contributed by William Baeta on Aug 13, 2019

    “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” (Luke 11:9-10)

    Introduction: Our theme for today’s sermon is “ask and it shall be given”. It is a teaching on prayer and its various dimensions that include the need to pray, the way to pray and the results to expect. Prayer is the heartbeat of the believer and results from an intimate relationship with God. more

  • The Shameless Neighbor

    Contributed by Clarence Eisberg on Jul 25, 2019

    Luke packs into these thirteen verses: The Lord's prayer, a parable on prayer, and then reminder that the disciple can be “shameless in prayer, trusting in a God of love and mercy. “ Self discipline. Fancy words not needed.

    In Jesus Holy Name July 27, 2019 Text: Luke 11:5-8,13b Pentecost VII - Redeemer “The Shameless Neighbor” Over the past 4 weeks we have been reading the parables and teachings of Jesus as written by Luke in His Gospel. Luke collected these stories and parables to answer more

  • Pray Without Inhibition Series

    Contributed by Brad Bailey on Jul 22, 2019
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    Pray Without Inhibition Series: Encountering Jesus (through the Gospel of Luke) Brad Bailey - July 21, 2019

    Pray Without Inhibition Series: Encountering Jesus (through the Gospel of Luke) Brad Bailey - July 21, 2019 #31 in series Luke 11:5-13 Intro I want to invite you to use your imagination with me for a moment. Imagine you are going up to the front door of a home. Now I am going to give you two more

  • Tenacious Prayer

    Contributed by I. G. Spong on Jul 21, 2019
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    How tenaciously do we pray? May we ask for personal needs? Are we waiting to be worthy? Let’s learn to pray. We’ll look at Luke 11:1-13 verse by verse and some of what Jesus taught on how to pray.

    How tenaciously do we pray? May we ask for personal needs? Are we waiting to be worthy? Let’s learn to pray unceasingly. We’ll look at Luke 11:1-13 verse by verse and some of what Jesus taught on how to pray. When Not If You Pray Luke 11:1-2a Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain more

  • Lord, Teach Us To Pray

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Jul 20, 2019

    What is the secret to prayer?

    Lord, Teach Us to Pray Luke 11:1-13 The Christian life is to be one of prayer. And as much as we know this, we seem to have so much trouble praying. The question presented to Jesus is one we all ask. We stumble around and try to pray. We go through a list of names of people to pray for and more

  • The Lord's Prayer

    Contributed by Paul Andrew on Jun 17, 2019
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    17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C

    I like “how to” videos: How to sew on a button, how to char broccoli, even how to train your dragon. Our Readings this Sunday teaches us how to get out prayer problems. 1). How to pray for the guilty--like Abraham in our First Reading— The general principle is that even one innocent person is more

  • Stand Firm - Part 4

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Jun 7, 2019

    A 4th look at standing firm in our faith.

    Stand Firm - Part 4 June 9, 2019 As you read the gospel of John, in chapter 16, Jesus tells the disciples that people will be against them. In fact, Jesus literally says, “whoever kills you will think they are offering a service to God.” That’s brutally pretty blunt - “Hey guys, I really want more

  • Praying With Jesus: Your Kingdom Come Series

    Contributed by Vic Folkert on Apr 15, 2019

    God's kingdom is when GOD'S WILL IS DONE.We pray for God's kingdom to come in THE WORLD, in THE CHURCH, and in US.

    PRAYING LIKE JESUS: Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven Have you ever observed a tired toddler, crying and carrying on, for no apparent real reason? His mother asks, “What do you want?” He doesn’t know; he needs her help! He needs a nap, he needs a hug, he needs more

  • Praying With Jesus: Father Series

    Contributed by Vic Folkert on Apr 12, 2019

    The Lord's Prayer begins with defining the relationship: God our Father is strong, loving, and faithful/

    PRAYING LIKE JESUS: FATHER—Luke 11:1-13 “Teach us to pray,” said one of Jesus’ disciples. Didn’t he know how? Jews routinely prayed 5 times each day: morning and night, and before each meal. They probably had memorized prayers for those 5 times each day. The disciple said, “Teach us to pray, as more

  • The Unrequited Love Of God

    Contributed by Dr. Craig Nelson on Apr 1, 2019
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    The passionate love of God is the blazing fire at the heart of all creation. God thinks about you every moment of every day. His love will never vary or change. That God would love even the vilest of sinners is the greatest mystery of eternity.

    God has commanded that every human being love Him with EVERYTHING in them (Deut 6:5). The GREAT commandment supersedes all others. Sadly, in the lives of too many Christians, God’s love is unrequited love. There are some Christians who are not comfortable with the way God truly feels about them, more