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  • The Potter's Clay

    Contributed by William Akehurst on May 23, 2008
    based on 14 ratings

    The LORD wants to shape us for HIS use. It takes our repentance to allow for Him to work His fingers through the fiber of our lives. Sometimes we need to be pulled from the wheel, pounded on the block and reshaped.

    THE POTTERS CLAY by William Akehurst, HSWC Jeremiah 18:1-6 Romans 9:20-21 Songs: The Solid Rock Have Thine own Way Lord Thou art the Potter, I am the Clay In our car, SUV, expedition…you know, when you’ve got a family of 6, it takes a pretty big vehicle to get everybody to the same more

  • When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Small

    Contributed by Clair Sauer on Aug 29, 2009
    based on 17 ratings

    Christ’s call to be welcoming extends far beyond the young.

    There is a clergy colleague of mine in this district who has two sons. I have known these two boys since they were babies, and since moving to Chattanooga, I have enjoyed playing with them on several occasions. Usually when I encounter the two boys, they have their light sabers in hand and are more

  • Legacy Of A Champion Series

    Contributed by John Harvey on Aug 19, 2004
    based on 29 ratings

    Paul encourages Timothy to live the legacy of his heritage and how we too must live out our faith by the influence we have on others.

    Gold Medal Living Legacy of a Champion 08/22/04 Intro: Relay analogy; Passing the baton; One generation reaching into the next. **PP- Picture of Baton Race Examples from scripture: Moses to Joshua (Deut. 31:2-3) David to Solomon (I Chron. more

  • How To Build A Cross

    Contributed by Bruce Lee on Mar 4, 2012
    based on 56 ratings

    A look at Jesus’ teaching about the cross as he made his final trip to Jersualem on the Jericho road.

    How to Build a Cross "And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Mark 8:34 (KJV) Are you able to drink from the bitter cup of sorrow I am about to drink?" more

  • We Depend On Each Other Series

    Contributed by Jay Robison on Aug 30, 2004
    based on 18 ratings

    Acts 2 points to the ways the early church depended on each other. As a church family today, we depend on each other; points use acrostic HELP. Holiness, Enthusiasm, Labor, People.

    I have researched Sermon Central as well as many other sources in preparing this sermon. BEING THE CHURCH GOD WANTS US TO BE: WE DEPEND ON EACH OTHER August 29, 2004 Jay Robison Acts 2:42-47 Sunday began sermon series leading to TBC B-day Sept 19 Looking at 1st few chapters of Acts more

  • Parenting The Prodigal

    Contributed by Aaron Beard on Aug 6, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    Practical instructions for parents of children who are choosing the world over Christ. This a look at lessons learned from father of the prodigal son.

    PARENTING THE PRODIGAL INTRODUCTION: A. One of the greatest challenges placed before anyone is the challenge of raising children so that they will become faithful Christians themselves! 1. It is a sobering and even scary task before a parent – They are molding hearts and more

  • The Most Powerful Member In The Church Series

    Contributed by Jerry Watts on Jul 10, 2011
    based on 5 ratings

    Of all the members we have, the tongue boasts of great power. This message offers 4 different types of power which the tongue possesses.

    How to Do Life The Most Powerful member in the Church James 3:1-12 * This world is has a deep thirst for power. Governments fall, corporations collapse, organizations explode, & churches implode over this issue of power. Everyone is truly interested in power; who has it and/or can I get it! more

  • Getting Real With Your Friends Series

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Mar 29, 2003
    based on 17 ratings

    Jesus used the principle of understanding our weaknesses but trusting our possibilities in order to transform people-pleasers into persons of integrity, ambition into selfless commitment, and immaturity into responsibility.

    History is full of stories of betrayal. Those who look like friends sometimes turn on you. Friendship means nothing to people who are bent on preserving privileges or feeding ambitions. Some of us have friends who would sell us for even less than Judas’ thirty pieces of silver if more

  • Fire Of Glory, Fire Of Drought

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Aug 8, 2003
    based on 31 ratings

    We have experienced the warm glow of God’s blessings, but the fire of judgment is also at hand, for worship becomes ritual, there is a critical spirit, and pessimism spreads. Diligence and integrity bring vitality in worship.

    In all the annals of human history, there is one item which has held out more hope and yet offered more terror than any other. Wherever human beings gathered, in the infancy of our race, there this one item, this one element, both attracted them and repelled them; it drew them close and yet it more

  • Jump-Starting Jabez

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on May 13, 2001
    based on 104 ratings

    We have learned, thanks to Bruce Wilkinson’s writings, to treasure the prayer of Jabez; but what can we intuit that Jabez’ mother did for him: she honored his uniqueness, she owned her own pain and shared it with her son, and she move him toward faithful prayer.

    You know how they say that behind every good man there is a good woman? Well, they used to say that. That is a pre-feminist proverb. Now they say that alongside every good man there is a good woman, like Newton’s Law, equal in force but opposite in direction! But I certainly find it true more

  • Getting Real With Your Friends Series

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Sep 2, 2007

    Jesus understands us as we are, but loves us into what we may become. With Peter, he loved the Type A person; with James, the passive-aggressive; with John, the immature -- all into effectiveness. Montgomery Hills Baptist Church

    History is full of stories of betrayal. Those who look like friends sometimes turn on you. Some of us have friends who would sell us for even less than Judas’ thirty pieces of silver if they could! Personally, I wish I could get at least ten cents on the dollar for everything I have loaned to more