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  • Servanthood

    Contributed by Tim Zingale on Mar 23, 2002
    based on 257 ratings

    A Maundy Thursday Sermon

    Maundy Thursday Sermon John 13:1-17, 31b-35 Servanthood 4 rose from supper, laid aside his garments, and girded himself with a towel. 5* Then he poured water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which he was girded. 16* Truly, truly, I ...read more

  • Servanthood

    Contributed by Rick Pendleton on Jun 2, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    Andrew is an example of a person who was content to serve in the background. Three stories of his service reveal the true heart of a servant.

    Servanthood John 1:40-42 Introduction In a national study George Barna interviewed thousands of people, believers and non-believers. He questioned them about what success means, how you get there and how do you measure it. Most people’s responses focused on personal accomplishments, family ...read more

  • Servanthood

    Contributed by Tim Zingale on Mar 27, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    A sermon for Maundy Thursday, Jesus washing the disciple’s feet

    Maundy Thursday John 13:1-17, 31b-35 Servanthood 4 rose from supper, laid aside his garments, and girded himself with a towel. 5* Then he poured water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which he was girded. 16* Truly, ...read more

  • Servanthood

    Contributed by Dean Morgan on Sep 8, 2004
    based on 27 ratings

    Jesus is our example in everything. One area in particular He gives us an example – that of servanthood.

    TEXT: Isaiah 42:1 TITLE: SERVANTHOOD (Jesus our Example) Jesus is our example in everything. One area in particular He gives us an example – that of servanthood. The entire story of Jesus is the story of a servant. The suffering servant of Isaiah 53 was a “righteous servant”: “He shall see ...read more

  • Servanthood Series

    Contributed by Kent Lenard on Sep 8, 2003
    based on 48 ratings

    This Sermon is an adaptation from John Maxwell’s Book, "The Twenty-One Indispensable Qualities of a Leader."

    Servanthood Matthew 20:28, Luke 1:68-75, 1 Pet 4:10, 1 Corinthians 13 :1-3, Mark 9:35 August 19, 2003 I. Another thing that we have to realize as Christians is that servanthood is at the top of the list of things that we are to develop, but it doesn’t just apply to being a Christian, it ...read more

  • Servanthood

    Contributed by Eric Ferguson on Aug 13, 2008
    based on 9 ratings

    In Christ, as opposed to the world, the servant is greatest of all. Yet in most churches, it is the least of all gifts utilized.

  • Servanthood

    Contributed by Lee Brockinton on Oct 11, 2002
    based on 14 ratings


    Title: Life Basic Training # 2 ..Moses -- The Making Of A Servant Text: Acts 7 Intro: Last week we began a series of messages that deals with our values. Values - is the lifestyle by which we truly live our lives by. For what we live is what we truly value. -- Last week we looked at ...read more

  • Christian Servanthood

    Contributed by Stephan Brown on Jan 5, 2002
    based on 199 ratings

    A very practical study on the necessity of servanthood, what servanthood is and is not, and the qualities of a Christian servant-leader.

    Christian Servanthood I. Being a servant is necessary for the believer and for Christian leadership. Matthew 20:20-28 20 Then the mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came to Jesus with her sons. She knelt respectfully to ask a favor. 21 "What is your request?" he asked.She ...read more

  • Desiring Servanthood Series

    Contributed by Timothy O'fallon on Jun 27, 2004
    based on 41 ratings

    This is a Biblically-based exploration of the truest desire of the regenerated spirit: servanthood.

    Desiring Servanthood Servanthood Series Part I: Countryside Christian Center Single Adult Bible Studies Introduction: In Genesis 3, a story is told about the first man and woman Falling from a position of total security in God and absolute significance. Their significance (importance) was ...read more

  • Servanthood In Discipleship Series

    Contributed by Daniel Dennison on Jul 22, 2003
    based on 68 ratings

    This is the 6th sermon in a series of 8 on discipleship. This sermon describes the important roleof servanthood in discipleship.

    31"When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His throne in heavenly glory. 32All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33He will put the sheep on His right ...read more

  • Beyond Servanthood Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Aug 26, 2012
    based on 66 ratings

    The Bible talks about us as being servants of God. But it also says we are Sons of the living God. How can we be both? And what does that mean to us as live our Christian life?

    OPEN: James Dobson tells of the time he was away on a business trip. While he was away, and his wife and 2 children were sitting down to eat, his wife turned to their two year old son Ryan and asked if he would like to pray before he and sister ate. The invitation startled the little boy, but he ...read more

  • #4 -- Servanthood Series

    Contributed by Derek Melanson on Nov 10, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    We are each called to serve one another out of the love for the Lord, not the praise of people.

    Introduction Have this ever happened to you: You went what you thought was out of your way to do something for someone and your efforts went completely unnoticed? They simply took what you’ve done for granted. Have you ever done a good deed and not been thanked or recognized? Worse, have you ...read more

  • Wholehearted Servanthood Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Nov 14, 2009
    based on 13 ratings

    In today’s lesson we see five important motivations for wholehearted servanthood.

    Scripture Two weeks ago I began a four-week series of messages titled, Wholehearted Generosity. Wholehearted generosity refers to a person who is completely and sincerely and authentically generous. Wholehearted generosity begins with wholehearted commitment, which was the topic of the first ...read more

  • Servanthood Is Greatness Series

    Contributed by Jonathan Mcleod on Aug 21, 2007
    based on 10 ratings

    In the world, greatness is determined by how many people serve you; but, in God’s kingdom, greatness is determined by how many people you serve.

    Jesus said, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28). That was His personal mission statement. If I’m to be a follower of Christ, what marked His life should mark mine. My personal mission statement ought to be “serving ...read more

  • The Art Of Servanthood

    Contributed by Timothy Lueking on Sep 7, 2001
    based on 181 ratings

    Why is being a servant of God such an Art?

    The Art of Servanthood John 13:1-17 A. Introduction 1. The Water (Anonymous) It was one of the hottest days of the dry season. We had not seen rain in almost a month. The crops were dying. Cows had stopped giving milk. The creeks and streams were long gone back into the earth. It ...read more