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  • Refresh My Strength Series

    Contributed by Mark Haines on Oct 16, 2009
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    Jesus came with an invitation not a list of religious rules and rituals.

    PATTERN: DEDUCTIVE TEXTUAL – EXPOSITORY Introduction: The top 10 reasons you are too busy to pray today: 1. You wake up feeling rested, then realize your alarm should’ve gone off an hour ago. 2. Your spouse is away on a two-day business trip that’s lasted all week. 3. None of the clean more

  • Sabbath Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Dec 14, 2009
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    A lot of people have had questions about the purpose of the Sabbath. Jesus takes it head on and reveals a lot about how we should live our lives.

    Last time we ended with Jesus promising rest and peace for anyone who would come to Him and take His yoke—a yoke where He does the heavy lifting—no more striving to earn God’s favor by being good—only submitting lordship over your life to Him. The Jews got a picture of the rest of God through the more

  • Knowing When To Break The Rules

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on May 3, 2009
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    Jesus’ encounter with the Syrophoenician woman admits several interpretations, all of which teach us: give what is needed rather than what is wanted; teach others rather than do for them; watch your motives.

    Just when you think you have your life routines down pat, settled and secure, something comes along and upsets the whole pattern. Just when you think you have your life all organized, something comes up to discombobulate it! Just when you think you know the rules by which you govern your more

  • The Old Rules Uncloaked

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Nov 13, 2009
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    MLK Sunday: In the beloved community we no longer need to think of over and under. The old way is a prison; Christ sees us as sinners in need of grace, and therefore all children of His, family.

    When our children were small, they liked to play games with us. But they liked it best when they could win. Whether it was crazy eights, or chutes and ladders, or just hide-and-go-seek, our children loved to play games as long as they could win. If they lost too much they would burst into tears and more

  • Playing By The Rules Series

    Contributed by Patrick O'loughlin on Jul 11, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Christian’s are called to play by the rules. What are the rules?

    Text: Colossians 3:18-4:1 Title: Playing by the rules 1.Rules for Christian employers. (4:1) 2.Rules for Christian employees (3:22-25) 3.Rules for Christian fathers (3:21) 4.Rules for Christian children (3:20) 5.Rules for Christian husbands (3:19) 6.Rules for Christian wives more

  • Wise And Wiser Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on May 31, 2017

    Wisdom is about making good choices, and it is also about know what to typically expect in life and in dealing with otherås. We can always gain more wisdom as we incorporate particular concepts.

    Wise and Wiser (Proverbs 25:1-7) 1. Last week, I finally carved out some time to water blast our back deck. Between rain, cold, and busy schedules, it was no easy task. 2. Neither is water blasting. Last time I did it, 3 years ago, not such a good result; it would cut little trails into the more

  • Human 'ifs' And Reasoning Series

    Contributed by Bobby Stults on Mar 15, 2011
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    How often do we try to bargain with Jesus or become legalistic in our walk with Christ. We must learn that we cannot bargain with God and that love is the first and most important characteristic and function of the church.

    Sermon Brief Date Written: March 10, 2011 Date Preached: March 13, 2011 Where Preached: OPBC (AM) Sermon Details: Series Title: Falling in Love With Jesus Sermon Title: Jesus – Human ‘Ifs’ & Reasoning Sermon Text: John 7:1-53 [ESV] – emphasis on more

  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Series

    Contributed by Mark Opperman on Aug 29, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    God's law is good because He is good; Sin is bad and deceives us into rebelling against God; The effects of sin are ugly, but God wants to forgive and restore us to Himself!

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Romans 7:7-13 7 What shall we say, then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! Indeed I would not have known what sin was except through the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, "Do not covet." 8 But sin, seizing the more

  • God Set Rules For Everybody, Not Just You

    Contributed by Matthew Davaughn Cox on Apr 9, 2013
    based on 8 ratings

    Proverbs 1:8

    Everyone must follow the rules set by God. Every person on this earth has to follow the rules set by God. No matter who you are you have to follow the rules. No matter what job you have you must follow the rules set by God. People can tell you some of the rules, but not all of the more

  • Sermon On The Mount: Golden Series

    Contributed by Darin Stambaugh on Jul 18, 2011

    Part of a series of sermons on THE sermon. This one looks at the Golden Rule and give new light to an old understanding.

    **** I read the entire Sermon on the Mount from the message Bible before each of the sermons in this series, I recommend it. Sermon on the Mount: Golden! Mat 7:12 We have all heard the golden rule; do unto other before they do unto you! No? *****There is a great clip from Sanford and Sons more

  • Rule Breakers?

    Contributed by Thomas Wilson on Aug 18, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    A general sermon - not too deep on the relationship of rule breakers and our Biblical heroes and Jesus Christ.

    And so from last week, the essence of the message that I delivered is quite simple, there are times you can be between the rock and the hard place, not through your choice, not through your own actions but you’re there because of a course of actions that others have taken. Our lives are more

  • Jesus Rules!

    Contributed by Bob Coulter on Sep 5, 2011

    Jesus wants to rule your life!

    Our text teaches us several important lessons. First, we learn about MOST IMPORTANT THINGS through the Holy Bible. If you were to have read the Bethlehem Daily News on that day, you probably would have read articles about political news, financial news, weather news, even sports news. But you more

  • People Matter More Than Rules.

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on May 22, 2011
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    Jesus questioned regarding the Sabbath. (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request - email:

    SERMON OUTLINE: (1). The Sabbath: (2). In the field (vs 23-28): (3). In the synagogue (vs 1-6): SERMON BODY: Ill: • A student sat through an exam; • The teacher supervising said time up but still the student carried on. • The teacher said; “Hand your exam more

  • Grace And Sensitivity Part One Series

    Contributed by Martin Wiles on Jun 11, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    While we should stand uncompromisingly against things strictly forbidden by Scripture, we should not create additional rules formed from our opinions and give them the same standing as God’s law.

    Romans 14:1-11 Introduction: A. There have been many instances in church history where Christians have differed in their interpretation of certain Scripture passages or about doctrines. B. Our day of worship is an example. I grew up being taught not to work on Sunday. For the most part, all more

  • The King Who Rules God's Kingdom Series

    Contributed by Isaac Butterworth on Apr 22, 2011

    God has established Jesus as King over all the earth.

    First Presbyterian Church Wichita Falls, Texas April 27, 2011 THE KING WHO RULES GOD’S KINGDOM Jesus Christ -- The Center of Our Faith: Part 4 Isaac Butterworth Micah 5:1-5 (NIV) 1 Marshal your troops, O city of troops, for a siege is laid against us. They will strike more